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  1. I'm going back to see it again because I missed the second secret ending ;_; Pretty good excuse lol
  2. I just saw this movie a few hours ago and it was awesome.
  3. I want to see the fucking robots rather than the humans. I hope they don't spend most of the movie establishing a love connection for Sam and this new girl.
  4. It's kinda hard to give advice on how to raise or handle kids when not all kids behave the same. My girlfriend had her tubes tied after her second birth to our son and it was probably for the best.
  5. I'm just glad they're not having Angelina Jolie as catwoman. She is a great actress but I get tired of seeing her in everything.
  6. [ame] [/ame]
  7. I'm not dressing up but I'll dress my kids up like a pumpkin and a princess.
  8. I didn't watch much of the original but I'm sure they'll fuck this up with some lame ass trying to be hip bullshit. I kinda liked the new Bionic Woman and thought it would pick up somewhere but they never got the chance to
  9. I thought I read somewhere that it was another prequel but will technically be a sequel to the prequel as it comes after ;;
  10. Sweet Makes the bullet cutting scenes in Black Lagoon very possible lol I love Pawn Stars!
  11.'s_Sword lol maybe he is a fan of avatar
  12. Thanks guys ^^;; It's been pretty good so far.
  13. Did it come with a long chain and collar.
  14. that costume does look kind of fucked up
  15. I wouldn't have mind seeing a new spider-man series but considering they are picking someone probably twice the age of spider-man starting out kinda annoys me. There are actors that are younger that could of filled spider-man shoes but this guy also looks too goofy for the role; maybe their trying to make him someone more socially ackward to the point that even his looks are unappealing, yet acceptable enough to give him an attractive female counter part that will no doubt look like a supermodel. Of course, seeing how they have some horrible teenage actors that keep making media headlines and horrible films they could have done worse.
  16. I have a video cam but I look like complete shit but i do take plenty of vids of my kids. I kind of take alot more videos of my son because of his condition in order to have some record.
  17. What happend to the boobquake photos
  18. Well damn.... I was hoping this movie would be on par with the cartoon series. I guess i'll wait for it on dvd or torrent.
  19. My daughter wants to see this movie and that is pretty good if I don't want to get a bunch of wierd looks from teenagers while going lol Anyhow, I want to know if this film is worth watching or not. It seems to movie is getting a bad rap from the getgo because of the main cast mostly being white rather than their actual race.
  20. IT was a very good movie but really depressing. I felt sorry for the little boy when he had to leave that shelter.
  21. [nomedia=]YouTube- Vegeta OH YEA![/nomedia] My sister sent me this.
  22. It's actually a real pain in the ass to deal with the government in getting help lol
  23. There are some that are able to get on food stamps through illegal means and also if they have a kid born in the united states that child from what I understand can receive food stamps where as the parents if illegal would not. This guy that I know was going around with information that he was 22 years old when he was 17 and was receiving food stamps while claiming a child as his. It's not very thorough as most think and dhr around here will even tell you they won't check your residence and various backgrounds(like if you told them you're paying so and so several hundred a month for watching your kids as long as there is a signed note) sources you provided. I had a co-worker whose daughter's ex and father of her children was getting food stamps and she had know idea until she was told, which he didn't even have custody of the children barely having visitation rights. I was just pointing out that some will go through alot of means to get the information they need if it takes to stealing the information they need.
  24. I live in Alabama and it's pretty bad down here with illegals lol. My girlfriend works in a factory that will carry alot of them for sometime and then fire them when they are pressured to do so. A few times the same guy is fired and then shortly rehired under another social using a different name lol. What's bad is alot of them openly joke about how they have fake/stolen social security paying no taxes and how they take advantage of programs like welfare, food stamps, medicaid..etc.
  25. I loved it too and so did my 4 year old daughter. I thought it was put together very well. DX is right about keeping focus because most movies make the mistake with sequals by cutting down on the acting and story to focus on overblown actions scenes with no breaks.