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  1. I'm just posting base impressions on this based on what little game time I actually have in it (I've put about 8 hours into the game as of writing this) and after having it stare me in the face for 3 days before I could play it (god damn was that the longest wait I've ever had before playing a game (didn't have any time during the week and I've completely stayed away from any articles/videos that may give away spoilers for this game)).

    I'm highly impressed with this game, Guerilla went out of their way to give a a highly polished game out of the get go (it had the smallest day 1 patch out of any game released in recent years that's how polished this was). The visuals are amazing, even on my old school PS4. Don't get me wrong there are some wonky animations here and there (I ran into an NPC who's eyes liked to wander up into her head (kinda creepy when you talk to her)) but overall this is an impressive looking game (I climbed up my first Long Neck today and the view from on top of it's head was breath taking). I'm also extremely happy the the map is rather big, not huge like a lot of games like it (no where near as big as Zelda's map (good god that map is huge from what I've seen on live streams) but big enough that I can see why this game will take up to 50 hours to beat (I hear if you just do the story the game is rather short but I'm OCD so I'm doing all the side quests and getting all the collectibles while I travel between story missions).

    I can't speak much on the story but what I have done of the story missions I have to say it's rather interesting and engaging. There's a lot of mystery in this game and I wonder just how much of it we unravel as we play through it (like why is the world the way it is, who was Aloy's mother (a major plot point I'm gathering from little I know), what's with the machine animals, etc (I'd put more examples but I'd be walking a thin line for spoilers based on where I think the story is going)) because I'm expecting this game to be a series. While most of the characters I've run into are rather bland (not much to say about them, I've run into a few that have been interesting but they seem few and far between) Aloy is a wonderful protagonist who, much like me, is questioning what the hell is wrong with the world. She's sarcastic as hell when dealing with assholes and a compassionate person when she wants to be (lets just say not many people like her from the get go so she's rather callous until the need arises for her not to be). Overall she's probably one of my favorite protagonists to date.

    Combat is a joy and I say this after having my ass handed to me a few times (I have yet to be killed but I've been pretty close to dieing a few times). A lot of it is stealth based and going loud and proud isn't a viable tactic in this game (especially when fighting corrupted machines, a few reviews have pointed this out). Almost everything travels in herds (or at least the ones I've run into, I haven't run into the huge T-Rex looking machine yet nor have I run into any of the machine birds) and alerting one pretty much alerts all of them. Picking targets and luring them away one by one is pretty much the key to most encounters (human and machine alike) when you can pick and choose them (some encounters do not give you a choice and a lot of those have been story based at the moment) otherwise it's all about relying on your skills and weapons. There isn't much choice in weaponry I've noticed. Pretty much all you get is you're spear (I don't know if you get another one throughout the game but the one I started with has been upgraded once due to a side quest), a variety of bows with varying uses (some are for sharpshooting, some for close range combat, some built with stopping power in mind, etc), a variety of slings (for launching elemental type bombs that cause status effects), tripcasters (used to create traps on the battle field that trip machines), traps in general, and some others I haven't tried yet. There is of course a variety of different ammunition types for you're bow and I can't list all of them as I haven't exactly run into any other then normal, precise, fire, and tear arrows (tear arrows rip armor and components off of machines).

    All in all I'm very happy with this game and the hype I had for it was definitely rewarded. This is probably my game of the year and it's barely started, that's how much I'm enjoying it.

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  2. I still don't like that fire rate on the Chauchat, it's too fucking slow compared to the other LMG's and it's clip size leaves a lot to be desired (though watching the video in your above post does make it seem extremely powerful). I like how the RSC looks and fires so I might just have to jump back on to try it out when the DLC hits but sadly I still don't think it's going to be enough to keep me playing longer then a few days (I mean the timing of this DLC sucks no matter how you look at it, they should of released it sooner).

