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Stephen King Movies Update

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There was lots of action on Monday on Stephen King movies. Ben Affleck is being tapped by Warners to direct the feature film adaptation of King’s The Stand, according to Deadline. The film ended up with Warners on board in January, as CBS looked for a partner to help adapt the massive work (see “King’s ‘The Stand’ Heads to the Big Screen”).

And after a $45 million budget cut, the multi-film adaptation of Dark Tower will get made, producer Brian Grazer told Indiewire. As previously reported, Javier Bardem is still attached, and Ron Howard plans to direct (see “Roland’s Not Dead Yet”).

An actual "The Stand" movie. I wonder if it will be better than the tv mini-series. And the dark tower is still a possibility, nice.


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      I watched the first 3 episodes of this tonight and I'm loving it so far. Unlike the movie where everyone is stuck in a grocery store, the bulk of the cast is trapped in a mall, while others are in a church or on the road trying to avoid getting killed. Spike has done a good job with this. Depending on how they treat this series it could be their own Walking Dead kind of show. No zombies needed here with the amount of monsters ready to kill everyone.
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      Based on King's novel. Pilot was directed by the same Director as Girl With A Dragon Tattoo and the series is written by someone from the Lost team.
    • By Pchan
      Based on King's novel. Pilot was directed by the same Director as Girl With A Dragon Tattoo and the series is written by someone from the Lost team.

      This post has been promoted to an article
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