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  1. Always so negative =P
  2. That...is badass.
  3. That is SO sick! I want one! ;
  4. Ha! That is awesome! I love anything by Jhonen Vasquez. Well drawn!
  5. You can't CG that. lol But the fact that its a young Conan makes sense. Lets hope his acting will be up to par.
  6. Yeah, Saito was a good one too! But Aoshi's whole situation was just tragic. ;_;
  7. Understandable. I dunno, my favorite weapon until the ACR is unlocked is the M4 and I pretty much stick with a handful of particular weapons instead of leveling a whole bunch like DX does. I can't stand most of the weapons. lol When my team is being retarded and I'm not equipped with AA, I find a nice spot to camp it out until that shit is over. Let them get slaughtered.
  8. Aoshi was a good one. Personally, I loved Kratos. He's the only one that comes to mind atm.
  9. lol Not really an issue. Just know where to be and where will get you blown to smithereens.
  10. I picked up XIII at 10:00 am yesterday and when I haven't been sleeping, going to school or going to work, I've been glued to it. So far I am a little disappointed in how linear it is, but that seems to be a gripe world-wide. This one seems a little slow to progress into anything understandable. I see exactly why Square-Enix went that extra mile to ensure English speaking audiences could understand what was going on with their chapter-by-chapter, section-by-section explanation of events. So thumbs up there. Another thing troubling me so far is the lack of true depth in the combat system. This will probably change as I progress, I'm sure, but it is kind of a drag being in combat for the first few hours where all you are doing is auto-attacking and using a potion once every 4 or 5 fights. To be perfectly honest, I despise the "gambit" system adopted in XII. I want to control every single playable character myself, not assign them to some automatic role to fulfill and then bullshit me into believing that the depth comes from customizing them. Phooey, I say. Also the "stream lining" they've done to combat almost blows off its own foot. I can't hardly tell what the fuck is going on half the time. I'm unable to appreciate any increase in damage or gawk at the cool-as-hell spell/ability effects I've upgraded because everyone is cluster-fucking the mobs. Also, my last bitch goes to the names for some of these characters. I don't care how mysterious and brooding you are, no one is going to take you seriously if you insist on being called Lightning. Sorry. Anyways, I'm done complaining. I really hope this game pulls the rug out from under me soon so I can go all fan boy about it til they release XV. The graphics are simply amazing. Being able to play it on a 24", 1080p screen is breath taking, especially the beginning. The sound effects are crisp and accurate, and the sound track is beautiful. That is my take on it so far, has anyone else been playing this yet? I will update this post when I've gotten a bit further.
  11. It takes hardly any time at all to get back to using your regular stuff.
  12. There is a lot more to do afterwords but it doesn't fit well into the storyline or atmosphere. Has almost nothing to do with it. =\
  13. Living la vida loca, eh?
  14. Gimmick! That was the word I was trying to think of. lol
  15. Yeah, our beaches here got hit with the oil only this last week. There are still sections of our beaches that are relatively untouched. But that was kind of obvious. o_x; BTW, Destin is one of the most beautiful cities EVAR.
  16. Exactly! Stupid fad skittles.
  17. I tried the sour jolly ranchers and the fizzy popping skittles. The JRs made my tongue raw and the skittles are not worth trying more than once. Winds up being just fizzy foam that doesn't even taste good afterwords. lol
  18. It's been fun, lemmee tell ya....
  19. That over-zealous battalion commander will be investigated heavily. And when they determine the truth behind this, his ass will receive a court martial and be thrown in Leavenworth where he won't see the light of day for many many years.
  20. That's exaggerated. If they don't have charges, you have the right to walk out. If you mention a lawyer, they have to stop and get one for you.
  21. Nothing as radical as shutting down or controlling the internet.
  22. I'm simply saying it won't happen. They can write as many bills as they want to. And even if it did get signed off on, hidden in some other bill or something, the shit would get reversed quick fast and in a hurry.
  23. There's a lot more than you know, but some things will never happen unless fucking WW3 hits, in which case I doubt your supplier of wall scrolls will be your primary concern.
  24. Interesting comparison. lol The death of the internet will never happen though. It'd be like deciding, ehh... telecommunications was a bad idea. Lets go back to couriers.