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Gundam SEED Destiny Spoilers

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Then use the tags. People may see that it is marked as a spoiler thread, but some will still complain about the lack of tag use. I don't mind that if it is an old spoiler(First ep to about mid way in) that you don't tag them, because most people SHOULD be to that point. However, anything past there, I request that tags are used.

I get tired of people whining about there being spoilers in a spoiler thread.:rolleyes: Yes it's annoying, but it saves my message box space, and your rep points.


Thanks again!

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Quick Summary of Episodes 1-5

Phase 1-Shinn's Past is briefly shown, He loses his family due to the War between Earth Alliance and Orb, Freedom Gundam and Calamity Gundam were in the Crime scene which made majority think that Kira who then was the pilot of Freedom, Killed Shinn's family.

[1 1/2 yr. later]

Cagalli Yula Attha (Representative of Orb) and "Alex Dino" visit Armory One, due to reports of buildup, and talk with the PLANT chairman regarding these issues... Three Gundams(Abyss, Chaos and Gaia) are stolen by Auel Nider, Sting Oakley and Stellar Loussier. Alex tries to protect Cagalli using A Zaku, But Was no match against the three new G-Machines, finally, Impulse Gundam Appears [sword Mode]


Phase 2- A battle between Impulse and the three hijacked Gundams starts... Alex Pulls of a move to save the Impulse, but injures Cagalli in the process, Impulse Gets Support from Rey Za Burell [White Zaku Phantom] and Lunamaria Hawke [Red Zaku Warrior]. The Hijacked Gundams Retreat and Stellar [Gaia] got too focused on shooting down Impulse. Her Comrade Auel, intentionally told Stellar her Block Word which is "Die" and caused her to be unstable.

Chairman Dullindal got on board the Minerva, the new ZAFT battleship, because of the turmoil the three Gundams caused...

Lunamaria Meanwhile had trouble with her MS and Had to withdraw from the Battle. Thus in the Minerva, she sees Alex with an injured Cagalli... She first thought they were intruders, but Alex later explained that he works for Orb, and He's with its representative...

Meanwhile, the Battle continues and takes a bad turn... The Hijacked Gundams were fleeing against the Impulse and the ZAKU Phantom. Impulse Lost all armaments from it's Sword Silhouette, and needed to switch Silhouette. Shinn Changes Sword Impulse to Force Impulse.

The Stolen Gundams Flee away from Armory One and made a Hole Through it.

Force Impulse Got Sucked Out of the Colony. Minerva reaches a warning that Impulse was running out of power and they need to deploy Minerva

Because of another Ship which has Mirage Colloid...

(a declaration of condition red is issued)

Because of this, Cagalli calls Alex..............................


Phase 3-The episode begins with Neo and his Zero Unit repeatedly blasting at Shin, and then it shows a brief mind link between Neo and Rey. Meanwhile, the Minerva identify the enemy battleship and refer to it as Bogey 1.

Neo's mobile armor caused great trouble and the Minerva have decided to target the enemy battleship for attack. They plan to save Rey and Shin by drawing the enemy away. Neo fails to destroy them and retreats. The Minerva fires signal flares and sends Neidhart missles towards the enemy causing a direct hit. Bogey 1 now begins retreating while the Minerva tries to pursue Bogey 1. Neo, now gives an order to detach the propellant tanks on both sides of the ship. In a failed attempt to dodge it, the 2 propellant tanks hit the Minerva causing great damage. Rey comes in to the bridge and learns that the Minerva was outsmarted. The Minerva crew, particularly the captain and the chairman discuss the fact that they must pursue Bogey-1. Then they prepare for battle and the chairman was being escorted to the cabin by Rey.

Right before they leave, Lunamaria notifies the 2 people who came aboard the ship. Cagalli ad "Alex Dino".

Soon, the scence changes to Stellar, Auel, etc. Sleeping in "cradle" type devices. Neo and Bogey-1's officer discusses the experimental pilots and says that they are a lot better than the previous pilots the Earth Alliance had. Once fully recharged, the 3 seem to wake up from their cradles.

