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Merry Christmas 2013

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Merry Christmas guys! 


Did Santa write any Thank You notes when you left him milk and cookies ^_^ ?? He didn't the cookie I left him *sigh* ... last night was fun - I went to a 10 PM mass for the first time cos I wanted to listen to carols and listen to the piano/ organs within those walls, cos I always imagined the sound to feel epic. There was a lot of standing and sitting, not good for old people or people in general with knee or health problems *nod nod*. The main priest sang a lot, made me wonder "Do priests have to sing all the time? What if he can't sing?" So it was a pretty interesting time for me. I was looking forward to grabbing a mix of Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream from a Baskin Robins around the corner though, in 20 degree weather, perfect. 


What presents did ya get?!!


I got a wind-breaker jacket, 4 pairs of socks and an awesome tee. At work a colleague gave me a hideous big ball that changes colors every few seconds, gives me a headache but she thought it would add color to my life, very sweet but headache inducing none the less. Mum n Dad sent me a big box of my favorite hand soap and spicy banana chips full of YUM. 


Home Alone rules. 



I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

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I got a new White Castle coffee mug and a White Castle candle that literally smells like a dirty white castle restaurant. lmao. Its a horrible smell even when its not burning. I was hoping it'd smell like onions but its just nasty. Thanks mom. XD


Other than that, I got a couple small items and few gift cards from family.. and my mom sent me some great homemade candies and cookies. :D


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