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  1. From the album Strider's New Wheels

    So here's a side view of the new car. The people in the image are my mother (left) and my grandmother (right, who I currently live with), they got caught in the shot without knowing it. As you can see it's a very nice looking car. There is some damage that we didn't notice yesterday but the dealer was completely up front about it (a crack down the middle of the windshield which he knocked $200 off the asking price for (he was quoted $200 to repair it had he chose to). He said we can bring it back to him and he'll get it replaced for cheaper then he was quoted). It actually has 46,000 miles on it but that's still better than getting a vehicle with more that 100K. All in all I'm happy with it but now I need to learn how everything works with it because it's a lot newer than my old one and they've changed a lot of things since then.
  2. Heh, that's pretty much what I did with the old car. Usually go in twice a year for oil changes (I'll probably be taking this one in soon, the dealer said it should be up for one in 2-3 months), usually March and September is when I get it changed (on my father's orders, get in changed before and after winter). We'll have to see on the windshield, it's insured under my father so I don't know all the specifics on what it covers (it was just easier to add the car to his insurance than go through the hassle of getting it under me, we did the same with my last car). He'll be talking to our insurance agent next week to hammer out the specifics for everything (we didn't have a lot of time at the dealer yesterday as I had to have him come while he was working to get everything taken care of as the car will be licensed under me and him (only real way we could get it done due to the loan)). Honestly since the crack isn't in my view I'll be fine with not repairing it for awhile (it's down middle vertically so it's not in my line of sight). The only thing I really need to worry about is it's rear wheel drive and I'm not used to driving those type of cars in the winter (all of my cars have been front wheel). Should prove interesting this winter. I also need to get used to accelerating slowly, this thing has a lot of pep when you press down the accelerator hard (luckily I haven't squealed out with it yet).
  3. From the album Strider's New Wheels

    Another, more complete side view of the car.
  4. Don't know if any of you have been following this game or are interested in it but I tried the open beta out for it today. I'm actually impressed with this game based on what little time I actually spent playing it (it might help that the team I played on completely smashed the other team). It's fun, the characters are hilarious (they say random shit during matches when they meet certain characters and what not), it's quite easy to understand, and honestly I love the art style (which is weird because I normally don't like this type of art). This, I think, will be Overwatch's major competitor for players until Lawbreakers hits the scene but I'm going to reserve my final judgement until I play the Overwatch Open Beta to see which one is better in my opinion. I'd suggest, if you have the time, to dl and try out the beta. It runs until Tuesday if I'm not mistaken. Thorn, the only character I played, is awesome btw. She wrecks face once you get here up to level 7 and above. Trailers:
  5. Well I won't be getting BF1 now due to the car accident I was in today leaving work. I won't get into the details but everyone involved is ok (I have a sore shoulder wear the seat belt locked up but nothing serious) but my car is pretty much fucked so I now get to go shopping for a new one this weekend (yay, more payments I can't afford but it'll be cheaper than getting the damage repaired). What a lovely day to end my work day (and I got off early due to having to attend a quarterly meeting that suffice to say I missed).

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      It's silver. While I generally like to stick to blues, blacks, and reds for car colors (exactly like my father on that) its damn fine looking.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Well I did get the car today (I'll post pictures later when I have time). After everything was said and done the payments come out to $214 a month which I'm more than happy about. It's a damn nice car and handles like a dream.

