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Myk JL

Rebel Galaxy

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Positives I've had so far

  1. I like Space Trucking; a lot.
  2. Some of my recent starting over again from the beginning I was excited.

Negatives I've had so far

  1. Most of my starting over was because I hate the game's auto saving. Plus I didn't know whether I really wanted to be defiant or settle for being submissive.
  2. Broadside Cannons are really hard to aim. Especially at the beginning.
  3. Faction Stances either barely change or are quest locked. Seriously kills the fun out of smuggling when I still remain neutral with the Militia & hostile with the Cartel. Part of me feels like I should just constantly kill civilians just to see if they'll forever see me as a friendly face.
  4. You can't remain passive. Fighting becomes mandatory in the main missions.
  5. You got to buy (the best) weapons to have a better idea of what kind of risk you're taking. Otherwise everything gets labeled Very High Risk despite having decent Shields. At that point there is no way to tell whether or not you will easily be killed, barely make it to docking, or question why it's labeled as such if you're nearly immortal.
  6. Jump Jets go from being a want to being mandatory. I wanted to focus on 1 solar system at a time. But I found myself quickly rejected for jobs once I sold my Jump Jets after I left the 1st Solar System. So I had to buy them back. Even if that meant selling weapons I wasn't using. Because I already spent 30,000 Credits to join the Mercenaries Guild. Which were the Credits I originally got when I sold the Jump Jets.
  7. Everyone I've come across looks like a clone. That or maybe they're immortal beings with multiple jobs.
  8. Maybe this is just me but I have had a hard time noticing the difference between allies & enemies while doing Mercenary Jobs. I have either targeted or open fire on ships simply for looking evil when they were probably Militia.
  9. The Journey is really more fun than the destination. Enemies are practically always waiting for me at the end of my cargo runs. And while they normally can't kill me it has become tedious.
  10. Can't really enjoy the music as it'll switch to a different song as soon as something happens.
  11. You can't collect ships as you'll instantly sell your previous one once you buy the next.
  12. Unique items from the Merchants Guild or the Mercenaries Guild mostly aren't the best items. (But so far the Merchants Guild has the best Cargo Holds. And I'm a sucker for unique items despite this.)

I think I had more negatives, but I can't remember them after listing so many.

I started over again as I don't plan on talking to Orzu for a long time. Currently I replaced the Hammerhead (Rasputin) with a Sturville I got from the Mercenaries Guild. I thought was the fastest ship I could currently get in this solar system only to find about the Icarus & the Barracuda.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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God do I hear you on the negatives. My god you can't go anywhere in the system without being jumped at least 5 times by pirates while heading to my destination and it's always against pirates that are way more powerful then you are (I'm really starting to hate Missile Corvettes, they shred my shields and armor like paper). This, by the way, is with everything being upgraded to Mk. II except my deflector and I'm also flying a light frigate (upgraded recently, now saving up for the standard frigate and then for the heavy frigate). Fuck I had the Militia attack me today just because I picked up a piece of illegal cargo (didn't even fire a shot at them, in fact I had just saved their asses from a pirate attack). I find it easy enough to distinguish between friend and foe as long as you use the pulse system, it flags all friendlies with a blue outline and all enemies with a red (though I have accidentally fired on a Militia ship, mostly because the bastard ran in front of my shot). I'm not anywhere near as far as you though Myk so some of them don't apply (I have yet to leave the first system (then again I'm no where close to being able to afford the jump jets), my plan is to leave it with the heavy frigate (which costs over a million credits) so I'm at least sitting at a decent ship with decent firepower (thus I'm taking my time, I've only just recently picked up the first reliquary for the A.I.)).

I've fashioned myself into a Space Trucker/Mercenary. I'll run supply runs between stations while also picking up the protect merchants/Distress Signals/fight off pirates missions (in fact I'm almost friendly with the militia). It certainly has proven to be the most profitable venture for me. Once I upgrade to the standard frigate I'll be placing a mining laser on it to do some prospecting (ore seems to sell relatively well) for more cash (with my current set up I can afford to place a mining laser on the frigate when I buy it as I have 3 pulse turrets on my light and they shred any lightly armored ships and do okay on anything medium and up so I can get buy with giving up a turret slot).

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I did at one point get myself back into playing this. My only real goal was to get everything up to the highest Mk that I could. Which ended up being Mk6. Maybe there are Mk7 items but I think those are in the one solar system that requires me to play the story missions.

I'm happy to say that my ship, a barracuda, is extremely fast.... Extremely too fast.... Like I can find myself going past jump gates I intend to go through fast.

I've given up on smuggling since I never found armor or whatever that would prevent my ship being scanned if I had more than the smuggler's hold could hold. However I did at one point end up being neutral with The Devil's Cartel after doing a lot of missions for them. I instantly ended up enemy's with the Militia every time I tried to be neutral with both. The Militia also rarely has missions that benefit both of them. But with the exception of Civilians (Merchants, & Mercenaries) I think every faction was designed to hate you if you tried to be everyone's friend.

Doing Mercenary Missions for the Mercenary Guild is odd. They're not really good guy. Their missions will randomly make anyone an enemy; including themselves. I got them up to 10 then I went back to getting Merchants Guild back up to 10 doing dead drops.

Doing Very Low missions is quite relaxing.

Once I get back into playing this from my last save I think I might as well just do the story missions.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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I finally took time to do the main story & it was okay. That seems like an odd thing to say since this has become my favorite space ship game on the PS4. That might not be saying much as the only other games I've played with Space Ships in them on PS4 have been Star Trek Online & Mass Effect Andromeda. Though I guess if I counted Saints Row 4 which is a last gen port Rebel Galaxy would come in 2nd place.

My only other final thoughts on Rebel Galaxy is selling Space Slaves is wrong. But killing Space Slaves is okay....

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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