  3. The fact that this has been getting stellar reviews makes me beyond happy I pre-ordered this on a whim a couple nights back (CE none-the-less as Amazon still had copies of it). Seriously can't wait until Tuesday to get my hands on this and start playing it.

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  4. Oh I'm definitely going the Sentinel route with a shotgun (which will probably be the only points I spend down that route), Biotics and Tech abilities are amazing when used in conjunction. If Tech Armor was in this it would be even better but I'll have to substitute Barrier for it and sadly there is no Reave but I can learn to live without it (that ability was broken in ME2, high damage and it healed you for a portion of said damage). I also wish Incinerate was still in but I guess the Flamethrower will have to make up for it. O.o I'm going to be like a kid in a candy store when I get my hands on these ability trees.

  5. Ok my worries about the skill system have been addressed with this video and I can't wait for this game to come out now (I already have it pre-ordered but was still wary on the skill system). Looks like I can have my Infiltrator and Sentinel builds so I'm happy (though there are a few missing skills that would make it even better). Also love the fact that weapons aren't restricted anymore, a Sentinel build with a Shotgun is going to be freaking amazing.

  6. Meh, I'm still not feeling this movie. I don't know if its the trailers not doing a good job at selling it for me or if it's just the concept but I just don't feel it (I still don't think Scarlett is a good choice for the Major, she doesn't doesn't fit the persona for me). Again the effects and visuals look amazing but story wise this is just meh. I'll probably still see it but I don't think its going to be overly good.

  7. I'm probably going to be in the minority on this but I'm not overly impressed with what we're getting in this DLC. While the maps sound fun and look to be fun as hell the weapons are extremely disappointing imo (I know nothing of their real life counterparts but the LMG sounds shitty based on the info Level gave in his video, the Assaults new weapon sounds okay, the Scouts could be good but honestly won't know until we get stats, and the Medics weapon doesn't sound overly bad but who knows. The new pistol seems like it's going to be a new tanker/pilot weapon and the new melee weapons are meh except for the sword dagger thing), I'm not liking the sounds of the new Elite class (yay, more grenade spam. Just what BF1 needed was more grenade spam), the new Behemoth is about the only real thing I'm interested in (I hope its completely controllable and not set on rails, we really need a behemoth that can actually doing something more then be a bullet sponge), and while I'm happy we're getting two new operations I sense I'm going to get sick of them within a week of playing them.

    My only real hope is that this ribbon system goes into effect and adds some progression to this game (not much sadly but more then we got now). Sadly I have a feeling BF1 is going to be sitting on my HDD taking up space until the second DLC comes along. I hate to say it but I'm just not feeling the BF1 anymore, really thinking about going back to BF4 and deleting BF1 to make room for more games (like Horizon and ME).

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  8. Meh, I read about it on VG247 the day after the whole event (didn't really care, Mario Kart brings out the worst in me so I tend to avoid it).

    Honestly I'm so used to spending extra money on shit that doesn't come with consoles anymore it's not funny (like my charging dock for my PS4 controller since the fucking cable that comes with it is so god damn short). I kinda figured the grip that came with the console didn't charge the controllers and I'm honestly okay with that, just means I have to hook the controllers up to the Switch when I'm done using it (exactly what I did with my PS4 controller until I bought the dock). Fuck if I care less about pro-controllers, I've always thought they were overpriced pieces of crap that people only buy because they think they make you better (I'm all about the original controllers baby, they only exception I ever made was for the S controllers for the original Xbox. Those damn dinner plates it originally came with were atrocious). The on-board memory still pisses me off and why companies feel they can get away with giving us less hd space every year baffles me (I'm still trying to figure out what fucking egghead at Sony though 500 gigs was enough space for gamers on the PS4. Fuck sake guys you fill up that space with 3-4 AAA titles now-a-days and with the requirement to installing the disc to the hd that just fucks us from being able to play anything beyond whatever 3-4 games we currently have installed).

