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Next Gen Smart Phone Tech - Unbreakable Flexible Screens and Gesture Control

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In a world first, phone maker LG has confirmed it will start selling flexible screens for smartphones and tablets - and they could be launched as early as next month.

The 6-inch display will be made of bendy plastic substrates, rather than glass, and the panel can be attached to any curved device.

LG Chem, the South Koren firm's research arm, has additionally said it is ready to unveil its curved battery prototype ahead of the rumoured launch of the company's G Flex handset in November.


Here is a video of Samsung's flexible screen tech from 2 years ago. Samsung, Sony and LG will all have flexible screens soon. This video was made before LG's flexible battery tech. Because there were no flexible batteries, there had to be a solid piece of the phone. Now the entire thing can be potentially flexible.



With how thin the screens can be, it might only be a matter of time before we have tablets that are the size of a standard 12 inch ruler that have screens that can be pulled / rolled out into full size.

Source:  Dailymail


The next interesting part is gesture control. All hands free control using ultrasound.

Some people don’t have touchscreen smartphones because of one reason they consider it unhealthy. What they are referring to is several studies that have shown that touchscreens have more germs on it than the toilet seat in your bathroom. The thought of putting a touchscreen up against their ear and face is simply too disgusting to them. Those days could soon be over if a new mid-air gesture-control feature makes it into our smartphones.

The highly appealing gesture-control feature developed by Norwegian startup Elliptic Labs, is most likely to be bashed by Samsung Galaxy S4 users as it too has this feature. However, you will have to stay pretty close to the screen in order to make it work. With this gesture-control system, you don’t need to be anywhere near the screen as the feature is driven by ultrasound. This means that the technology behind this feature will detect changes in the ultrasound sound waves and detect what you want the smartphone to do.



Combine these two techs and we'll have the next gen cell phones, tablets, laptops, TVs of the future.


Source: Bitrebels



The flexible screen tech got me thinking.. they could make clothing out of those screens. Imagine a camouflage suit made out of this display technology. With the proper use of numerous mini cameras the screens could display your surroundings all over the suit and blend you completely into any location.


Also, with screens that thin.. once they make them bigger and higher resolution, future TVs could be sold rolled up. Apply some double sided tape to your wall, unroll the tv and stick the screen in place. And with gesture control, we wouldn't need a camera built into the TV for smart app features.


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