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We may be switching to Invision Power Board within the next couple weeks (maybe even this weekend). If you have never been on an IPB powered forum before, check the following website:


If we switch over to IPB, we'll be using their IPB version 3 (the newest version).

Here is their blurb about the new features, etc. about version 3:


If we switch to this software, we should be able to convert everything over. We'll loose some features but gain many more. Some of the things we'll loose off hand are the following:

- Chatbox (they have a different version, but I don't think its available for version 3 yet)

- Arcade (The arcade is being converted to the new version. I'm guessing it'll be another couple weeks or a month until its released.)

- Post Thanks (Last I heard, it is being converted to a ipb mod at this time.)

Other than that, we'll have a new blog system which for some reason doesn't have categories, but features multiple blogs per user. I have to look into this one some more. O_O Also, instead of profile albums, we'll have a full gallery script. All our current album pictures should convert over as well.

We're still at a cross-roads about what we'll do. Unless vbulletin pulls some major move in customer service or public relations (which I doubt), we'll end up switching to IPB and probably sell our vbulletin license.

I've looked all over the free forum solutions, smf, phpbb, but none of them offer everything we need. Also, burning board and some other paid forums don't have enough features. Gah, damn vb for being sellouts.

So, does anyone here like IPB? ^_^:


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I think invision is awesome. I used it for my Station Syndicate experiment and thought it was fantastic. At that time, they had a bad ass radio station feature and you could broadcast yourself from winamp.

I'm all for it, if it makes it easier and cheaper for the site to run for yall. Its never really been about the software, but about the people on the forum right? :P


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Ooo, a Shoutcast feature would be cool. I've still got my personal Shoutcast server on my machine, so I could play DJ! XD And I can help with converting some of the themes, I did one for one of the old versions of IPB, and it wasn't all that hard. I mean, if you can do phpBB themes, you can do IPB themes.

But does this mean we'll have to redo all our high scores?? ><

Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints!


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If upper management wants to make the move I'm all for it. I've been on almost every board software to date in my random wanderings on the net and I remember being on Invision when DX ran his little Station Syndicate project (which needs to like come back DX, those were good times).

As long as AC is still around I'm happy and if it makes it cheaper on you to run the place I'd definitely say go for it.


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The only shoutcast looking mod I can find is a paid one. So don't expect it anytime soon, unless you can find another one. :P

[ame=http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=225741]Upgrading vBulletin.com to 4.0 tomorrow - vBulletin.org Forum[/ame]

vBulletin was supposed to upgrade their main forum overnight to vbulletin 4 so that customers can finally see it before making a purchase decision. They said it was going to be a beta version and that they shouldn't have any problems upgrading their forum. Well, it looks like they ran into some problems because its 6:00 pm and their forum is still offline.

vBulletin.com Official Support Forums are currently undergoing maintenance.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will return online as soon as possible.

Looks like we'll end up with IPB as it is now.


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    • By Sledgstone
      *blogging my VB vs. IPB crap for future reference*
      vBulletin = FAIL
      [ame=http://forums.ancientclan.com/showthread.php?t=9752"]vBulletin = FAIL - Ancient Clan Forums[/ame]
      Here is the email I received from vbulletin:
      The vbulletin team announced that vBulletin 4.0 would come out by the end of June 2009. It is October 14th today and with an announcement like this and a new website, you would think vbulletin 4.0 has finally been released! But no! It is still in alpha testing, there is no demo available and I have been given the opportunity to purchase the upgrade to the suite for the $130 discount for only 16-17 more days. And they still have not announced when the vb 4.0 version will even come out.
      And even though I bought the blog add-on for $50 a year ago, I get the same discount price as someone who only owns just the forum license. wtf.
      When my license support renewal is up, which last year would have costed me $40 for updates, will now cost me $195 for the new license if I haven't paid the $130 or more by then to download vbulletin 4.0 which may still not be out by then considering they are 4 months behind schedule with no product.
      So. We will probably continue running vb 3.8 until we find another alternative or vbulletin changes their pricing structure (which I'm sure they won't). I wouldn't mind paying for new forum software, we've spent plenty on vb over the years with renewal costs and one time purchases. But I can't justify staying with the company because of the part I have put in bold above.
      If we use just the forums and pay the initial upgrade price of $195 or so in january and switch to a free blog system because the version we have won't be compatible with vb 4.0... we'll still be stuck with another issue. Once vb 5.0 comes out (which should be 12-18 months according to a staff member), we'll have to buy a brand new vbulletin license for version 5 at the full price of another $195. And assuming a new major release then comes out every 1 or 2 years, it'll be hundreds of dollars every year or two just to keep using this software that still doesn't do everything I want it to do.
      I'm really starting to hate vbulletin. If I want to stay with this forum software, the only way I'll save money is by paying the cheaper upgrade cost of $130 which gives me the entire suite, but I only have 16 days to make my decision or pay $200 in January and only get the forum software.
      Anyone have any forum or blog recommendations? I was thinking about invision power board, but they're in the process of releasing a new cms like system and I don't know if that will be bundled in with their current suite. But even ipb is $250 for the suite with $60 renewal costs. But even that price is better than the new vbulletin price structure. Apparently, I have to make a decision within 16 days. *kicks vB in the balls*
    • By Sledgstone
      vBulletin has updated their vBulletin 5 Connect demo.. Heres a prime example of the horrible crap of vbulletin's sofware and one of the obvious reasons we stopped using their product.
      vBulletin custom page example:
      Yay, I could have put text on a page.
      Here is an example of a random test page that I made on ipb:
      I have the ability to put anything from the database onto any page I want and in whatever format I want it to appear in. Huge difference. Sure vb allows custom blocks and html, but if it was anything as advanced as IPB, you would think they would have made a better example.
    • By Sledgstone
      Invision Power Services has launched their test site for their new 4.0 software that we'll be upgrading to sometime after they release it and a new skin is available (most likely the same skin / theme we are using now). Its interesting as I didn't know what exactly to expect. I knew they were recoding the entire platform so all their products can be used separately, but I was kind of expecting some new eye popping layout or something. When compared to their current forum, it actually looks very similar:
      Current forum running IPB 3:
      Test forum running IPB 4:
      Once a good skin is installed, I'm sure it'll look fine, just like how AC currently looks very different from the regular IPB3 skin.
      It does look like some nice features have been added and the software works much better on mobile devices now, including mobile image uploads. According to their admins, they have spent a long time making the new core software to give them a solid platform to add many new features and functionality to for years to come. I look forward to seeing what this software is actually capable of. I've been holding off on doing any major renovations to this site because I've been waiting for this new version. As of this post, they have still not revealed the new content management system (CMS aka IP.Content), and that is the primary piece that I'm most interested in and how the new version of it will affect the way articles are handled on AC.
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