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Star Wars: First Assault

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With all of Lucasart's game projects on hold while the company sorts out its new Disney owners, games like 1313 and a rumored new Battlefront 3 could be on the chopping block. It would seem that some of Lucasart's developers are intentionally leaking images and footage of an FPS that was suppose to be downloadable for XBL Arcade. Star Wars: First Assault looks like a Halo/COD mash up with a Star Wars skin. The game is suppose to feature 8 on 8 battles with Storm Troopers vs. Rebel Fighters. With its future in limbo there is no doubt this move is to gauge interest. There is also talk that the game's sales were going to determine if there would be a Battlefront 3. Check out the brief footage above.


Screen shots:


(Update) Video removed by Lucasfilms. New video up while it lasts.

Click here to view the article


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Lucasfilms removed the video. :(


The screenshots look pretty damn awesome tho. I would love to see call of duty / battlefield style Star Wars games. Imagine Conquest with Star Wars land assault and air support vehicles. That would be some awesome gameplay. :D


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