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The Dark Tower

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I was optimistic for this movie until I saw the trailer. This looks like what Michael Bay did to Transformers. :( It is an 8 book series with most of the books being as long as any lord of the rings novel.. and it looks like the first half of this movie is based off the first book and then they go to NYC for some reason and start having battles.. umm. wtf. There were some scenes in our world in the novels, about 4 or so out of 8 books. The biggest draw of the Dark Tower novels is that it takes place in Roland's world and that world "has moved on" aka wastelands, break down of all society, no major cities left on the planet, mutants, monsters, evil technology (where it even exists), some magic, etc. Its all quite elaborate. But instead of showing any of that in the movie, they instead jump back in a portal and take the entire movie to NYC? what the goddamn f*ck. It'd be like starting the Hobbit movie and instead of going to Rivendell to meet up with the Elves, they all jump in a portal and start hacking and slashing orcs in NYC.

Also, I'm sure alot of comments about this movie will be more focused on the main character being played by Idris Elba instead of the travesty of the movie being in NYC. Hes a great actor honestly, but in the books, racism was a huge issue between Roland and Susannah (who is not in this movie but might be in a sequel, if there is one.). Roland was white and Susannah was a seriously racist black woman with multiple personality disorder that hated the hell out of him for being a white man. She became a major character throughout the books and the racism issue became resolved after time. If she is in a sequel, they'll probably change her character to being white to keep that racism.. or they'll just ignore that major plot line altogether and probably not even touch the issue of her disorder or how it became resolved which would be a shame since it adds so much to her character development.


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They'll keep her white, because black people can't be racist is the social narrative of the day. You won't ever see characters like Zues in Die Hard anymore. 

It doesn't surprise me they took a dump on the story. I never read the books, but the trailer just looks like a modern day gritty Last Action Hero/Neverending Story. 


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