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Thrawn is now part of Star Wars canon

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Holy crap. Thrawn is officially part of the new Star Wars canon. And there will be a new Thrawn novel. :D I'm so happy. :D This obviously means the Chiss are canon now as well. I need this book. Hell, I might even have to watch Star Wars Rebels now.


Some things to note: 1) He’s definitely referred to as “Grand Admiral.” 2) There’s no mention of anything else from Heir to the Empire or the other two books of the trilogy, so don’t go think those novels have suddenly been added wholesale to the new canon. 3) He’s being voiced by Lars Mikkelsen, brother of Rogue One star Mads. 3) Timothy Zahn sent a video message giving his full approval. Nice!

Update: Zahn is writing a new Star Warsnovel titled—wait for it—Thrawn, due 2017. This isn’t just a cameo, guys.



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I forgot to mention this yesterday after I watched the new Star Wars Rebels season 3 trailer (I lost it when I heard him speaking and they showed his face, gah the fanboy in me is so damn happy I might actually start watching Rebels). While this makes me happy beyond belief, I mean come on it's FREAKING THRAWN, I'm somewhat scared as to what this means for his character post RotJ since we haven't seen nor heard of him in TFO or any of its books. Hopefully the book says he's alive and well, would love for him to make an appearance in Episode 9 (I doubt he'll be in 8) or any upcoming movies similar to the Rogue One and Han Solo movies.


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