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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition

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I loved this game when I was a teenager. Kings Quest, Hero's Quest, Space Quest, the old Leisure Suit Larry games.. Sierra made some great adventure games back in the day. This remake made by the original creator looks great. :D I don't think I'll be pre-ordering it myself tho. I still have the classic original somewhere that is unplayable on modern computers, but I'll definitely pick this up on a steam sale. I even have the novelization of this game in softback.


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I remember playing a copy of Hero's Quest that was before it was renamed Quest For Glory. I never got far into the game because I didn't know what to do.


I usually went with Thief hoping I'd learn the other 2 classes along the way. At best I'd steal from houses, learn a little magic, & see which cat puns I'd be able to get away with, with the innkeeper's wife.


Then later I'd get myself killed by going into the cave or purposely getting stabbed in the back. That & I think I remember sleeping outside or falling asleep outside was a way to get robbed.


I was hoping when the Sierra logo was news a month or so ago there'd be news for a new Quest For Glory. Someone outside of Bethesda, & various MMOs ought to know the importance of Actual Beast Races.


Damn Kemonomimi / Sexy Cosplay /  Generic Almost Human Races.... My buzz kill to almost every other Fantasy Game....




Sorry I have never played Gabriel Knight before. But it does look like an interesting Horror Game.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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Hero's quest / quest for glory were great. I used to watch my brother play those games for hours. He went to sleep out in the woods and got robbed and / or attacked quite a few times. I think he upgraded his awareness or something so he could wake up and defend himself. If I remember right he used to sleep right next to a goblin base so he could farm goblins by waking up and murdering them. After 13 or so corpses were on the screen they stopped showing up. XD

Gabriel knight was a good series but it didn't take off as week as the other Sierra games. I blame Gabriel knight 2 for being a mostly fmv based game. It was enjoyable at the time but the old sherlock homes fmv games blew it away.


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