Meanwhile, back at the Minerva, weapons and munitions are stocked up to prepare for war. The Chairman visits with the ORB representative to express their apologies and notify them that the Minerva must take charge of the situation. Cagalli understands the situation. The Chairman then invites the Minerva and the ORB representatives on a tour of the ship. Shin was curious about the mobile suit that was there, and Lunamaria says that it was from the ORB representatives. Possibly Athrun Zala's, which she seems to be very interested in.

The Chairman shows Cagalli and Alex the new ZGMF-1000 Zakus (new type mobile suits) Although the Chairman doesnt know any technical details, he is happy that now they have the power that they need. Which leads to his quote "Power is necessary because conflict will never disappear," said by Cagalli this time and in a tone of dislike. The Chairman says that it is necessary. Cagalli then blows up saying all this peace stuff about how we shouldnt have weapons if we want peace. Shin blatantly yells out that sugarcoating is indeed and Athha family art.

Bogey-1 has then been discovered... So Shin goes away angrily with Rey saying that he'll deal with him. The Chairman explains that Shin was from ORB. In Bogey-1's ship, they too prepare for battle. The Chairman invites Cagalli to the bridge and they all get front seats to the imminent battle.

Meanwhile Sting, Auel, and Stellar also prepare for battle and the ship Bogey-1 fires an anchor onto an astroid to prepare for battle and the Minerva launches its units. The Impulse and Zaku. Briefly, it shows Cagalli thinking about what Shin said about sugarcoating everything was a thing of Athha family art. Then quickly switches back to the launching process. Next, it shows the Chairman talking to Athrun about the existance of name and calls him Alex, no Athrun Zala kun.

Phase 4- The episode begins with the launch of all the Gundams. There is also a brief recap of last episode with the chairman's discussion on names and knowing that Alex Dino is really Athrun Zala. The chairman says to Athrun that he would like to hear his own personal comment, butil something mysterious occurs. The Gundams were lured into a decoy and the real enemy sucessfully created an ambush using Gaia, Chaos, and Abyss. Meanwhile, the enemy Bogey 1 has been able to escape from radar and also launching new mobile suits called "Dagger" heading for Minerva as well as launching a massive offensive leaving the Minerva moving right above the surface of an asteroid. Meanwhile, a pilot with Shin and the Zaku warrior "Shun" was shot down. Now Minerva tries to launch all of their new Zaku-1000 units. The stolen gundams acting as a decoy did very well against Shin and eventually it was 2 against one. The Minerva was in a state of trouble either as she was unable to launch a counterattack due to the rock fragments therefore disabling half of their weapons. The commander of Bogey 1 makes an effort to finish them off as he directs an order to fire at the astroid to fill the hull of the Minerva with rock fragments. Then the Commander launches as well to finish things off.

The Minerva takes heavy damaged especially the starboard side. Rocks continuously beat down the Minerva's hull and the new Zero Unit of the commander flies down to finish the job. Thrusters are damaged and the Minerva is unable to move. In addition, rocks bar their way. Unfortunately all the gundams were ambushed and there is only one pilot on the ship that is capable of piloting...Athrun Zala. Athrun begins to act with the military experience he had and directs the captain to fire all of the starboard armamants at the debris blocking their way and then push back away from the explosion. As many thinks is ridiculous, they proceed. Rey tries to stop the moebus zero and is a very good battle and the Zero unit retreats. Meanwhile, Shin is being chased by 3 Gundams.....that cant shoot him down. Athruns plan is initiated and SUCCEEDS with the maximum thrusters as the Minerva is able to escape the astroid field allowing them to counterattack, uses its main cannon, the TANNHAUSER, delivering a great blow to Bogey 1. The Zero unit withdraws and gives an order to withdraw. Rey is officially known as the "Kid in White" by the pilot of the Zero type unit. As the withdraw signal was out, the Gaia, Abyss, and Chaos were forced to retreat also and Shin was fine while Lunamaria was very low on power. The commander thanks Athrun for his intellect by complementing him to the captain. The chairman proposed a change of plans by gett Athrun ponders the fact that there are not enough pilots to pilot the multitude of suits on the ship. As well as all the dead people who were in the previous war. While in thought, all the pilots Shin, Rey, Lunnamaria, as well as another was talking about him and Lunamaria talks to Athrun. The conclusion of the episode occurs when they discover that Junis 7 is actually moving and Shin Asuka using his deceased sisters cell phone to hear her voice in sadness...

