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  1. Athrun has a Harem... How could he be gay. He could attract every single Girl in CE... @EVA01:Which pink-haired girl? Lacus or Meer?Actually, during Destiny. Athrun's has been the chick magnet lately.Cagalli,Meyrin,Lunamaria, and Meer all love him n_n. As for Lacus... She's finally with her one true love, Kira Yamato. So to close this up. Kira already has Lacus and Athrun already has Meyrin. I see no reason for them being homosexual at all.
  2. Mangekyou Sharingan>>>>>>>>>>>>anyone who dares Uchiha itachi EVEN from other anime....
  3. Gaara ROCKZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ......... Temari, too....
  4. When lacus pretended to be the one pretending to be her... HEHEHEHE... GSDep25... (When lacus pretended to be meer)
  5. U didn't put gaara??? Huwat????
  6. His hair's white, a cool Youkai, and one of my faves in InuYasha.... he PWNZ
  7. Athrun will suck in savior, and PWN in IJ... he was gravely injured, but took out That whiny brat named shinn, in a defensive state... no point using that ASSword again...
  8. From Gunota: aeug.blogspot.com, a Reliable GUNDAM source...
  9. WTF?! 4kids "handled" One Piece?! They "Destroyed" a lotta good anime... The dreaded 4kids... jez like mould spoiling everythin'...
  10. The 5 GW boys.. kinda like a boyband to me... they're all "PRETTY"...
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