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Myk JL

2020 Predictions?

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Because I feel the need to get some (stupid) thoughts out of my head about next year. With some Likely vs Unlikely added hopefully to each. Also should I go back to #FF0000? Try #CC0000? Or is #990000 the best red? Anyway onto my own predictions! (And anyone else's assuming anyone comments.)

Bernie Sanders will lose the 2020 Democratic Primary.

  • Likely - Despite gaining name recognition in 2016 (which Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb, & Lincoln Chafee failed at) he is considered a loser because he lost to Hillary Clinton. And too many progressives now want someone who is more Centrist when it comes to things like Medicare.
  • Unlikely - Bernie Sanders has the biggest grass roots movement. And every other Progressive is losing support by becoming more Centrist.

Andrew Yang will win the 2020 Democratic Primary.

  • Likely - Because every (Major) positive thought I've had usually ends with reality finding a way to suck. Seventeen Year Old me thinking the future was Science vs Christianity on things like Stem Cell Research only for 9/11 to create a Whataboutism on Muslims. Thirty One Year Old thinking we'll never have a president dumber than George Walker Bush and then Donald Trump became president ("Thanks Hillary"). And nowadays I was thinking the Democrats would never pick a wildcard businessman yet Andrew Yang is a thing. As far as I know every business person to ever be near the presidency has found a way to ruin the country. And as far as I can tell Andrew Yang is riding a wave of desperate people who won't do Math (Or Use A Calculator) to find out that $1000 a month isn't enough to live off of & probably won't go up with inflation.
  • Unlikely - As far as I know Andrew Yang has never been above 5% in popularity. And Soda Ban Man Michael Bloomberg has already surpassed everyone below 5% in these polls.

No matter who wins in November Hillary will announce she's running for president in 2024.

  • Likely - She has a huge ego and shifts blame on why she lost in 2016.
  • Unlikely - Her Older Voters will hopefully never vote for her again. And she sucks at gaining Younger Voters.

Xbox Series X isn't just the 4th Xboxes, but at least 2 (or 3) handheld consoles that you can download games onto!

  • Likely - An Original Xbox Handheld, Xbox 360 Handheld (, & Xbox One Handheld) opens up a plausibility of 6 GWG a month without giving away new games anytime soon for the actual 4th Xboxes. This business decision will be made because Nintendo Switch is now seen as a competitor.
  • Unlikely - Microsoft is too obsessed with cloud gaming and would love to fail with Google Stadia!

Steel Battalion (Line Of Contact) Remastered will be announced at E3 with an option to use a normal controller for those who can't or won't buy the new Steel Battalion Controller now with Purple Buttons!

  • Likely - Microsoft did promise full backwards compatibility for their 4th Xboxes!
  • Unlikely - Steal What?

Nintendo will sadly announce that Elder Scrolls Blades won't be coming to Nintendo Switches, but Elder Scrolls Online will be playable on the mythical Nintendo Switch Pro.

  • Likely - Because Nintendo Switch Lite (rumored Mini) was proven to be true.
  • Unlikely - I doubt that such a thing can actually happen anytime in the year 2020. And IF it could Sony & Microsoft should be smart enough to make portable versions of PS4 & Xbox One. Also I don't trust Bethesda to do anything right nowadays.

PS5 will be considered a failure in Japan if it can't outsell PS4.

  • Likely - I'm under the impression that Japanese will prefer handheld devices over consoles.
  • Unlikely - Sony is Japanese therefore they (& PS5) cannot fail.

No matter what happens I will find a way to procrastinate.

  • Likely - Because reality will always find a way to suck.
  • Unlikely -There is no Unlikely. That or I'm Lazier than I think.

I'm probably completely wrong on all my video game predictions.


Back to #FF0000. I was worried it would be to bright with how much I have typed down. But it's darker than the default white text.

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Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

Universal Broadband?

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I think it'll be Biden/Sanders and Trump will win re-election. Democrats seem to hate old white men unless its someone who is running on their values. Warren is too nuts to actually get the primary but she'll probably run with Biden as VP. I'm a democrat and I have no enthusiasm for either of them. Trump will win because of the same singular reason as last time. Television and endless free publicity. Ever since he ran for office, MSNBC, Fox News and CNN have all become "Trump TV". He has 3 dedicated channels reporting on everything about him and constantly broadcasting sound bites of him every 5-8 minutes 24 hours a day. MSNBC will have everyone hate watching him because they are pro democrat, Fox News will have everyone love watching him because they are pro republican, CNN gets all the viewers from both sides because MSNBC people want to see what CNN has to say about it, and Fox News people will hate watch CNN because Trump labels it as "fake news". Regardless, its 24/7 media coverage on 3 channels. Put any one of those channels on right now and within 5-8 minutes you will see Trump talk. And these 3 stations alone will want him to be president again because it gives them ratings.