Phase 5- This episode of Destiny begins by showing the sun's flares and a group putting devices on Junis 7 and activating them to make the gravestone move. They are sending Junis 7 straight towards earth in order to get revenge on the naturals.

After the opening, the Minerva takes analysis of the situation, and as a result everyone discusses on how to cope with the situation. The chairman also apologizes to Cagalli for getting her involved in this situation and let her know that the Minerva has to do something about it. While Cagalli and Athrun were walking, they overhear the pilots and military operators talking about how to deal with the situation. Almost everyone is clueless until Rey and Athrun both thought the same thing.. they have to shatter it. Although some people like Lunamaria feels that it is a bad idea as Junis 7 is literally a tombstone and that there were a lot of dead people's remains there. All of a sudden, Youlan Kent makes a sarcastic remark bout letting it crash to Earth as it would offer comfort to those on ZAFT if the Earth was damaged.

Upon hearing this, Cagally abruptly comes in and yells at them saying how bad their thoughts were and that how has nothing changed at all. All the People on Earth would die, and that their visions were blind to this, (aka. As Shin would put it, Sugarcoating). Shin then rudely interrupts and says "Youlan wasn't being serious, can't you even see that?" Causing Cagalli to become mad. Then Shin mentions how he "accidentally" forgot that Cagalli was supposed to be in a high position. With Athrun holding Cagalli back, he asks Shin why he was so against ORB and that he won't allow him to do that if it was a stupid reason. Shin replies with the fact that his family and himself believed in the ORB ideas and lived in Onogoro (an island on ORB) and as a result of the Athha family's sugarcoating, his family was killed!

On Earth, of what seems to be a representative of a Country by the name of Jibril who along with other representatives in other countries recieved the warning of Junis 7 from Chairman Gilbert Dullindal, also questions this strange event of Junis 7 coming to Earth. He calls a meeting with the other representatives on Earth and talks about how the Coordinators are doing their best to solve this situation. Apparently, he also has other motives. As the public are only notified of evacuation and not of the reason behind it, they could take advantage by saying that ZAFT was responsible and apparently they have already implemented a plan to attack ZAFT using the "love of hatred" according to Jibril. As then the Earth would be infuriated by PLANT even though it was not their fault. Jibril already has Phantom Pain (name of a ship) investigating the Junis 7 crises.

The scence reverts back to space where two ZAFT ships are shown carrying the weapon "Meteor Breaker" Volitare and Rousseal. (YZAK'S THE CAPTAIN OF THOSE SHIPS! WITH Dearka AT HIS RIGHT SIDE!!!) The chairman then indicates that Earth is their mother planet and they must do something about it as missles would only scorch the Colony's surface and not do anything effective.

It quickly reverts to Caglli thinking about what Shin said and Athrun tries to comfort her. It briefly shows Shin looking at pictures of his family on Maya's cellphone. Cagalli is very sad that her father was regarder as a killer of Shin's father. Athrun relies by saying that Shin must be preoccupied with his own feelings like himself and Kira a long time ago and shows the intense battle.

It switches to the scene with YZAK AND Dearka! Talking about how serious the situation was, with Dearka making a remark that its enormous and Yzak was getting ready to implement the Meteor Breakers on the mobile suits. Cagalli then fell asleep and Athrun left asking to have a mobile suit to operate although it would be unreasonable. The captain denied permission, but the Chairman made the final answer granting permission, as the situation was not a war....or so they thought.

Upon Yzak's mobile suits were investigation, GINN's popped out of no where and attacked! Meanwhile Phantom Pain arrived and all ZAFT ships were sending mobile suits to help with the situation. Every pilot on Minerva is suprised that they are supporting the Yzak Joule squad, but it was dangerous. Bogey-1 also launched their Gundams. And after the launching of the pilots on Minerva, Bogey-1, and Yzak's Squad, the episode ends.


