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NASA's Juno Mission

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I remember being amazed by Jupiter's Great Red Spot. However I lost interest around my preteen years. If I couldn't afford to go to college to get more knowledge then how was I going to afford to go to Jupiter to get more Stupider?

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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I spent two hours last night watching Science channel's Jupiter specials. The one episode was at NASA's Juno control room and had interviews with NASA employees and explained the construction and logistics of the mission. It wasn't all that entertaining, but it was very informative. :D

They don't have the videos on their site, but they do have a bunch of short videos with good information:


I looked at the Science channel's online viewing but its tied into cable subscriptions, I looked a their cable provider and then clicked on the "I don't see my provider", the only cable company that does not carry Science Channel in the drop down is Comcast. Out of every cable company in the country, only Comcast does not want it's customers to have educational programming. x_x



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