Meanwhile democrats running for president are pandering to the ultra minority and want to focus on stupid crap like give illegal immigrants health insurance or make sure LGBT groups get bathroom rights or some shit. Focusing on things like that will never get them elected. And when they lose they'll blame the electoral college because they won the popular vote from hugely democratic states like NY and CA. Its just excuses. The electoral college has been in existence before we were even born. Its what needs to be won to become president and democrats are unwilling to go to swing states and actually reach across the aisle and compensate on their actual running points. Democrats need to run on making jobs, improving infrastructure, reducing medical expenses, reducing health care costs (health care and prescription costs was an issue for me before and after Obama care). And if democrats really want to win they could run on legalizing marijuana and classify it like alcohol. I personally don't care for marijuana, but if the states can sell it and tax the hell out of it to reduce the tax burden on property taxes then hell yes. The people already using are going to keep using regardless, might as well let the states take a chunk out of those profits. "Oh but its a gateway drug!" But oxycotin is given away for free by the federal government through medicare and medicaid prescriptions and then resold on the street for $50 a pill, but marijuana is the bad drug.

Bernie Sanders needs to stop already. Hes never going to be president and he needs to stop taking up everyone's time.

The US deficit will soar past the nearly 1.5 trillion it peaked at during the Obama years (its heading there now but never talked about in the news because it doesn't give them ratings). Republicans still wont care because its a republican in the office. But if a democrat wins, we'll hear nothing but the deficit and the need to reduce spending drastically for 4 years and that will be the entire legacy of a democrat president.

And onto other things..

I think the PS5 will sell huge if it has digital backwards compatibility and a 4k bluray player.

Xbox Series X will be a big contender because of its game pass & backwards compatibility.

Nintendo will announce a Switch 2.

Death Stranding 2 will be announced and will star some more Walking Dead cast. lmao. XD


5 hours ago, Myk JL said:

Also should I go back to #FF0000? Try #CC0000? Or is #990000 the best red?

I dunno.. maybe. I woke up not too long ago, but I switched over to the light theme to read your post easier. Or maybe I just need some eye drops.


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When he got elected I figured he'd only be a 1 term deal because the Dems would come up with a credible candidate. But as Sledge pointed out, Trump will win reelection. The media will continue to lose more credibility as they put up a bunch of polls leading up to election day showing he'll lose. Not only do they give him free air time, they continually discredit themselves as they can't come to terms that the internet is a bigger source of information than they are. They give him more fuel to self promote each time they mess up. On top of that, watching the news is just as utterly pointless as a newspaper subscription. These channels, ALL of them, are only about ratings. Remember when that Malaysia flight went down? CNN covered it for a month and even threw around a theory that it got sucked into a time space continuum for a second. XD But anything you see on the news, you've already read hours prior to it being talked about unless its a California car chase or terrorist attack.

Anyways, on the surface the economy is doing way better. For the average person there are more jobs to choose from rather than taking anything available. I've noticed this trend on a personal level as now its become increasingly hard to find qualified people to hire at my work. the applicant pool is smaller and poor, as in years pass it was easy to find someone, and they were probably overqualified trying to make ends meet. I've also seen a lot more people switch jobs/find a new job while previously everyone was holding on to their miserable job, and the only way they were leaving is if they got fired or laid off. When it comes down to it, a lot of people have more money in their pocket today than they did a few years ago. When this happens they give less of a fuck about anyone else but themselves. They don't care if you can't get married or go use a different public restroom. It doesn't concern them, they're doing great. That's how Trump wins. Fired up base, unenthusiastic opposing base, and complacent independents that are good with their current situation in life. 

The deficit will never be fixed until the whole thing collapses. Republicans stopped being fiscally conservative long ago, and democrats will only cut spending where it hurts the people that work hard for a living, the military, or some other type of budget that leads to innovation. They say "wErE gOnNa TaX tHe tOp 1%" but they don't tell you, they're gonna lump you in with them because the top 1% alone can't pay for all the spending they want to do". You get told you gotta take one for the team and face your new reality, sorta like Obama said all them jobs weren't coming back unless Trump had a magic wand to bring them back. Well... I guess he had a magic wand. No, he didn't but here is the reality of it:  entitlement spending needs to be cut and neither side is willing to do it. Dems will cut out everything but entitlements, and Repubs will come back in and restore them all, without cutting entitlements to balance it out. Instead of taking the issue serious its political football of one side saying the other hate poor people, and one side saying the other is just trying to pay for votes with the government purse while we give out money we don't have, and haven't had for a decade now. Also we need better review of all these federal departments that waste money because they had excess and just spent it all on dumb shit so the budget committee doesn't see that they had excess and feel like they can trim the fat from them. Why are we just looking at numbers like this? End of year reviews should be made, purchases restricted and excess should go into somewhere else or be saved for the next year and docked. Budgets should never keep increase automatically like it some type of cost of living raise...

