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Rozen Maiden

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Me and the kids finished watching Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden: Träumend, yesterday. This series was very good and the characters were great too. I wish they would have gone into some more detail about "Father" and the "Alice Game" because it never did make sense to me that they would have been made just to fight each other. O_O Don't get me wrong tho, the fights, especially the ones at the end of both series were good and added a nice balance to all the cuteness.

However, I like the first season best because of how Jun confronted his problems and changed his life around thanks to the influence of Shinku and the others. That much depression and anxiety, its something I could relate to and I like how they expressed it in his actions. I really hope they make a third season to continue the story, or maybe a movie or ova..

Souseiseki and Hina Ichigo are both still screwed! That rabbit bastard has their roza mysticas and it looks like father's apprentice is still in league with him because the remade Barasuishou was with him. and what the hell is "father" the apprentice and the rabbit!? maybe they're not human? or maybe they're magic users?.. Shinku said that father changed shape through the years, etc.. and in flashbacks, it looked like Shinku and Suigintou were battling as early as World War 2! O_O so many unanswered questions!

btw, Kun Kun is awesome! X'D

Has anyone else seen this series?


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