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The Stand: Captain Trips - Marvel graphic novel adaptation

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Marvel has announced that it is releasing the first hardcover collection of its comic book/graphic novel adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand exclusively to direct market retailers on Tuesday March 10th at special Stand Advance Release Openings that will be held at participating comic shops at 9pm local time. The hardcover collects the entire The Stand: Captain Trips limited series, which was written by Roberto Aguirre-Sarcasa (Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four) and illustrated by Eisner-nominated artist Mike Perkins (Captain America). The deluxe hardcover will come with two covers, one by Lee Bermejo (artist of the red-hot The Joker graphic novel), and a special limited edition gatefold cover by Perkins.

The Stand: Captain Trips hardcover will be available through participating retailers on the evening of Tuesday, March 10th and then available nationwide on March 11th at comic shops and online comic retailers. Marvel promises a flurry of mainstream and hobby press for the Stand Advance Release Opening and will provide participating retailers with an array of complimentary promotional tools.


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