Either way, politics have been changed forever. Maybe for the better, maybe for the worse. After Trump, I can see more people that aren't government lifers getting nominated. Congress is where the real rot is. Most these fuckers have been in there for 40+ years, and anything they say you can go back 20 years and find where they said the exact opposite. Plus they waste even more money by stuffing a bunch of unrelated shit into critical bills that have to be passed. If both sides could come together on a grassroots/state level and call an Article V to impose term limits on congress it would do us a lot of good. Lets face it, they'll never vote term limits for themselves. But not enough people have the drive or care because at the end of the day, politics currently doesn't effect the common person on a daily basis. Politics is shit, and being a keyboard warrior about it does nothing but get you a few likes from your friends that agree, while changing no one else's mind. People can swap bias articles with cherry picked data all day, but I've noticed the fatigue on that is starting to settle in... right up until the election cycle fires up in full force. XD Enjoy the calm while it lasts.

Whew rant over.... on to other predictions.


PS5 vs. XBSX will be a closer one this gen. PS4 completely dominated this last generation because MS miscalculated how powerful the Sony launch console would be and ended up with a weaker console filled with forced features no one wanted. The whole thing was a debacle. PS4 not only had the more powerful system, they had the better first party titles and none of the silly features getting in the way of playing games. The poor UI and lesser online service was a minor inconvenience lost in it all. This go around it looks like XBSX will have more processing power by more than 3 teraflops. MS will still struggle with their 1st party exclusives. They bought up a bunch of financially marred 3rd party studios and I feel like all they'll do is release sequels to old series that use to be cross-platform. While Sony will continues to launch beloved series sequels and create new IPs. The One X is more powerful than the Pro and it hasn't done anything to play catch up this gen. so power is a thing that continues to diminish in relevance as long as it doesn't impact 3rd party title availability. In the end, I don't think anyone really wins this gen now that Sony has caved into cross play. I expect full cross play for all 3rd party multiplayer titles. People can buy the console with the 1st parties they want and play with their friends either way. So in reality the gamers win the console wars... aside from having to sign up a new account for every developer to enable cross play, and have 30 new passwords to remember, data breaches to worry about, and an inbox full of even more spam. XD XD XD


YouTube will be different by the end of 2020. It seems like they're cracking down on all the hatebate videos. Commentators will be thinned out as corporations are probably pouring money YTs way to get rid of the negative press they get from big YT talking heads like Jim Sterling. This will hurt YT in the end, as just as much good comes from YT as bad for some of these companies. Hypemen for stagnate franchises like COD and new titles like Apex will have a harder time making money without some type of official endorsement form the company of the game they cover. This in turn will cost them credibility with their viewers as a shill.  Expect a few new social media/stream platforms to come to light this coming year if YT does indeed head down this path.

Internet in the US will be just a shit as it has been the past decade. Marginal increases in some places. Fiber internet will still not be in enough places at affordable rates.


At least 10 new streaming services will debut this coming  year. Netflix's financial woes will start to really affect the product as their content gets stretched even more thin along with everyone else's. Disney fired the first shots for a stream bundle with Hulu and ESPN. They own all of that, but expect to start seeing others "team up" for bundles. We're headed towards cable packages 2.0 just like I felt we were earlier this year. 

Hollywood will continue to struggle with more pointless and horrible movies from shitty actors that are really just wannabe activists trying to make your escape from every day life about every day life. Marvel Phase whatever we're in will start to struggle at the box office as well because they don't hold the weight of interest as the Avenger's group. We'll all get called racists and sexist for not wanting to watch it. They'll have to rely on D+ shows as well but I don't think they'll be as popular as where they could go with Star Wars.


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On 12/31/2019 at 8:51 AM, Sledgstone said:

Warren is too nuts to actually get the primary

I didn't think Elizabeth Warren was nuts until Elizabeth Warren recently declared that Bernie Sanders said that a woman couldn't win about a year ago behind closed doors.

If what Elizabeth Warren was saying is true why didn't Elizabeth Warren bring this up in the first debate back in 2019?

And even then why would Bernie Sanders have to remind Elizabeth Warren that Bernie Sanders has for decades publicly stated a woman can become president, that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 Million in 2016, AND that Bernie Sanders wanted Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016 instead of Bernie Sanders.

What Elizabeth Warren has done to herself is so insane that she has donors who want a refund using #refundwarren on twitter.

Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

Universal Broadband?

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On 12/31/2019 at 3:45 AM, Myk JL said:

Nintendo will sadly announce that Elder Scrolls Blades won't be coming to Nintendo Switches, but Elder Scrolls Online will be playable on the mythical Nintendo Switch Pro.

  • Likely - Because Nintendo Switch Lite (rumored Mini) was proven to be true.
  • Unlikely - I doubt that such a thing can actually happen anytime in the year 2020. And IF it could Sony & Microsoft should be smart enough to make portable versions of PS4 & Xbox One. Also I don't trust Bethesda to do anything right nowadays.

The Mythical Nintendo Switch Pro has become a busted myth.

Nintendo says it has no plans for a new Switch this year

Now if only I had predicted that Smach Z would get over shadowed by Alienware UFO.

Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

Universal Broadband?

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