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  1. Apologies then that I took your intended statement wrong. I just took the implication (which in looking back likely wasn't intended) that my children would take and may not contribute in return in some way as an insult to them. I do know that the older ones probably won't, due to the fact that the mentality of 'it's a never ending supply' seems to have become common place....which sucks really. So if we may I'd like it if we could make like the whole mess didn't happen? Anyway, you did? Did it work out fairly well then? -To Tristan9480: I know it can be since babies are all different, some can be fussier then others but for the most part I was hoping for some ideas to try out so as to maybe handle the stress of being tired and short tempered.
  2. Having two or maybe three children isn't really "Shooting kids out like a human pez" I do care about the future of my children, and yours too. Yes, I would like to give my husband two sons, If I can't I'm stopping at 3 children. Adoption is a wonderful thought, but not everyone can afford it and I'm sorry I'm one of those people who can't. Now then, I'm really only asking for perhaps a little advice on how to handle the terrible twos and having a new born. I don't need a lecture on over population and natural resource depletion when the fact is that a lot of that could be taken care of by the older generations giving two shits, and actually trying to change the way WE handle the limited supplies and finding alternate sources to replace our fuels. So then, please don't insult my child/ren any more and lets agree to play nice.
  3. Positive, yeah you're right. Our living situation? We're renting a place right (in a tailor park) now but still looking for a place to buy. As far as getting fixed, I do intend to. However I did tell my DH that he would have at least two boys outta me before hand...and since I have twins running strong on both sides there is a VERY good likely hood that we may well have a two-fer (my mother is a twin). I think that's where alot of the anxiety comes from.
  4. Alrighty, so I do have one son already as y'all know. He's going to be 2 in April, and now I'm gonnna have another baby in September...We had planned it this way, but now I'm kinda wondering...can I handle it? I mean seriously, I'm trying to fix issues with baby #1 that are hold overs from when we lived with my DH's parents....so I'm kinda worried I may have a melt down after #2 gets here in September. So advice please...I need it...
  5. I'm not sure of the actual snow fall count but on top of what we already had we can now lose our dog in the snow around the driveway. >.> Poor Cerberus....
  6. Yeah, it's snowing here and I guess we're in for around 12 inches by the days end. Something I didn't overly miss while I lived in Arizona. (Back in Michigan now)
  7. Oh man....I'm so afraid they're gonna FUBAR that... crap, now I wanna watch the original..... >.<;
  8. It does look pretty good from what I seen in that 2nd trailer. Altho' I have to say as long as they have the character personalities the same I don't think it will matter how much they botched the actual story events.
  9. No, my hubby and me didn't do anything fro V-day....he had to sleep due to work that night plus we're saving for a house. The only thing that happened was that I did a no-no the day before and ordered Chinese to surprise him for dinner....so we did $32 worth of splurging
  10. I thought "Shaun of the Dead" sucked.....but "Zombieland" I thought was funny
  11. I don't see why it would hurt, after all look at most of the cartoons on TV that other kids watch. Family Guy, American Dad and so on, they're chok full of adult content. So why should Inuyasha hurt? It isn't as full of the stuff as the others mentioned.
  12. So my FIL has some Chinese art that he wants to reaserch to find out if it's authentic and yadda, yadda. My question is if anyone knows of some free site that he can use to look up any information about these two arts...or if anyone here may be a collecter or something and can help me out. I can get & post pics if needed.
  13. Nah, won't happen....she's keen on a couple drinks fairly often. It's her "Happy pill" and apparently her Holiday Spirit.... (No she isn't an alchie)
  14. I kinda like the tazer idea... >.> Yeah I need to speek up, but right now in particular shes been REALY combative...so I don't think best time. Lordy I am so hoping that we get a place of our own soon...
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