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// Phase 06: Sekai no Owaru Toki (The World's Final Hour)

The Chairman explains the current situation and Junis 7 has been indeed moving very fast. With the aid of Yzak and his squadron equiped with meteor breakers, all prepare to get rid of the asteroid. Athrun is entitled to help and gets on a Gundam. Shin however, is not amused by this. Athrun then launches which then goes to the opening.

The people who started the entire Junis 7 crashing into Earth plan, were veteran ZAFT soldiers. Seeing how bad the situation was, Yzak decides to launch in his Mobile Suit. The Impuse is then ready for battle followed by the rest of the squadron including Rey and Lunamaria.

Cagalli waks up from her long sleep and asks where Athrun is, and the Chairman informs him that he is currently out in battle. Then the opening is shown.

The veterans are only using GINN's but are very good with them. Meanwhile, the 3 stolen Gundams Chaos, Gaia, and Abyss fight the Jule Team. THe Captain Talia then asks the Chairman about whether Stellar, Auel and Sting are part of the Earth Alliance or ZAFT, but the Chairman is unable to give an answer and hopes it is not ZAFT. After a while, they reach an agreement to contact Bogey-1 to let them know that they are trying to stop Junis 7 from crashing into Earth.

Meanwhile, the Battle rages on outside and Gaia attacks Lunamaria and Sting fights Athrun, who is amazed by Athrun's skill. Gaia, trying to finish Lunamaria off, doges her attack and counters. Meanwhile Junis 7 is still decending ever so close to the Earth and is visible in the sky.

Meanwhile, the ORB President lets the public know about the Junis 7 leaving its orbit towards Earth and Earth hasnt been able to come up with a solution to destroy it. During that time, it shows briefly Lacus and Kira!!!! Then briefly shows the Blue Cosmos's Leader petting his cat.

After the commercial break, it shows the Meteor breakers trying to drill through the asteroid and are being deployed. Dearka protects the Meteor Breaker and destroys a GINN. As Meteor Breakers drill through Junis 7, it becomes split in half! The two parts of Junis 7 float away from each other, but unfortunately, they have to break it into smaller pieces. Athrun and Yzak finally get to speak with each other through this time.

The battle rages on and the Veterans are indeed losing. Chaos, Gaia, and Abyss try to destroy the meteor breakers which they deployed which gets Yzak VERY MAD and drives them away with his power. Shin notices this power and is suprised how strong the pilots of the previous war were.

The Situation becomes drastic as they are about to be pulled in by the Earth's atmosphere and is very dangerous so the Chairman and Cagalli are requested to transfer onto the Voltaire ship. But Cagalli refuses and decides to stay here. The plan is that the Minerva will pulverise the piece of Junis 7 with its bow gun. All units are ordered to retreat and flares are fired.

During retreat, Shin stops and notices one Meteor Breaker inactivated. Athrun and Shin then both agree and Shin asks Athrun why he is in ORB. Athrun doesnt say anything because of an interruption of enemy veteran GINNS who fire at them.

The veterans explain that there is much grief for those who died on Junis 7 and the only way to teach Earth was to send it crashing to Earth to remind them of the tradgedy as the captain of the veteran squad had a daughter who died there. He makes the point that we shouldnt let Earth, who caused this tradgedy laugh and live in peace as if nothing happened. He then makes the statement that ZAFT has changed through the deciet of Clyne's weak successors and that Patrick Zala, the previous chairman, was following the right footsteps. Briefly, it shows flashbacks of Athrun, then Shin about the loss of lives in the war. Athrun is shocked by this entirely and gets his Zaku's arm cut off. Shin tries to help him when another GINN flies at him which Shin dodges and destroys him. The debris then hits the Meteor Breaker causing it to activate. Meanwhile, the Veteran leader is extremely happy that he will finally make the Naturals understand their gried. The scene ends with Shin and the others plummeting to Earth.

The Episode ends showing LACUS CLYNE and KIRA YAMATO looking up at the sky where Junis 7 burns brightly like a giant meteor coming down to Earth.