    On the battery thing I'm going to go with roughly the same amount of time it takes to kill a laptop battery so roughly a year to a year and a half (a year for those hardcore casual gamers who take the Switch everywhere with them. The year and a half for those of use who will only use the gimmick for things like you mentioned (watching Netflix in bed (though I already do that with my PS4) and what not).

    I'll get the Switch when something other then Zelda interests me (most likely Smash Brothers when they make one for it, I've been a big fan of the series since the original released). Until then I'll hold off (especially considering just how many games I have to buy this year (Horizon, ME: Andromeda, FFXIV: Stormblood (and I'll get the CE for it as well so that's going to probably be $150), For Honor, and Halo Wars 2 (since it's actually coming to PC this time around and I loved the original)).

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  9. While I have no real opinion on the differences of the two versions of the new Zelda game I thought I'd throw my two cents into the PS4 comparison. Nintendo has never been about making a powerful console, we all know this (the only reason they did so well was the games on the original NES and SNES). Compare the Gamecube (Nintendo's last good console imo) to the PS2 and the XBox, it was way under-powered compared to the other two systems and yet it was probably the best console out of the three (yea, I say this having been one of the biggest PS2 fanboys on the planet but the Gamecube had some of the most fun games I've ever laid my hands on and by far one of the most tense games ever as well (Eternal Darkness, this game was amazing for its time people. I still remember the time it made my friend think it was deleting his save file)). Nintendo has been about solid games that are fun to play for both adults and kids, sadly they lost sight of that with the Wii-U which is why it sold so badly (well besides it being a re-skin of the much more successful Wii with slightly different hardware). The Switch is a nice change because it's going back to what Nintendo does right while still trying to innovate (something we've not yet seen from Sony of Microsoft, try as you might upgrading the hardware every 4-8 years isn't innovation (or should I say 2-3 now with this stupid shift to 4k consoles now). All Sony and Microsoft do is copy what works for other companies (motion control which, lets face it, was a lot better and better optimized with the Wii. VR is another, something PC does so much better but god forbid its not on console) and tries to re-skin it as their idea). Yea it's gimmicky as hell (I'm sorry that 3 hour battery life is somewhat of a downer. I was hoping more for 5-6, Nintendo has got to have the ability for this since they've been pioneering handheld tech for decades now), graphics are really no better then Wii/360 graphics, and yet again it's another console screwing the consumer on hd space but I honestly think this will work out for Nintendo. The only major problems they're going to have is the lack of launch titles. Zelda is only going to get them so far (if it doesn't get delayed).

    At best Skyrim will probably look like it would on a PC running it on low settings (maybe medium) based on the specs of the system. I'm happy to see the Switch is getting some big name games but Skyrim is probably not the best title to be running on this system. Plus a fall release is pretty retarded, the game has been out for years now and while the Special Edition did garner it some more life I really don't see many people running out their doors to pick up a Switch to play Skyrim (where you know the thing will have a 1 hour battery life if you try to play it un-docked with this game).

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  10. Until it becomes affordable for everyone and I mean everyone we will never see a full switch to a streaming game service. Not only that but very few people are going to be on board for paying a fee and a rental fee to play a game (people already bitch about paying for things like DLC and this is roughly the same thing and at the end of the day you don't even own the game, just a right to access a server to play a game). I still think the Playstation Now service is a crock of shit since you pay a monthly access fee plus an hourly fee to play a game (with prices being based on game popularity or series name) and won't be caught dead using it (and there are some games I'd really like to play on it).

    Secondly hardware will always be a thing no matter what any service says. Consoles might become a thing of the past but PC's won't because, at least with this system, you'll always need some sort of hardware to run it (in this case you need a system running an nVidia card). Honestly it's just another gimmick to try and weasel even more money out of consumers hands (kind of like paying full price for a digital copy of a game (which is absurd)) and this one does it monthly/hourly.

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  11. I'd suggest, if you really want to play them, saving up money and buying them on console. That's a great price for all of them but honestly I've never really heard great things about the PC versions of these games (that's up to you though).

