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Bottle Refunds or Lack Thereof

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Over a month ago I found out my local bus stop, Oneonta Public Transit, sells Orangina. I also found out that according to the bottles they have a 5 cent refund in New York.


But the refund is pretty much worthless since I haven't seen Orangina sold anywhere else here. And stores will refuse to take bottles that they don't sell.


However I can still recycle these bottles at the bus stop. But that in a sense is part of the problem. I think if anyone deserves my 5 cent refunds it should be me. I paid for them after all.


And I'm not going to stop drinking Orangina just because I can't have my refund. Though that may or may not have to do more with the advertising.... See that Orangina commercial starring Jaune Leopard in the YT Thread....

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So they sell the beverage but don't accept them back for the bottle deposit? So they have a recycle bin there for people to throw cans in but it doesn't pay out?


Thats annoying.. I know there are some bottle redemption stores around here that I believe accept all bottles considering they don't sell any beverages themselves. I save most of my coke and beer cans in my basement all winter and then go to the store with a carload. They probably think I'm a serious alcoholic. XD Some grocery stores accept cans at their service desk if you have them boxed up in their cases, or if their machines are full. I was able to get a walmart and tops store to refund me my nickel for cans their machines rejected because they don't carry them (old bawls cans). I told the service desk person the machine wasn't reading the bar code. They looked at the 5 cent NY refund part and gave me my money without even checking the UPC on the can.


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a 5 cent deposit and return policy should be federal law in every fucking state. I've seen soda cans and beer bottles get thrown in the trash in some backwater places. Ignorant hicks


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