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// Phase 07: Konmei no Daichi (Confused Earth)

This episode begins with a recap of the last episode, where the veteran pilot says that slamming Junis 7 to Earth is the only way for Coordinators show Earth how much damage they have done as his daughter died there on Junis 7. Meanwhile the Minerva is also decending to Earth along with all the other Gundams and enemy mobile suits. The final meteor braker initiates and split the remains of Junis 7 in half while Shin, Athrun, and the Minerva fall towards the atmosphere. Then the opening begins.

Afterwards, it shows the personnel of the Minerva preparing to fire at the remains of Junis 7. However, they cannot locate Athrun or Shin, so they are at a risk where they might hit them. Talia explains that their mission is to stop Junis 7 from crashing down and activates Minerva's bow gun (Tannhauser). During all of this, Cagalli is very worried about Athrun. The Minerva fires at Junis 7 and is a direct hit.

Meanwhile Shin configures his Gundam to be compatible with reentry and then looks for Athrun whose Gundam seems to be breaking apart due to heat or damage. Everyone on the Minerva is either sick, or worried because of the falling at a fast rate.

Back on Earth, the news announces that fragments of Junis 7 are falling, but it is unknown about where they might hit. Everyone is required to evacuate to a shelter and they take the same precautions as a measure against Tsunami's.

The scene then changes to the scene where Kira and Lacus Clyne as well as the children and Lacus calms them down even when the shelter starts to shake and the power flicking on and off. Then Lacus sings a prayer titled Fields of Hope while the scenes are the destructive impacts of the fragments of Junis 7.

Back on the Minerva, they are questioning whether Shin and Athrun Made it safetly. It then shows Athrun's mobile suit falling through the sky, but Athrun is stil alive and knows that without any means of boosters, it was helpless... until Shin contacts him and says that he will try to help him because he has boosters on his Impulse and carries him.

The Minerva crew as well as Cagalli are extremely happy to see Impulse and Athrun alive and alright and manuver steadily to intercept their fall and they both safetly land on the ship. Cagalli pants as he greets Athrun knowing his alright.

Then the scene changes to ZAFT's headquarters and shows a shadow of the fake Lacus playing chess while Chairman Gilber Dullindal describes the many casualties resulted from this incident and that this was just the beginning of conflict.

Meanwhile the Minerva prepares to land on water and takes the necessary precautions as the crew aboard the ship brace for impact. They stop in the Pacific ocean and Cagalli and Athrun stand outside of the ship talking with Athrun saying how nice of it being stopped before any more damage was caused. Shin became angry and said that it wasnt just a natural phenomenon and it was done by Coordinators who still bear a grudge against the ones who killed their family on Junis 7. Cagalli was shocked by this statement and they all think about it. Cagalli was shocked and then asked if they were trying to stop it. Shin obviously said OF COURSE. But Athrun said that they were unable to prevent it completely because of the fragments. This does not change the fact that Coordinators did it and Athrun worries whether the naturals will forgive them. And then Athrun worries and walks back into the ship.

Chairman Gilbert Dullindal, announced in his speech that he feels sorry for damage and this hit both worlds very hard. Then the Chairman tries to encourage everyone to stand strong and has already offered assistance to the damage on Earth. The Blue Cosmos also watches his speech on TV and is informed by Phantom Pain something interesting, which are flare motors and pictures GINNS that were responsible for this therefore providing great evidence for the Blue Cosmos to attempt to unite the Earth Alliance in eradicating the Coordinators.

Talia informs Cagalli that they are heading for ORB, and the pilots are practicing shooting targets and Lunamaria invites Athrun who was watching to join them in practice who refuses. Lunamaria then says that they know much about him such as being in the Klueze Squad and wearing the Red Uniform symbolizing an elite as well as the Gundams he piloted. She keeps complementing Athrun and then offers Athrun her gun to have a shot at it. Going through all the moving targets, he shoots with the same gun and hits the very center of ALL of the targets either head or stomach. Then Shin questions Athrun why he is going back to ORB, who remains silent. It also shows Kira and Lacus, with Lacus asking whether a storm was coming, which in turn, Kira says yes.