    Honestly speaking you should buy the Ezio Collection on PSN. It contains ACII, ACII: Brotherhood, and ACII: Revelations (all HD remakes). These are the 3 best games in the series by far (with an exception for AC4: Black Flag, though I have yet to beat it it's freaking amazing) and cover the best Assassin in the series (Ezio is awesome, one of my favorite game characters to date). Of the 3 ACII is the best one but Brotherhood does give it a run for it's money in some aspects. Revelations was somewhat of a let down but was still a damn good game compared to the original and 3 (I can't comment on Unity or the Chronicles series as I have not played them). Just my opinion though but I wouldn't consider getting these games if you don't like repetitive gaming because they're pretty much the same thing with different skins (go here, do a few missions to uncover big bad Templar, assassinate said Templar, rinse and repeat (we're talking worse then MMO repetitiveness)). Story wise though they're great games and you honestly don't need to play the first one to know whats going on (they cover enough of the first games story for you to pick it up and a cursory glance on Wikipedia about the game will give you everything you need to know). Plus running around Florence, Tuscany, and Venice is freaking fun and the graphics (the old ones, I have yet to play the remakes) were beyond beautiful.

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  12. Yea, I watched that the other day and was disgusted with what Level talked about. I almost wish we'd institute the same law as China so we could figure out what the probability of getting a certain skin is. I just feel bad for all those people who dropped real money on this trying to get that skin, fucking ridiculous.

  13. Meh, I read about this months ago and it barely piqued my interest then. Give me my Necromancer patch and I'll come back to play some more D3. Retro Diablo was easy mode and this looks to be pretty much the same (and with the new heroes running through the original dungeon will be child's play).

  14. I wouldn't doubt it but honestly as much as I want MWR I still probably wouldn't buy it if it went seperate (mostly due to all the problems I hear it has). Honestly even if COD went that route I highly doubt DICE will mostly because of EA. Then again BF1 isn't exactly doing as great as they hoped it would with player counts dropping steadily since release (which I'm pretty sure they're back to peak numbers again with all the fresh Christmas n00bs (which is the main reason I haven't played it since early yesterday)) this might finally convince EA that Premium isn't worth it (I mean Premium tanked pretty hard with Hardline and how bad that game sucked so I thought they'd learn their lesson).

    Honestly had they changed MWR in any way that affected how the game originally played IW and Activision would be in flames as we speak because that's one game even they're not stupid enough to alter. Not only was it the best COD game to come out it was one of the best shooters to ever hit the market. Yea it had problems but it did everything right. Leveling up was easy, unlocking new guns and attachments was simple and easy to understand, perks were straightforward (if not a little OP in some cases, I'm looking at you Juggernaut), and the maps were things of beauty (well not all of them but the vast majority were well thought out and well made). Not only that while some guns were OP it didn't negatively effect game play in any way as there was always a counter to every gun (even if people couldn't see it) so it pretty much balanced itself out. MW2, while a great game in its own right, tried to fuck with everything MW did right and every game since then has gone further away form the formula which is why COD is failing (I will point out that WaW is probably the second best COD game to come out, imo at least. Treyarch did well with it). They're trying to hard to stay relevant by pushing the game farther and farther away from what made MW such a great game and they're ignoring fan input (something that DICE does not do or at least didn't do until BF1).

    Meh, thats the reason I don't care if I get battlepacks. Almost all of the skins are crap (even the 1903 legendary is pretty lack luster imo) and honestly we don't even get to admire the skins like CS players do theres. The only good looking skins are the Silver/Ivory ones (aka Blue quality skins) or the ones with Gold on them (or the Deluxe edition guns like LoA's SMLE, RB's P08, and what not). I still need to put on the Blue Skin I got for the LT to see if it looks good but since I rarely get to spawn in tanks I'll probably never get to see it unless someone else uses it (and if I do spawn in a tank is rarely the LT, I always go for Landship or HT).

