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Myk JL

Dead Island

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I skimmed thru the review, what parts don't you like? btw, is that a lightning machete in that picture? :wtf:

The game doesn't seem to have anything in common with the trailer.

Based on the trailer I was expecting one man's fight to find a way off the island. Based on it being in 1st person perspective I was hoping to literally get what this guy was thinking & feeling as he sees other survivors being killed or turned into zombies.

I was expecting something dark & emotional. Instead this seems to be just another zombie game for the sake of another zombie that copies a lot of other games.

In it, we get to know rapper Sam B, a facially-tattooed music star who traveled to the tropical island of the game's title to celebrate the success of his first hip hop single.

This character is a wannabe to 50 Cent.

Our hero is immune from zombification for some yet-to-be-discovered reason

Reminds me of the Resident Evil Movies.

Upon leaving the game's first safehouse
Sam's mission is enter the hellish resort and battle his way to a better safehouse

Copied from Left 4 Dead.

Sam slams them down and throws out one-liners.

This is one of those times I'd prefer someone not try to be Duke Nukem.

Melee weapons take damage, so eventually your oar will break apart and become useless if you don't repair it or switch it out for some other implement of zombie-death.

Copied Dead Rising.

Sam is a tank type character, where other, yet-to-be-revealed characters include assassins and a jack-of-all-trades class. The character class system will really come into play when you hit the co-op with your friends. You'll be able to play four player, drop-in, drop-out with your pals, mixing any classes you'd like. This gives you the option of completing parts of your island adventures solo, and teaming up for other sections of the game. As yet, the developers are still tinkering with how to make the RPG elements work with the co-op elements so it's fun for over-powered, zombie-killing veterans to team with level-one noobs. No word yet on how that's going to work, exactly, but we've been assured it will be "seamless."

Characters have skill trees, and gain experience by completing quests. Level up and you'll be rewarded with special moves. The example from the demo found Sam B. choosing the "Fury" tree which gave him a recharging special move that makes him go berserk and one-shot any shambler unlucky enough to cross his path.

Copied Borderlands.

It's not just characters that are customizable. You'll also be able to upgrade, repair and build your own weapons at workbenches throughout the island. For customized weapons, you'll need blueprints and building material. The demo featured a couple of custom weapons: A sticky grenade composed of a knife with explosive taped to it, and an electric machete -- a blade with a battery -- that shocks and slices.

When you take into account upgrades to weapons, there will be literally thousands of possible combinations, but the developers stress that the weapons in Dead Island are not meant to be "wacky" in the way that combo-weapons in, say, Dead Rising 2 are. They're all plausible combination (well, as plausible as anything in a zombie game, anyway.) When you combine environmental weapons like exploding propane tanks, there will be many, many way to dispatch hordes of marauding deadites.

Copies Dead Rising 2, but tries to deny it.

Also: vehicle travel has been confirmed. In pointing out the advantages of completing side-missions, the developers mentioned a quest that involves helping a (living) islander fix a car. Once the car is repaired, you'll be able to tool around the island and even give your pals a lift in co-op.

Drivable vehicles are not a feature I'd want in a zombie game.

It's not the game many expected after seeing the teaser trailer, but the combination of zombies, action combat and an open-world looks like it will add up to a butt-load of video game fun. I can't wait to actually get my hands on this one, hopefully at E3 this year.

It sounds like a generic Zombie Game that copies too many other games. I like the open-world, mainly melee weapons in 1st person for a zombie game. But everything else has been done before.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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