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Phase 08: Jankushon (Junction) This episode begins by showing the Minerva slowing down and docking into ORB. The representatives of ORB seem to have something up, and claim that they cannot treat the Minerva coldly…for now as Minerva is delivering Cagalli, the Princess of ORB. Shortly after, the opening “Ignited” is shown.

Following the opening, Cagalli as well as the crew come off and the purple haired guy runs up and hugs Cagalli and saying that he was very worried about her. This seems to disturb Athrun. The representatives of ORB then extend their thanks towards the crew and let them know that they may rest. The representative then says that they must meet with the Administration. The purple haired guy then puts his arm around Cagalli while walking away thanking Alex for doing a good job protecting her and saying that he can turn in a written report later. This disturbs Cagalli even further… Later the ORB representatives name is revealed named Seiran. We get to see Andrew Bartfeld and Murrue Ramius! Poor Athrun felt very hurt and looked like he was filled with grief when he went on the car.

Meanwhile at the Administration, ORB has declared allegiance with the Earth Alliance and ORB has signed it so that the Earth Alliance may operate more efficiently as well as receive support from the other members of the Earth Alliance. Cagalli highly disproved this, but then the other representatives showed her the pictures of the Junis 7 incident and how there were small motors attached to Junis 7 and ZAFT Zakus as well as the devastating images from Earth. Cagalli was still thinking

Meanwhile, it shows Athrun showering and then getting on a really cool car with scissor-like doors and him driving out. Meanwhile, the Minerva is being repaired. Murrue Ramius then comes into play. She is in charge of repairing her ship.

In her office, Cagalli reads the situation and thinks to herself. Talia and Murrue both talk about how they don’t know what the future holds. ::commercial break::

The crew are still on the ship, but the repairs may take a few days so they might be able to get off the ship. In Shin and Rey’s room, Shin is lying down and looking at his cell phone and Rey going off to take a shower.

Athrun then drives his car to whre Kira and Athrun are and gets off. Little kids run to him, but then Lacus kindly draws them away.

Because a big wave destroyed their cabin, they moved to a new home andAthrun drives Kira to his home while talking about the fact he did not know who to fight for this time.

The next morning, the crew was granted permission to disembark and Athrun was sitting at his laptop in Kira and Lacus's new home. Cagalli rushes in desperately apologizing and telling him that he had many meetings. Athrun says that it was ok, then asks her about the situation in ORB. Unfortunately, Cagalli says that ORB wants to side with the Earth Alliance, which she thinks is totally wrong. Athrun agrees and tells her that he will be going to PLANT to talk to the Chairman or do something about the situation to prevent another trend of war.

When the PLANT transport for Athrun arrives, Athrun hesitates and says that he knows what was going on with Yuuma Roma and her, and he didnt like the idea of it, but he put a ring on Cagalli and blushes. Then they kiss and hug goodbye as Athrun sets off on the transport ship.

::Piano version of Ignited Plays:: It then shows Shin thinking back on what happened, then plays his cell phone with Mayu's voice and cries as he thinks back about the greatest tradgedy in his life. Then he notices Kira, and asks him if where Kira was standing at a memorial. He talks about how the flowers still bloom around the memorial, Shin then says "No matter how beautiful the flowers are, people will just blow them away again." during that time, Lacus sings Fields of Hope, then stops. While Athrun launches, the other ORB members have said that the Earth Alliance has issued a demand to destroy PLANT for the good of all mankind. Shin is then seen walking away with both grief and anger in his heart, while Lacus stays close to Kira.


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Uhhmm Clowtrigger, I suggest you shouldn't triple post, PLEASE edit your first post and fill in the other ones in that one post itself, EVEN IF you have to press the EDIT button. Double posts aren't allowed as well. Anything back-to-back isn't.