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  15. Meh, could be but it felt especially good for some reason over the last few days (though it still didn't give me the Blue Devil skin for my Sweeper and I probably won't get it).

    Honestly I don't know the real reason for the drop in use but I should be more specific. I've seen a drop in the Hunter versions use, I see a lot of Factory models still but even those are less then the others. I think with the full rebalance of shotguns and quite a few of them now being used do to this is the real reason for the drop in use. As I said the 12g is amazing if you know how to use it properly and the Trench Gun has always been good but was rarely used before patch. It's honestly nice to see other shotguns being used now, I don't get as pissed now when I'm killed by a shotgun anymore (unless it's a 10, I still hate that gun).

    I doubt we'll see a shift in the business model. As good as Overwatch is at the end of the day it's a Hero shooter and their model doesn't exactly transfer well to actual Shooters (yes I don't consider Overwatch a FPS, while it is at the end of the day it's a Hero Arena game and always will be. What works for it won't always work for another game). While I do agree its a great model to follow EA will never go this route and I'm honestly surprised to see we got two free Superior Battlepacks as Premium members (though lets be fair we did drop $50 to be premium members so it's the least they can do besides 1 free one every month and early access to DLC) since there is honestly no profit in it for them. Honestly I doubt we'll see any real effort in the free maps we get because those are, at the end of the day, free and DICE/EA doesn't see any real reason to give us awesome maps anymore like they did with BF4 free DLC. Plus those free maps are designed mostly for Conquest and Rush with afterthoughts being placed toward the other modes (though for some reason they ignore the biggest reason this game sold so well, Operations. Giant's Shadow would be an amazing Operation map but sadly they probably won't bring it in). We'll probably get awesome maps in our paid DLC (I'm really looking forward to the Verdun map but if it's not done right I'll be pissed) but outside of that I don't see any real push to give out more free stuff. Quite frankly DICE should of stuck with the same model they did with BF4, it worked and while not everything was always great at the end of the day it made everyone happy (EA got their money, DICE got praise from the gamers, and the gamers were getting what they wanted).

    If the maps are good and if the new Operation is good (if we get one) I'm sure I'll put more time into the game when the DLC hits. I don't play for battlepacks because I'm not getting anything out of it honestly (I never played for battlepacks in BF4, I played for fun). I could care less if I get anything at the end of the match because I don't play games to receive shit, if I did I wouldn't have a life as I'd be completely devoted to getting anything and everything I could (I know how bad my OCD can be which is why I don't play games with the intention of getting rewarded). This is why I don't raid in FFXIV (outside of the fact that raiding just to get a piece of code and a graphic is completely retarded) and why I never did in WoW. If, at the end of the day, I had fun and just happened to get something great but as long as I had fun I'm content. Sadly this game isn't fun to play alone and that's the real reason I don't play it much anymore. This isn't like CoD4 where playing as a team was never really an option and where playing by yourself was always a blast. This is a team based shooter and without a good team of friends it's just no fun.

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  16. Meh, I've been putting more time into this over the last few days then I thought I would (yeah I know I said I wouldn't touch it until DLC time but I get distracted easily). After finally giving the patch enough time I have to say while I don't agree with every change I will say Domination is finally becoming fun again and you're seeing more variation in weapons with the Model 10 nerf (it might not be that significant but I've seen a massive decrease in its use over the last 3 days of playing) and the LMG buff (I'm seeing a lot more 1909 and MG15's in Domination now, it's kind of nice to see Support getting used). I pulled out the 12g tonight while I was playing because I watched Matimi0 go on a rampage with it in one of his recent videos and I have to say the gun is amazing and I think I finally found my go to Assault weapons. It's got shit range and while it can kill someone at ranges the Model 10 could hit it's very rare. It makes up for this with the ability to fire as fast as you pull the trigger and amazing power at close range (I was actually pulling off headshots left and right with it, kinda wish I would of gotten the shotgun medal this week, this of course is the Backbored version as I don't have access to the other two yet). The only other real downside with it is the need to reload constantly (5 rounds isn't exactly desirable but I've started treating it like I treated the M1014 in CoD4 and I'm getting back into my shotgun groove again). Kinda happy it's actually good as I can put that amazing Legendary skin to use. The LMG buff made the 1909 even better than it already was (the range on it is amazing now with the accuracy changes, I actually prefer running it over the BAR now) that's for sure.

