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Myk JL

Star Trek Online

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There I was free to be whoever I wanted to be. But soon I would find myself harpooned. Oh if only I remembered my native language & could go to the future. There I could communicate with my future brethren that I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


Seriously the PS4 has turned me into a humpback whale.


As for Star Trek Online (on PS4) I find it okay.

  1. It's kind of buggy when it comes to certain things.
  2. Spaceship fights rarely look cool as it feels like I'm control a dislocated turret.
  3. Traveling through space can get boring as I can't just warp to other solar systems.
  4. The voice acting, lip syncing, & lack of voice acting make interactions seem awkward.
  5. The ground combat could be more fun if auto lock-on didn't need to be held & if it didn't targeting friendly NPCs.

But the only real reason to why I'm playing Star Trek Online is because playable Anthros. The Cat Anthros I had to buy with Zen, which I had to buy with real money.

So far I've made

  1. A Gorn named Mister Pilkington of the IKS Venezuela. Technically my Number 2 as my Number 1 Mister Pilkington is in ESO.
  2. A Female Caitian named Maggie Reed of the USS Ohio. I don't know why she doesn't wear underwear in that miniskirt uniform I bought her.
  3. A Female Ferasan named Maya of the IKS Pandora. I don't know if she has the same underwear issue as Maggie Reed.

Kudos if you get the references to the characters I made.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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Meh, I've been playing STO for years (about 3 I believe) and I don't think they translated it over well to the PS4. Controls are wonky as hell on the controller and I see it becoming a huge problem once you get into the bigger ships where you have more than 3 officer stations per ship (my current ship (on my Fleet Admiral (lvl 60) has 5 BO stations, I can't imagine how fucked up that's going to be for controllers (Commander ranked BO's get 4 abilities, Lt. Commander's get 3, Lt. gets 2, and Ensign 1. Good luck trying to map all that shit)). Not to mention all the abilities you get as a Captain, the abilities some ships come with, and any Rep abilities you have. I really wonder how they mapped that for controllers.

Combat is it's own nightmare as well. I'm not a fan of auto lock-on and the fact you can't break it (don't really know, didn't really try in the short time I played) makes fights a lot more difficult (not the early ones but I can name a boat load coming up that will be a bitch to take on). This goes for ground and space combat. There's also a few things I don't like about space combat like shield balancing and power level adjustments. I can balance each shield separately on PC (doesn't seem to be an option on console that I noticed) and I can fine tune my power levels better instead of just choosing a preset (even though I do use the shield preset exclusively).

I can't say much about travel, it sucks in the early game but once you hit Vice Admiral you get access to Quantum Slipstream that makes travel a lot more bearable (pretty much warp 30 for 30 seconds). Depending on your level you should have access to Transwarp I believe at 10 (if not it's 20), it allows you to warp to a specific place instantly but it's limited on where you can go (pretty much you're factions Home Planet, DS9, Fleet Spaceport as well as fleet Dyson Sphere, Fleet Research Base, and Fleet Dilithium Mine, the Solanae Dyson Sphere, the Delta Quadrant, and a few other locales. Sadly it's also on a 5 minute cooldown (could be 10 or 15 minutes, not sure as it's been awhile since I've actually played my Fleet Admiral).

I'm really pissed they won't let me link my Arc account to the PS4 version but I'm guessing the PS4/XBone versions of the game don't connect to the PC servers (which sucks, I don't want to spend the time leveling another captain to 60 (I've done it almost 4 times and it gets boring (not to mention I'm not spending real cash on another version of the game, I have over $500 invested in the PC version (buying ships, unlocks, etc.) and won't spend more)). Yea they pretty much sucker you if you want to play specific races in the game (and if you want to be a Reformed Borg you need to purchase of Lifetime Subscription or subscribe for over 1000 days I believe). I've only unlocked the Joined Trill and Reformed Borg species (I have a lifetime subscription so I get 500 Zen every month, not hard to save up for shit).

Honestly it's a good attempt much like their Neverwinter port but both this game and Neverwinter are so much better on PC. Sadly I did not get your references for the characters you made.


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