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Funimation and Crunchyroll Partnership.

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Meh, I'm far from impressed by this partnership. I like Funi well enough (more so than I ever used too considering they're one of the few companies still around licensing anime (Geneon/Pioneer and ADV were my go to before both companies went under on this aspect)) but I've never really liked Crunchyroll (they're subs are shit compared to better done and localized fansubs). If this means Crunchyroll gets access to Funi's translators it's a step in the right direction but I highly doubt it (who knows it might but Crunchyroll has always been rather shady (even before they went the legit route, back when I used to support them)).

Plus it's another subscription service that I honestly can't afford to pay for (plus the Funi catalog, like I mentioned previously, isn't as robust for me. I own everything that interests me and Crunchyroll doesn't pick up the shows that really interest me (and honestly I watch pretty much everything through fansubs and buy what I want when it comes over here (and considering my declining taste for anime over the last few years it's be a waste of money to pay for a service I'll barely use))).


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10 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

I like subtitled anime but I've watched nothing but dubs for years now. I'll have to look thru the available titles and make a list of what I want to watch and try the funimation app for a month. There's an app on my roku for it to which is nice.

Birdy The Mighty was going to be dropped in October when their license on it ran out. I recommend it. Dimension W is a great short watch. I'm always going to recommend Space Dandy. XD


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