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Roger Ebert dies at 70

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“No good film is too long,” he once wrote, a sentiment he felt strongly enough about to have engraved on pens. “No bad movie is short enough.”


His is one of those names most everyone has heard, intelligent and witty, and he will be missed. :(

Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints!


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I saw that he wrote an entry on his blog 2 days ago:


Of course, there will be some changes. The immediate reason for my "leave of presence" is my health. The "painful fracture" that made it difficult for me to walk has recently been revealed to be a cancer. It is being treated with radiation, which has made it impossible for me to attend as many movies as I used to. I have been watching more of them on screener copies that the studios have been kind enough to send to me. My friend and colleague Richard Roeper and other critics have stepped up and kept the newspaper and website current with reviews of all the major releases. So we have and will continue to go on.


He had quite a few plans.


R.I.P. Roger Ebert.


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Damn.... there goes my "The Immortal Ebert" gag that I was too lazy to write.... You know.... because unlike Video Games he was "going to stand the test of time".... Or so it went if I remembered that correctly.... He was even going to be teamed up with Siskeltron(s)....


I could probably agree with him that Video Games aren't art but for different reasons.


But because they won't stand the test of time? No one at a flight school is ever going to have to hear the bad news that "CoD Peace In The Middle East" didn't sell over 2 million. And because of that they'll have to return to instructional video.


How about "Video Games aren't Art" because the Video Game Industry itself is dominated by a Summer Block Buster Mentality. Where all you mostly get is macho-ism, explosions, guns, explosions, patriotism, explosions, bromance, explosions, car chases, explosions, maybe a damsel in distress, explosions, defining why we hate Michael Bay, and before I forget explosions.


This is the part where I'd AssUMe Ebert said such a thing because in reality Movie Theaters aren't going to stand the test of time if iPhones & what not ever get the chance to replace them. A plausible reason to be paranoid about if you are a professional passive couch potato.


Even most movies aren't art if its based on "the test of time" because movies are usually remade or forgotten about. Most people don't talk about how great "The Ghost & Mrs Muir" movie was. That movie is long gone.... Replaced by Twilight....


Ebert probably should've been happy that Hollywood didn't have control over actual art pieces. Because Hollywood probably would've replaced The Mona Lisa decades ago with various actresses & eventually singers. Then we could've all complain about Lady Gaga's smile.


.... Okay.... I'm done with my most likely Nucking Futs Straw Man & I may regret this rant later.... But I had to get that out of my system.

Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

Universal Broadband?

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