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Falling Skies - Unanswered Questions

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I hope the new Aliens are allies. I'm thinking they are, but this video makes me think there is a chance the Overlords might not be bad guys but not good guys either, and Earth is just a area of operations for a bigger war. I think these new Aliens will be allies at first, but there will be many issues between them and the 2nd mass as far as trust goes.


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Good point. That could be the case. But I can't remember if they covered this in the series or not.. Didn't they determine that humans with the implants would turn into full skitters eventually? Or were they only 'harnessed'? If they would eventually turn into full skitters, then maybe any alien race they encounter could be harnessed and mutated into skitters. And then it could be just a coincidence that these new aliens look like them seeing as they haven't shown any skitters that have humanish faces?


I hope these new aliens actually talk somehow. Maybe an electronic translator or something so they won't need more harnessed humans to relay messages.


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