I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

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Athrun Zala:

Athrun Zala has experienced the roubles of war two years ago (in Gundam SEED) where Athrun ended up losing his family to the war, and almost killing his best friend. Athrun was born in the Space Colony sector December. He is the son of Patrick Zala who is the late chairman of PLANT, and Lenore Zala. Also, he was the fiancee of Lacus Clyne, but later they broke up (but they're still good friends, it was like an arranged engagement) His mother tragically died in the Bloody Valentine which was an incident when over 240,000 coordinaters in the space colony of Sinius 7 needlessly died by the Earth Alliance's nuclear attack. Realizing he had to protect PLANT Athrun joined the ZAFT military on February 20, 70 CE. There, he befriended Nikkoru Amarfi. He quickly became an elite, skilled pilot of GAT-X303 Aegis in the elite Kleuze squad.

In a mission to attack Heliopolis he met his best friend, Kira Yamato, however his best friend was his enemy in war. Athrun and Kira never truly fought but they were saddened by the situation forcing them to fight each other. However later on, on Earth, Kira killed Athrun's good friend Nikkoru. This led to Athrun almost killing Kira to avenge his good friend's death. Destroying Strike, Athrun was awarded the Neville medal and he was given a new Mobile Suit, ZGMF-X09A Justice and was "Top Gun" in ZAFT. However, Athrun decided to fight with Kira, going against his father, when he was troubled by the question "What and why do I fight?"

In the battle of Yakin Due, Athrun successfully protected PLANT twice with his friend Kira, from the Earth Alliance's nuclear attacks. However, under Athrun's father's command, ZAFT's newest beam called Genesis was to be shot at Earth destroying it. Athrun's father's last words to him were "Fire Genesis, Protect PLANT." Athrun decided to in fact destroy Genesis to save Earth by self-destructing his mobile suit. But his... uh... girlfriend (?), Cagalli Yula Attha saved him but he still destroyed Genesis saving the world.

Now, in CE 72, Athrun is in Orb as Cagalli's bodyguard. The chairman after Athrun's father died, Eileen Kanaba has maanaged to erase the information of Athrun being a traitor so that everyone in PLANT sees Athrun Zala as a true hero. thrun is retired from ZAFT but the current issues in the world at the time call him back to ZAFT. (I don't know if I should say about him up till now, ep. 15, oh well icon_wink.gif )

Name: Athrun Zala

Birth Date: October 29, C.E. 55

Type: Coordinater

Blood: O

Seedmode would like to add that Athrun is the coolest character ever. Also, Athrun now lives in a mansion and drives an awesome, spiffy black car! He's also like the best sharp shooter ever, and is basically tied with Kira for best pilot lol! Also, almost all the girls in Gundam SEED Destiny want him:P)


Shinn Asuka:

Shinn Asuka 16 year old boy in the ZAFT military who is currently piloting the Mobile Suit, ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam. He immigrated to PLANT from the country of Orb on Earth. During the war, Orb was under attack by the Atlantic Federation and Orb was being evacuated. Shinn witnessed the death of his entire family at the mere age of 14, and since then, has despised Orb's ways and leaders. He has also seen the Mobile Suits that killed his family, the only one that still exists, is Freedom, the pilot is Kira Yamato. (He might actually know for sure that Freedom was the one that killed his family, but I'm not positive)

Now at the age of 16, he is an elite pilot in the ZAFT military on board the ship, Minerva. Left with only memories of his dead family and the cellphone of his little sister, he still reminisces the death of his younger sister, Mayu and his parents who all died in Orb when Orb was under attack.

Seedmode would also like to add that this character totally totally rocks! icon_razz.gif


Arthur Torain:

The co-captain of Minerva. He is a bit inexperienced and doesn't seem to like Athrun much, also he likes Marrue Ramius a little.


Gilbert Durandal:

The current chairman of ZAFT. His suspicious smile and his strange behaviour make many think of him as untrustworthy, but so far in Gundam SEED Destiny he has expressed that he does not want another war although the Earth Alliance has already had a nuclear attack on PLANT. Also, he gave the ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam to Athrun Zala who he has respect for. He has made several characters FAITH, Talia Gladyss, Athrun Zala, and also Heine Westinfluss. He also seems to have a relationship with Talia Gladyss. He has also appointed a girl, Mia Campbell, as the "Lacus" of PLANT for now in the real Lacus' absence.


