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Shows you liked way back when that aren't remembered by many?

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Did you ever get into any TV series in the 90s that didn't quite make it big and not many people may remember them?


For me it was:


VIPER! As a kid I thought the Dodge Viper was so cool, and it being in a show made me love it even more


Lexx... Ok I only watched it for Zev. XD


The Flash! This show was actually really good and the only reason it was cancelled was because of the 1st Gulf War coverage. meh.




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I remember all these. XD


Lexx was such a stupid series, but I watched just about ever single ep. The end of season 1 was good too.


First Wave.. This show had alot of potential, but I never finished the last season because I thought the show was never going to end.. and the writing really dropped in quality.



The Invisible Man.. It was 2000 and not a 90s series but I liked it:



Here is an early show from 1991, Salute Your Shorts. One season of childhood fun that nobody remembers now. :P



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