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Starship Enterprise vs. Battlestar Galactica: Who would win?

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enterprise would win hands down

transport a torpedo directly to a battlestars command room = instant win

photon torperdo >>> nukes

also by the time galactica has armed them, they would be space dust

a more fair fight would be enterprise VS a fleet of BS, and all the cylons and the 12 colonies.

what can bullets do against a shield that can withstand photon torpedos, a raptor bullets wouldnt even slow down a shuttle from ST

not to mention the fact that ST ships have no problem jumping for hours non stop,

also kirk could just telepot himself over there and seduce the president

a battlestar doesnt use energy shields to prevent transportation

a quote:

Who would win?

Captain James T. Kirk

Nuff said.

also quote from the site:

This is pathetic, the author either likes galactica more and or is a complete tard about anything remotely technological. Nukes and kinetic weapons do not have ANY effect on star fleet shields. None at all, why do you think no one uses them in star trek? The galactica would explode from one torpedo. Star Trek shuttles are not fragile, they just seem like they must be shitty because of how terrible their special effects were on, they couldn't really do any good space battles. Simply put a viper couldn't do squat to a shuttle, not even out fly it. I mean for crying out loud, with the enterprise's sensors and warp 3 capable torpedoes they could obliterate galactica from the next solar system. This entire article is pure idiocy, just seems like a sci-fi channel sponsored bump for galactica just in time for BSG's premiere

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With precise targeting a photon could be blasted through the nuke storage on galactica. Sheilds cancel out the nukes anyways. The Enterprise is too fast, and Galatica is too big giving it week sides where the Enterprise could reign down havoc without any return fire besides the vipers. Kirk is an out of the box commander that could outwit Adama any day of the week. A superior crew and a superior ship (for the situation) gives Enterpirse the wins with no question.

This comparison is like putting an F22 vs. B17 Flying Fortress.

The USS Reliant will always be my favorite Starfleet Ship however.



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X'D So true. I think the comparison they did was decent, but they came to the wrong conclusion about a winner. Proton torpedoes, shields and phasers would own a battlestar with ease. The range of the teleporters on the enterprise is insane too. From orbit to planet... They could be a damn good distance from galactica and beam in torpedoes or away teams with ease. The only way I see the galactica having any real chance is if the opponent didn't have shields. Maybe with cylon remote computer takeover? *shrug*


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