Meyrin Hawke:

She is 15, and is the CIC on the ship, Minerva. She seems to have a lot of admiration for the pilots aboard the Minerva, particularly Athrun. Her sister, Lunamaria Hawke is also a pilot and they are very close sisters.

Seedmode would like to add that she has a really cute voice icon_razz.gif


Youlan Kent:

He is a technician on board the Minerva. He seems to specialize on Lunamaria's Zaku. He likes to hang out with his friend Wino and also Meyrin. He sometimes might seem inconsiderate because he had blurted out that the Colony Drop might be a good thing after all, only to face Cagalli's scolding.


Yzak Jule:

Yzak Jule has experienced the previous war. He was an elite ZAFT pilot in the Kreuze squad along with Nikkoru, Athrun and his good friend Deakka. Yzak had intense hatred against the pilot of Strike, Kira Yamato for leaving a scar on his face. Later on in the war, Yzak was a hero and saaved the lives of Athrun and Kira from the beam of Genesis.

Yzak's mom was in the high council as well. Yzak had a best friend named Deakka Elthman. It is also rumoured that he has a girlfriend or fiancee named Shiho.

Yzak's cool attitude makes him one of the coolest characters.

Seedmode would like to add that this dude is totally cool! icon_cool.gif His attitude is so cool! He's one of my favorites!


Stellar Loussier

She is perhaps one of the most admired characters who has both cute looks as well as skill. A special forces member of the Earth Alliance as well as an experiment like Sting. Gaia was stolen by her in the infiltration with Sting and Auel. Behaves like an ordinary girl, but shows abnormal strength during combat. Beacuse she is an experiment, she seems to have psychotic reactions to the word "die" as well as similar words. By observing Phase-02, it appears that the word is for a last resort and gets her to stop attacking. For some peculiar reason, she wears a ZAFT uniform belt. She also seems to suffer from psychological problems and words such as "die" trigger her trauma.

Mia Campbell=Sometimes refered to as Meer. Is believed to have changed her physical appearence to resemble that of hit Pop idol Lacus Clyne. Not much is know about her, or were she comes from. She appeared after an attempted assasination on the real Lacus (making some question her)Is also Believed to be a puppet of Gilbert Durandal. She wears tighter and more revealing clothes than Lacus, and appears to be more cheerful, and hyper. Seems to have quite an interest on Athrun Zala, and does not know about Lacus and him breaking up....


http://www.gundam-seed-d.net/character/img/asran.jpg Athrun

http://www.gundam-seed-d.net/character/img/haine.jpg Heine

http://www.gundam-seed-d.net/character/img/kira.jpg Kira

http://www.gundam-seed-d.net/character/img/rasuku.jpg Lacus

http://www.gundam-seed-d.net/character/img/andryu.jpg Andrew

http://www.gundam-seed-d.net/character/img/maryu.jpg Murrue

Gouf Ignited: http://www.gundam-seed-d.net/mechanics/img/guff_igunaited.jpg

Archangel: http://www.gundam-seed-d.net/mechanics/img/arcangel.jpg

Freedom: http://www.gundam-seed-d.net/mechanics/img/freedom.jpg

for more info SEEDGenesis


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These has pictures, so this might bother u...



Shinn Asuka- CE's Rant man... Pilots the ZGMF X56S Impulse... (STRIKE-like)



zgmf_x56s_c.jpg BLAST


Lunamaria Hawke- A ZAFT soldier who is attracted to the ZAFT warhero, Athrun Zala... Pilots ZGMF 1000 ZAKU Warrior



Rey Za Burrel- a probable Raww le Kreuze/Creuset clone... Pilots the ZGMF 1001 ZAKU phantom...



Athrun Zala aka Alex Dino- you know who this guy is.... but he now pilots the ZGMF-X23S Savior....


That's all for now, hehehehe... i'm jez new here....


"No, Princess.... Power is necessary to because conflicts will never dissapear..."

- Gilbert Dullindal

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Wow...this really is cool. I guess that maybe, just maybe, I'm becoming interested in SEED...Several of your links, don't work, though...The site they come form doesn't seem to allow hotlinks, cause I keep getting a "You are not authorized to view this page" message.:\

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coolness that thiyng is thang is nice


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