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Bugs that need fixing and a couple new things

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Here is a list of fixes that I have planned to get done at some point:


1) Outdated Custom BB Codes

2) Some busted smilies

3) Ranks

4) Rank images

5) Group Icons

6) Embed Tweet BB Code


Are there some other small bugs that I'm missing that need fixed?


Are there any old features from the old site that you would like to see again?


Is there a specific feature you've seen on other sites that you would like to see on Ancient Clan?


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Is it just me or is my text not Bold like it use to be? That or maybe I haven't noticed the difference between Bold & not Bold.


I feel like I've forgotten whatever it was that was on the old site.


I guess I don't go to other sites enough to think of what I'd want AC to have that they already have.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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I changed the link color to an off yellow for all links in posts. If you don't see it, hit ctrl-F5 to refresh your browser cache. If anyone thinks it should be a different color let me know. I just wanted to be able to noticeably distinguish links from regular text.


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When you make a quote box, you cannot tab/return below it unless you enter basic text mode, and then you have to type a character under

to beable to stay under it when you go back to rich text.


To get around this issue in the rich text editor, go to the last character in the quote box and hit enter twice, the first enter does a new line, but if you hit enter twice it'll break you out of the quote box so you can start typing under it.



There is a new update coming! I'm waiting on our skin designer to update his skin before we apply the maintenance updates. These updates will fix multiple bugs in every application we use on this site, including a separate editor bug patch that is not listed in this link:




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    • By Sledgstone
      The improvements they are making to IPB look really great. Some of the highlights for me:
      Embeds will always work. Now that is a huge difference.
      Drag and drop images right into the editor. I've been waiting for this feature. No more having to click attach and then navigate to the right folder where your image is.. just drag it right into the editor.
      This is a big change and I hope they pull it off correctly. All our custom bbcodes will be negated. But the only custom bbcode we actually use is the spoiler tag, which will now be a default feature. All other custom bbcodes will now have to be created as CKEditor plugins.. but there are already a lot of ckeditor plugins available. So I could technically add a variety of new editor features.
      Very very nice. I like this.
      Good! No more having to click the load saved content option. Simplifying this will make the auto save much better.
      Oh! and the editor will now be fully skin-able! The editor won't have to be glaring white on a dark theme anymore.
      Also, the current skins that we use are going to be upgraded for IPB 4.0. We won't have to change the entire look of the site.
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      ROTFLMAO! This sounds horrible. This has the makings of a Syfy movie turned real.
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      Anyone else in the path of these Cicadas? Just a few of these are annoying, but with this brood we're going to experience as many as 1 billion per square mile. This will be insanely loud times a few million:

    • By Sledgstone
      2) To see if your post is still saved. Go back to that topic and load the editor at the bottom of the page. Do not start typing anything! First, check to see if you have "Auto Saved Content", if you do, then you should be ok. Click on the link that is circled in the image.

      3) Once you click on the link, you'll see the content has been saved. Once you click "Restore Content" you will see your post has been restored and you can continue where you left off.

      Next, I will explain how to change your secondary color and wallpaper. The secondary color is mostly visible in the Light theme, but it does show some changes if used along with a partially transparent wallpaper.
      1) Click the tools at the bottom right corner of the screen.

      2) It will pop up the color and wallpaper selections.

      3) If you click the top part with the hand you will get a color selector. Try some different colors or put in the hex code of the color you want. You can also select some different wallpaper tiles.

      4) Lets say you uploaded a wallpaper to our "Random Wallpapers" gallery or you would like to use a wallpaper that has already been uploaded by someone else. Go to the image you want to use and right click on the image. As you will see in this pic, the default windows right click menu shows up, but so does our gallery right click menu. You will want to click on the gallery menu to see it.

      5) You will now want to right click on "Direct link to this image file" and then click "Copy Link Location"

      6) Now go back to your skin tool menu and right click and paste the link to the wallpaper into the custom background area and then click on "Change"

      7) Now that you are done, click on the tools again to close the menu.

      8) And thats it!

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