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  1. that's so cool!! does it have to be a picture we took?
  2. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so excited!!

  3. ahahaha i might just do that prank!! X'D
  4. ahahahahahah X'D that's hilarious!
  5. welcome!!
  6. happy birthday DX!!
  7. ooo nice i like the second one. lots more dramatic contrast!
  8. oooo really nice job!!
  9. and here i thought i would finally know T_T
  10. I'm going to second this... they really have maps for these things? lol
  11. sooooo.......... japanese trip is cancelled.... which means.... cabbit comes to lady for memorial day!!!!

  12. i took some pics of the moon tonight but i guess i'll be back out there tomorrow!
  13. happy beer day eppy!!!!! LISTEN TO YOUR HARASSING VOICEMAIL! X'D i made it with lo0o0o0o0o0ove!
  14. "turn these atheists away from their evil ways" are you kidding me? overjoyed that YOUR god shook Japan, that YOUR god is the one you should look up to.... wtf.
  15. awesome drawings!! if i had to choose just 1 it would definitely be the top one, but i like them all :3
  16. saw this on the news last night... crazy stuff i hope there aren't too many more fatalities...
  17. welcome
  18. people won't get mad at you if you dont dress up ^^ so if you just want to go and see what it's like, no one will mind! eppy and GG have never dressed up before lol what are some of the animes you like? ill see if i can give you a little tip on throwing together a quick costume ^^ (judging from your avatar i guess youve seen gundam wing) you could always dress up as Heero, that's pretty easy costume. black shorts, green shirt ta daa! :3
  19. I had this poster omg X'D
  20. ahaha i have no idea, but that's just Shingo Mama for you i guess? probably part of the dress going with the name lol
  21. This is Eppy:most all of his stand up stuff is on Netflix instant que
  22. ahhh i saw this the other day!! ridiculously intense... i hope it lives up to that trailer
  23. that looks soooo cooool