    I'm thinking they upped the drop rates of the more rare skins now. Since yesterday (when I got the 2 free Superior crates for being premium and 1 free normal one) I've pulled 3 Legendaries (the 1903, the Gasser, and the C96 skins (the 1903 was from a normal pack)), three puzzle pieces (two clubs (one more and I finally get the club) and a sawtooth), 4 squad xp boosts (which led to some enhanced crates), and 3 blue skins (I got the blue LT skins, the blue 1909 skin, and one other that I don't remember currently). There were numerous whites as well but that's to be expected. Either this is for the holidays or they finally heard our cries for drop rate changes. Whatever it is it's been nice getting battlepacks for once (which I've been pulling in left and right, I've had maybe 4 out of 20 matches where I didn't get a battlepack).

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  17. I'm getting sick of the constant email spam every fucking time a game on my wish list goes on sale I'll say that much. Honestly I have even really looked at Steam all that much over the last 6 months (I was playing STO again for the Christmas event so that's the only reason I was on Steam), I've got to many other games on PC to play through before I consider buying any new ones (though I was tempted to pick up Civ 6 but the sale on it was mediocre at best). Honestly it's been one sale after the next for the past 6 months that if it wasn't for the requirement of having Steam on you PC to play the games bought through it I wouldn't have a problem uninstalling it.

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  18. The Trench has always been good so I don't know why people are starting to notice it now (probably due to the patch but still). I've gotten killed by that thing just as much as I have the 10 and a lot of people in Domination actually prefer it over the 10 due to it's faster fire rate.

  19. You need to play Domination with Sledge and I (when you can actually talk to us unlike last time), it's always a blast (quite literally sometimes and I promise you won't suffer).

    I get the feeling we're only getting one Operation if even that with the French DLC. What little has been talked about only points at 2 maps (one at Verdun and another in some bunker complex (I forget the name, I caught the article on VG while I was on break today)) and of course weapons (how many who knows). I get the feeling this will be what we get to look forward to in each DLC (hopefully there's at least two more maps but I'm not holding my breath with how shit has been going with BF1. I hope we get a surprise and get 5 maps like in the BF4 DLC's but again I won't hold my breath).

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  20. Holy crap its a Wild Dubie! Hello!

    Only those die hard enough to not let these place die are all that's left(pretty much me, DX, and Sledge (AC is pretty much our own little club now). Lady lurks and Myk pops in now and again).

  21. Amen to the RNG system shenanigans. The RNG is worse then Destiny's was in vanilla and that's sad. Out of all the battlepacks I've gotten since I started playing (this counts the 5 for the deluxe edition) I've gotten 4 Legendaries for guns I don't use (or which 1 was a duplicate I scrapped), 7 Distinguished skins of which I use maybe 3 of them, and a whole shit ton of crap whites that I don't use period as they're either worse than the base skin or just don't look any better than the base skin. DICE lowered to probability of getting blue and orange skins so they could push people to buy battlepacks for real money. It's freaking sad (especially when you consider how much it costs to buy 1 battlepack compared to what it costs to buy a loot box in Overwatch or what it costs me to buy dyes in FFXIV (which is roughly a $1 for one dye pot) and really makes me think DICE just checked out for this game (that or EA pressured them into doing this, who knows).

    On 12/18/2016 at 6:34 PM, DeathscytheX said:

    DICE can't make a complete good game in 2 years.... no one can.

    I get the feeling based on how polished the game was at release that this game was in development for more then 2 years, I'm going with more around 3 (we know it was in some for of development when Hardline was first announced).


