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Myk JL

Defining your Games Hype Radar (over the years)

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For me the earliest time I would get extremely picky about what games I would or wouldn't want goes back to my N64 years. Also known as my disgruntled Nintendo Fan Boy Years as a lot of the games I would've wanted for the N64 were exclusive to Sony's PlayStation. Most of the games I would own for the N64 in my mind had to define me as a Bad Ass. Most since fighting undead in LoZ:OoT's Graveyard scared me. And playing Shadow Man was enough to convince me to play Harvest Moon 64.

When Game Cube replaced the N64 I thought I was done with console gaming. I had for awhile had a Gameboy Advance which I lost interest in after losing or having my copy of Driver for it stolen. I didn't trust myself with CDs. And I had grown to hate other Nintendo Fan Boys who were willing declare (almost) any game not on a Nintendo platform to suck.

I threw away my N64 when it broke & gave my GBA to my sister. Thus my life as a gamer comes to an end as I move on to things that make me happy; like giant robots.

Then Steel Battalion fox Xbox happens. I didn't have the money to get the green button controller. I would later end up with the blue button controller from money I got when my paternal grandmother unfortunately died. Thus turning me into an Xbox Fan Boy until Xbox 360 came along & didn't have backwards compatibility for Steel Battalion & by extension the Steel Battalion controller because it didn't have a certain Xbox 360 controller chip.

For awhile I would own a Wii. Because deep down I didn't want Nintendo to fail. And I tried to consider the Wii "exercise equipment". I eventually lost interest in Wii after Blu-Ray defeated HD-DVD & I ended up buying a PS3. I think part of it was just not wanting to wait for controllers to recharge. That & probably hating Nintendo Fan Boys for backing things I hate like DS & Wii U.

My owning a PS3 would eventually lead to a extremely different problem. Having too many games I was willing to buy, pre-order culture, & not having enough room on my PS3. Thus starting the events where my Games Hype Radar to implode at least twice. First time when I got rid of a bunch of T Rated Games. Second time I got rid of a bunch of M Rated Games. I would eventually (re)buy some wrestling games, but those were intended as a reason to not buy future wrestling games.

I think plenty of the games I would've bought were simply replaced by PS Home.

When "free" games would eventually happen for PlayStation Plus, I started subscribing to that. And when Xbox 360 started doing something similar with Games With Gold I bought a refurbished Xbox 360 so I could subscribed to that.

If it weren't for Elder Scrolls Online, You're Next, PS4's Perfect Day Commercial, & Brill Gold-Blood who I created specifically for PS4's ESO I wouldn't own a PS4. Also PS Home shutting down played some factor into me wanting ESO on PS4. My Games Hype Radar would eventually shrink down to the ability to create Animalized Characters in T or M Rated games once I played Star Trek Online & eventually Neverwinter since it has Dragonborn as DLC.

I have been losing hype for ESO every time I end up spending over $100 a month in it. If Zenimax Online wasn't so greedy I would spend more time than money in ESO. Sure there are other MMOs I could play on PC or the PS4. But I don't enjoy those as much as I do ESO.

Recently with the plausibility that I will buy a Nintendo Switch for portable Skyrim my Games Hype Radar has been coincidentally fluctuating a lot over games I would or wouldn't buy for PS4.

  1. ESO Morrowind - I'll probably pre-order it in May or buy it with crowns when it releases. Either way I'm not happy about getting any Crown Crates or Crown Gems from this.
  2. Elite Dangerous - Much like Sim City 4 this is purely because Yahtzee recommended over a different game. Which is why I shouldn't buy it. Because all it will do is cause me to be a Smug Hipster. IF I were to buy it, it would either be a pre-order or before No Man's Sky became free.
  3. Tekken 7 - Customizing King, Armor King, etcetera in Tekken 6 was awesome. However it sucked in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  4. Injustice 2 - Like DCUO, No Lobo = No Interest. It however has a customizable Cheetah. But she has a human face.
  5. Agents Of Mayhem - I liked Saints Row. If I could put them in a certain order 2 & 3 would be tied for first followed by 4, 1, then finally Gat Out Of Hell. I really expect AOM to be worse than GOOH.
  6. Mass Effect: Andromeda - If Quarians & Asari didn't look human or if the original trilogy allowed Male Shepard to romance a Female Turian I wouldn't be mad at Mass Effect even with that choose your sacrifice ending. After all if I wanted to romance another being with a human face I wouldn't be playing video games.

As for Future Console Hype I expect that to die down about as fast as my Hype for Xbox One. This is due to mods for consoles being less than mods for PC. Doubts that Nintendo Switch will change Sony or Microsoft. And the fact that AO Rated games will never be accepted on to consoles.... You know.... Because think of the children.... Who will watch a statue of a nude boy pissing while Kratos bangs some hot chick off screen.... In his quest to get revenge for the wife & child he murdered.... Family Fun Entertainment.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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I'll probably be buying more games this year than I have in the past 3. I've been a 3-5 game a year type of player for almost a decade now. After PS3, I kind a lost hype in console gaming. I got a 360 because thats what all my friends had, and I main played MW1&2 and BFBC2. Sure I played Borderlands, but outside of that there wasn't much. Oh there was Mass Effect. I didn't get hyped for Gamecube, but I absolutely needed one after I played Metroid Prime at Babbages, back when that was a thing. I think I enjoyed GC more than 360 because of the games rather than playing with friends.

Right now I'm getting lost in the world of Zelda: BOTW. I can't play more than one game at once unless its GW2. It's hard for me to play multiple games. I'll be done with BoTW before Mass Effect comes out. If I'm done early enough, I'll pick up NeiR: Automata, and get Horizon Zero Dawn after I'm done with Mass Effect. After that it's probably Mario Odyssey, and pending on a ton of info, Destiny 2. I'm sure that list may grow after E3. I don't see God of War coming out this year, GW2's Expansion, nor Death Stranding. 


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I sold my PS4 today for $140 worth of Game Stop store credit.

I'm no longer doing micro transactions, preordering console games, or buying consoles that connect to the internet.

It just got up to a point where I wanted it all but couldn't afford it.

If only

  1. Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch was a launch title
  2. Skyrim VR was a free add on to Skyrim Special Edition
  3. ESO kept its micro transactions to $90 max instead of becoming $150
  4. It were easy to save money for a Nintendo Switch
  5. It were easy to save money for PSVR
  6. I could've safely preordered other M Rated Switch games I wanted this month

I wouldn't have felt the need to stop.

But its just too much money.

And so this escape from reality is no longer worth it.

The last consoles I buy will probably be an N64 Classic & Game Cube Classic.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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I still own my PS3, Xbox 360, & Steam Machine. Games With Gold & PlayStation Plus still give out games for their last gen consoles. So I'm still going to spend $120 a year on console gaming.

Someday I may or may not become an actual PC Gamer. Because I like my old hardware too much to upgrade as soon as possible.

And I might still buy DLC as those don't turn into limited time offers like Micro Transactions.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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