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Stranger Things Season 2

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I liked them both equally. The whole Max/Lucas thing was cute while not being forced. They did a good job of introducing new characters without disrupting the flow between the original season 1 cast. The payoffs of the story lines this season were really good.


OMG, I thought Bob was so dumb and cheesy. I didn't like him too much, but damn I felt bad when he died because he saved everyone. It was a good transition to goof-ball idiot, to radioshack employee, to knowledgeable computer tech. They did a good job of slowly revealing his talents to make you generally cringe at his presence at first, and then later realize he was a good guy. Then they hit you in the feels about how he founded the AV club after he died. 

Steve's character development was really good going into this season. The chemistry between him and Dustin was great. The Fawcett spay hair secret was well played because I had forgotten all about it as the major bulk of the action leading up to the climax happened right after that. Then they follow through with the dance and Dustin's hair. XDXDXD That was so great.

The Hopper and Eleven thing had good chemistry with another nice payoff at the end. It was a long game that was slow to develop, but they finished it up nicely. I think they stretched a little much with the sister thing, just for Eleven to seal the gate at the end... they'll really need to bring those characters back in season 3 otherwise it will be a lost opportunity. At least Kali.

I think Mike was the weakest character this season. There was really no point to him besides being the object of Eleven's affection. Dustin and Lucas are better actors and stronger characters. I feel sorry for Will though will all the shit he's been through. I wonder what its like to sign up for this role, and get the part to just suffer for 2 seasons with very little dialogue or scenes where you aren't passed out, possessed, or missing.

They can't make too many more of these honestly, because these kids are going to hit puberty and look like they aged 10 years at some point between seasons like Carl on TWD or Bran Stark in GoT. I'd cut it off after Season 3, and then maybe make a season 4 in about 5 years when they've grown a lot. They're all playing 10 year olds when they're 14-16 in real life. Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan are in their 20s.... and they guy that plays Jonathan got deported for cocaine. XD



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