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Lost Ark

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Forum necromancer here to resurrect an old topic again.

So I got lucky and was able to play in the Closed Technical Alpha for this this past weekend. Gotta say I originally had no interest in this since I figured it was going to be another one of those Korean games that's all flash and no substance (and quite frankly that's all I really saw from watching streams of it back when it originally launched) kind of how Blade and Soul was (don't get me wrong B&S was good but it didn't have staying power for me). I'm happy to say I've reversed my opinion on it after getting my hands on it. Can't entirely say much since I believe I'm still under NDA (not sure but I'm not taking chances here) but I was extremely impressed by Lost Ark (almost so to say this is what Diablo 3 should of been). Combat is visceral and fun (chaining abilities together is fun as hell, takes a bit of getting used to do to how they're mapped on the keyboard), story is rather interesting (I love how every class has it's own Prologue story and that leads into the over-arching plot of the game, though not all of those are extremely well done or good (standouts for me were the Martial Artist and Warrior, Mage was okay but nowhere near as good as the other two), the game is beyond gorgeous (I don't normally gush about his stuff but god damn is it pretty), I like all the systems they have in place for various things (getting around the world, the rapport system, the little secrets you can find, etc), I love how you don't have to log out to the character selection screen to change characters (you can do it from the in-game menu) and I like the MMO aspect of the game even if it's not an overly important to actually enjoying or doing anything (seeing other players in the world makes it feel more alive while you're playing and it's nice when someone drops in to help kill a powerful monster).

About my only gripe is the loading process into the game. From boot-up to character select was anywhere between 5-10 minutes which royally sucks (part of that is due to the anti-cheat that boots up prior to game launch). Now it could be just my computer taking it's sweet ass time but I highly doubt that. In-game load times are amazing, you spend very little time in loading screens and it's refreshing as hell when compared to other games like it.

Quite frankly I'm really looking forward to this now after playing it (hell I'm considering purchasing the Platinum Founders pack for all the goodies and guaranteed access to the closed beta) and is probably the only real thing I'm hyped about this year besides Endwalker. I'm worried that this will come out at or around the same time as the D2 remaster and put me in a bind but all things considered I think Lost Ark will win that battle (as much as I love D2 I've never been hyped about an ARPG like this before (well at least not since D3 shattered all my hype with poor design decisions)). If you get a chance to get into the beta when it comes around take it because the game is fun as hell. Now to sit here and not think about my gnawing need to play my Soul Fist (Martial Artist advance class).


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Haven't had much time to play but I will say there is one awesome feature about this game. I had a crash after I beat a dungeon boss. I had to interact with something to finish the dungeon and the game just closed out on me. I was pretty enraged because in every other MMO, you have to restart the dungeon and redo the whole thing... but it loaded me back in to the end where I just had to interact with the object and finish. I think it was a single room though... like a fail safe they built in. But I was so thankful.


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