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Myk JL

Killzone Intercept - Live Action Fan Film

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I could never get into killzone because of the horrid controls that had every weird configuration except for the standard shooter. Pressing stick to ADS is among the worst offender. I thought the game was cool from the demo, but I can only accept so many changes to the standard FPS controls before it turns me off. It aggravates me when a developer tries to go against the grain as far as controls go when there is no reason to. Be innovative with the gameplay, leave the same basic control scheme, and if you don't? allow players to map their own buttons. I can deal with different melee buttons, grenade buttons, even reload buttons, but leave the sticks motions, trigger, ADS, and sprint alone.


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I enjoyed KillZone 2 for its moment where I got to use The Lightning Gun. I didn't care for KZ3 when it wouldn't allow me to use it at all. If I buy KZ4 it'll just be to find out if there's another cliff hanger ending before selling it.

Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

Universal Broadband?

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