    On 12/18/2016 at 6:34 PM, DeathscytheX said:

    They need to reduce the tickets for attack on Operations, or return the cap speed back to how it use to be... or adjust it for each map. It could probably stay the same for Oil of Empires, but the rest of them, Attack is too strong now, after Defense was to strong on launch. When I play defense, I see the Attackers win the whole thing only losing one battalion. DICE use to be pretty good at balance, but I've lost a bit of faith in them with this game. It started out being really fun, but they've changed a lot of things I liked, and they've let lingering problems like too much gas, and vehicle reservations not working go unfixed. Which is really starting to piss me off. I don't have time to swap between Artillery Truck and Heavy Tank, becasue assholes just spam the tank they have it set on regardless if its good for the situation or not, just so they can have it before someone else gets it.

    I'd be for a return to the cap speed. The tickets really aren't the problem here as is apparent in those matches where you can't get past the first sector with 250 tickets and a Behemoth. As it is the capping speed is to quick especially when you get a hold of certain points on certain maps (we all know which ones). Oil of Empires would be the only map that the new cap speed should stay on since it has always heavily favored Defense (especially Fao Fortress and Suez). I'm getting the feeling DICE forgot what it means to balance a game and is taking notes from companies like Blizzard (I'm talking WoW here not Overwatch) who over fix something while over nerfing other things. Honestly I didn't know how bad the Martini nerf was until I watched Westie's video (and honestly the nerf isn't really bad, if they raised arm damage a little more (not to where it was) I think the Martini would still be a very viable gun for people who run it. However this is only based on what little I know about the gun as, I have repeatedly said, I've never used the gun) and it's these kind of nerfs that need to stop. I'm pretty sure they're rebuff the gun in an upcoming patch like they did with mortars but you know it'll never be as good as it was before.

    I think DICE's biggest problem is the period this game takes place in. They're used to modern shooters now (it's been how long since the first Battlefield released), they forgot what it meant to make a game in a time period where guns weren't as powerful as they are now. They're either underpowering guns that were actually pretty beastly (the Martini) and overpowering guns that probably weren't even that powerful to begin with (I use the Hellreigel here, there is no documentation on how powerful this gun actually was as it never saw use in the War and I believe only three were made (I don't remember, been awhile since I watched Westie's video on it) for testing with none surviving). It's a shit show and I hope by the time the first DLC rolls around they figure out what they're doing to balance this game properly because I'm really starting to regret buying Premium now.

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  22. 6 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    lmao. I will call it old lumpy from now on. XD

    XD Thank Matimi0 for that. I got it from him in one of his videos (he calls it Lumpy but I like Old Lumpy better).

    Meh, if this game emulated real life we'd all be fucked. Almost every single gun we're using can be deadly in one hit so yea. Sorry had to say it (I absolutely hate when people compare games to real life or aspects of games to real life because lets face it, this isn't real life and if games followed the same rules as real life games would be extremely boring (I use the "Once you die in combat you're dead for good and can't play the game anymore" scenario every time I hear it. See, games emulating real life would not be fun would they (sorry if I'm coming off as an ass but it's true and I'm tired so yea)). Honestly I grew bored of the game long ago. All I got on for was to try out the new map and crossbow and both are meh for me. I'll get on again around the time of the next DLC but until then I probably won't get on much. I'm honestly thinking of starting to play BF4 again because I miss it and I've been going through Metro withdrawals.

    Honestly all Domination has been since before the patch is Shotguns, Sweepers, and Hellreigels and thats all it is now so not much has changed (Shotguns are a little rarer now). Very few people will run LMG's because they're not suited for close range combat. War Pigeons (this mode is amazing by the way. I tried it out Friday night and loved it. So fucking hectic but I could use a little less gas grenade spam) is pretty much Hellreigel central with a few Sweepers here and there. Honestly Domination is the only fun mode for me. Operations quit being fun the fifth time I did Kaiserschlact (sp?, to lazy to look it up), Conquer Hell, Iron Walls, and Oil of Empires. Even with the changes I rarely see the second map anymore and its just not fun getting steamrolled on the first map every single time I play or getting spawn camped by the airship/dreadnaught. DICE was extremely short sided in their design of Operations and it shows. I was expecting a tug of war type scenario where you're constantly being pushed back and pushing back the enemy to regain ground. Instead we got a half assed Rush/Conquest combination that grew stale very quickly.

