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  1. Our problem is that we expect too much from these movies. We're adults who watch adult cartoons (most cartoons although vastly watched by children, have a lot of adult themes) and they're made for children in an exagerated commercial style. I never expect anything, although sometimes it's just a disappointment to see these amazing series be destroyed.
  2. I read about this. It's fake, although still very cool.
  3. From a technological perspective we should be able to do it, i personally believe someone is holding back (government) from many things. I would certainly love to see this happen, it will change many things in life. Although from a ethical perspective if something like this gets perfected, it would be above normal human capabilities, which i think is awesome ! Kind of like a mod to yourself
  4. I'm amazed this hasn't come up earlier ... there are alot of coffee fiends out there (me being one of them). Although i bet they could engineer coffee even stronger than that, say 500% normal coffee, and there would be alot of costumers (again, me being one of them). I prefer coffee over energy drinks anyway, those things are just horrible for your body.
  5. Yes, adulthood is certainly not what's it made out to be. I've been living it since i was 16 years old and I can't say anything positive about it. Since you guys are talking about banks, any advice on a good credit rating for a lease ?
  6. rofl that's amazing. I was disapointed that they ended prince of persia with dastan also, haven't honestly played the new ones. Kratos is greek mythology, can't take him into other lores but they can definitely take him into mortal kombat style games.
  7. [ame] [/ame][ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqEkbb-A27k&feature=relmfu[/ame] [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQxZJXs0dYQ&feature=relmfu[/ame] Now i can go on and on with ff6 music, these are just some that came to mind, but they are all amazing ! [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0dmXzqgkc4[/ame] [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr9-OcPLO3M&feature=related[/ame] [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQx9QaAxhk8[/ame] (amazing) I have at thing for depressing soundtracks, i know i favor them. These are just some.
  8. Ok so when i first heard about this i thought it absurd, the thought that superman can even scale to Goku. Now I've watched Dragon Ball all the way through and rather than going to sleep and being fresh for an exam (and work after, 12 hour night shift) I stood up for about 6 hours reading about this, and there's no conclusion to this debate, and there probably won't be here either but i cannot stop . Now my Goku knowledge is up to date, but on Superman ... can't say reading about him for 3 hours is enough. And yes, i'm talking about the pre-crisis superman who apparently could move the moon with his hands and all, and is fast like the speed of light. I need opinions people ! I think Goku will take it, but maybe there's a Superman expert here also who knows both sides completely, although Goku can sneeze and blow up half the galaxy, and as much as superman is fast I think that the Dragon Ball universe set the bar WAY faster than the speed of light when it comes to our main character Goku, so speed and strength i don't see how superman can take Goku. Help me people !
  9. to me it just seems like hollywood is running out of ideas X'D
  10. Yes, you are right and i agree with you. I don't deny it works like that, all i am saying is that it's still wrong, even though things work this way, and the important things are underpaid and the bad are overpaid. and Day 1, eh, personally i believe that with time and technology, we've started to waste more money on stupid things. Before we were more focused on needs, not so much entertainment and luxuries. We just live in an era in which our needs are taken for granted. ( food, water, shelter, health care, etc. )
  11. I recommend picking healthy/unhealthy days, it's what i usually do, regarding other things not just food, but alcohol also. I'll eat healthy 3-5 days, then for 1 I'll eat junk food, last out a bit. I usually synchronize them with my drinking days, but then again i got too many of those and i don't recommend so to anyone lol. Also, the 1 day you eat junk food, doesn't mean you bynge, don't get me wrong. Eat normal sized meals, but just spoil yourself. It's worked well for me (or maybe its the jack daniels lying to me )
  12. Amazing. We need more people like that in this world. Not to rant, but a friend of mine was talking about this and I hate how in this world people like this get 100k, while stupid idiots get millions and millions for stupidity, reality shows, jersey shore, etc. Makes me want to buy a big rifle and get some work done
  13. the CG doesn`t look to good to me either, can`t say i`m fond of it. Griffith looks very feminine but we must remember the japanese have a different view of things, we the western world are seeing things through their perspective. The movie looks good, although i see it being very ``hollywood`` as in they are not going to have the proper ending, but more of a happy ending type of thing or leave room for the next one, but I highly doubt they will have the brutal scenario we know and love.
  14. I've read alot of articles about square enix messing up horribly, for example announcing sequels before they release am actual game, they have lost millions recently for incompetence and imo are more and more of a dissapointment. This is also spitting in the face of the die-hard FF VII fans, who have waited ever so long for a remake and they remake another final fantasy which doesn't have such bad graphics to begin with, and i'm one of them. And if you're not with me on that, that's fine, here's another one: Final fantasy 6, voted best final fantasy by many, how would THAT be for a HD 3D remake ?
  15. I've reached a point in which i smoke on occasion, when i drink or at a celebration. It's a bad habit that i regret picking up but it's very difficult to quit. For those that don't smoke, i recommend never being curious !
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