  23. That's why DICE needs to look at their progression system and change it. This is exactly why I wish they would of left the attachment system in game and unlocked the guns through progressive use of others like in BF4. Sadly they decided on this monstrosity of a system that only favors people who have no lives and can spend 6-8 hours playing this game (which isn't really a benefit more or less it just helps them unlock the rank 10 weapons faster). Honestly I was never really all that interested in the rank 10 weapons because we already have all of the best weapons for each class unlocked by rank 3. The Mon and Cei are by far the best Medic weapons (the Seb is amazing if you can get over the recoil while using it's Marksmen variant) for medium range encounters, the Autoloader is amazing but it's damage leaves a little to be desired (I mean the gun fires as fast as you can pull the trigger which for me is pretty damn fast. It's recoil is very manageable and if you get the extended mag version you're sitting with probably one of the best weapons the class has if you're going for an aggressive playstyle (it would definitely fit in with you Rifle Grenade/Medic Crate combo)), and the Sweeper is one of the best close range weapons in the game (outside of the Assaults SMG's). The BAR is by far the best weapon Support has with the 1909 coming in at a very close second (for me anyways). It's extremely stable, is capable of long range kills with precision accuracy, and its the only LMG that can hold it's own in close range fights (the 1909 is good if you use the Trench variant but nothing beats the BAR). The MG 15 is great for laying down suppressing fire from long ranges due to clip size and it's actually a pretty accurate gun if you use a version with the bipod. I can't comment on the Madsen as I've never used it outside of the campaign but considering how many people do use it I'd say it's a pretty good gun as well. Scout has by far the best weapons in the game if you understand how they work and they have everything you need for any range. Personally out of the rifles I've used I like the Russian 1895 and the 1903 isn't bad (I need to get used to the bullet velocity on it) for long range encounters. As I don't use the Scout for aggressive play I have no real opinion on the other rifles and their usefullness.

    I've had no trouble beating out a full auto Cie with the MP18. The Cie starts to get pretty inaccurate after the second shot and even the Trench version has atrocious hip fire. An MP18 shouldn't lose out to it in any situation besides being ambushed. That's the real reason why I hate Assault, it's useless outside of taking out armor. Honestly they should of just left Medic as Assault and gave us an actual Engineer class again or at least have given the Assault class an actual medium range weapons (they honestly deserve a DMR or, as much as I hate to say it, give them the BAR. Honestly the BAR isn't much of an LMG in my opinion and I think it'd fit in the Assault class better. Then again the Hellreigel would have to go then (honestly it should be a Support weapon based on its mag size)).

    Sadly though DICE won't learn from these mistakes until player counts start to drop and lets face it that won't happen for awhile. BF1 is pretty much the only viable FPS atm considering how much IW sucks. TF2 is another viable option but it seems BF1 is pretty much dominating the FPS market at the moment. Plus DICE will learn quite quickly what will happen if you nerf the BAR as Support will probably see massive drops in how much it's actually played (lets face it you're other options aren't that great weapon wise, I rarely see Lewis Guns and Madsens anymore. All I ever see is the BAR, 1909, and MG 15 with the BAR being the most used LMG). Plus most of what DICE does is based on what Youtubers (you can pretty much guarantee that the Martini nerf is the result of to many videos being put up about how godly the weapon was) say and we all know it's true. They have more say on what happens in games these days then your rank and file player so unless we get them on our side we'll probably not see any real good change in this game until the end of year 1 or around the time we get the Russian DLC.

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