    3. Sledgstone


      Nice! I think you got a great deal. ^_^

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  6. I've heard of it but never used it. In fact I don't think I know anyone that's ever used it (my group of friends are pretty much the same as me, old school internet pirates sailing on the good ship Torrent (she will never sink as long as we keep her afloat )). I'm not surprised by it though. Crunchyroll was the same exact way for anime before they went completely legit (well legit but still shady as hell), I used to use them back then when I couldn't find fansubs for something I wanted to watch (it's how I first got into watching Naruto Shippuden, how I first watched Macross 7, and what introduced me to one of my all time favorites Dirty Pair). They offered a HQ stream if you paid a monthly fee but the LQ stuff was still watchable (sadly I paid for the HQ stream back when they weren't legit but I refuse to pay for it now that its legit, there's something fundamentally wrong with that). I honestly wouldn't know if I'd trust this app though, the amount of shit that could go wrong aren't worth the free aspect to it (then again it'd be no worse then dling a torrent off of a shady torrent site).
  7. People rake it a shit ton of money on Twitch and it's actually how a lot of youtubers make their money now ($5 a sub (well roughly $3 after Twitch's cut) rakes in pretty fast plus donations, you honestly make more money being a full time streamer then you do being a YT personality). I'm subscribed to a few people at the moment and if I actually used Amazon more I might actually look into this (just because I'd like to sub to Maimi0 but can't afford it atm and this would be a good way to do it). Honestly the ads on Twitch aren't all that bad and you can bypass them by using PS4's twitch app (for some reason it never plays ads except when you first log into the stream (even when the streamer puts ads up)) so going ad free isn't exactly worth it (plus the streamers get a cut of that ad money as well so you're screwing them by not watching ads).
  8. Torrenting never died for me, I'll be a pirate to the day I die (Yarr!, had to do it ). Honestly I never understood why torrenting died with the advent of streaming services (I mean seriously it's free and the chance of actually getting caught and persecuted is slim to none as no ISP will take you to court unless forced to by the rights holder). Subscribing to Netflix didn't stop my torrenting at all, hell it didn't even put a dent in it. Then again when I was living in Arizona I didn't have cable TV. My roommate and I decided there was no point in paying for TV when we could just download everything we wanted to watch or catch it on Netflix. Then again that's just us and even though I have cable again I prefer to download my stuff so I can watch it when I want without having to pay extra for a DVR so I can do the same. Meh, I guess I'm still an old school internet pirate that can't give up his past ways (then again I do end up buying 90% of the shit I download so I guess I'm a somewhat reformed pirate). There really never will be a happy medium here as cable companies will never give up their hold on the TV market and will continue to gouge prices. Eventually streaming services will do the same as, like I said, getting the rights to stream things is getting more and more expensive as the years go by (pretty soon Hulu and Amazon will be in the same place as Netflix is now when everyone and their mother has a streaming service for their own shit).
  9. It's not surprising. With content providers creating their own streaming platforms and with the costs of streaming rights for movies and shows going up it's not surprising Netflix's catalog has shrunk substantially over the last 4 years. I honestly saw this coming back when I first subscribed to Netflix because it was only a matter of time before others took a page from Netflix's book and started doing the same thing. Honestly I don't know why I pay for Netflix anymore. I rarely, if ever, watch anything on it anymore (and when I do it might be once every few months) besides certain shows (like Supernatural, I really wish they'd get season 11 up) and documentaries (I absolutely love Netflix for documentaries). Honestly the only thing that will keep Netflix going is their original content they've been creating over that last few years (stuff I have yet to watch but I do plan on checking out Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards (which I've heard nothing but great things about) to name few). I tend to download all the movies I want to see if I don't get to see them in the theater and before I buy them (I buy very few movies without watching them and only if I know I'll like them (like The Hobbit Movies and what not)) and I do the same with TV shows since I rarely watch anything on cable anymore (again there are exceptions like Deadliest Catch but that's one day of the week). I've never used Sling but I haven't heard good things about it from the few people I know who use it. I've been looking into getting Playstation Vue (I've heard nothing but good things about it) but I'd run into the same problem I do with cable/Netflix, I'd rarely watch it so it'd be a waste of money (luckily I don't pay for cable so that's one bill I don't have to pay). Honestly the one thing I do spend a lot of time watching content on is YouTube, thankfully that's free (for now, who knows what may come down the line).
  10. That's my current home screen. Sorry it took so long to post it (and for the double post) but I ended up playing 8 or so hours of FFXIV yesterday to make up for my lack of time on it during the week (and I completely forgot to take and post the screen shot, I lose track of time while I'm playing (still can't believe I was on for that long yesterday)).
  11. My home screen is also a Stormtrooper. I'll post a pic of it later.
  12. Yep, not surprised by yours DX Cute dogs Sledge. I just changed mine today as the old one was getting boring and this one just happened to win.
  13. I'm strangely ok with this and it's about time. As much as I feel the game deserves the money that was being charged I'm sadly in the minority there and I'd hate for it to die just because 2K made some shitty choices with it's launch and afterwards. I'll definitely be grabbing it when it goes F2P (even if the servers are sparsely populated).
  14. From the album FFXIV Pics

    So to give you guys a glimpse of what my hot/action bars look like in FFXIV here you go (yea I took this while flying back to the main city on my white fat chocobo after taking those screenshots). Yes, I pretty much use every single one of those abilities in the middle three bars (the left bars hold other things not pertaining to my job and are shared between all my jobs). Some more then others but for the most part they all get used at some point. Yea we have a lot of buttons to press (my usual rotation is 18 buttons, give or take a few depending on the engagement).
  15. Don't get me wrong they're not overly bad (I mean I bought the first two when they came stateside and plan on buying the last two when I get the money (or if it's on Rightstuf's Black Friday or 12 days of Christmas sale)) they just weren't as good as the original movie or the SAC series's and movie. It was such a huge departure from what made the setting and the character's so enjoyable (I mean the Major just rubs me the wrong way in the OVA, she's just not as awesome as she was in the original movie or the series). It was like they decided to just take the framework of the story/background and the characters basics information from Shirow's original manga and throw everything else out the window (it's not like the movies and the SAC series/movie didn't do the same but they were more in line with what they were in the manga (and believe me the manga is completely different from the original movie, they took a lot of liberties when they adapted it)). The Arise movie however was amazing and I actually enjoyed it, it really went back to what made GitS what it was (I really need to buy it). The Major actually seemed like the Major and while the other characters still irked me (Ishikawa was probably the only real character I liked in Arise, he didn't really change much) it felt more like GitS than the OVA's did. (Honestly don't know why I didn't cover this in my earlier post but like I said these 10 hour days are slowly melting my brain)
  16. There's one more I can get but I need 3000 player commendations to get it. It's called the Parade Chocobo and it's basically the yellow fat chocobo with the crown. Sadly I'm really far away from getting the necessary commendations (last I checked I have 820) because people don't like giving commendations to dps (commendations are basically a way of rewarding someone for doing a good job in an instance, I get a lot more then I used to but it's still hard to get them as a dps as most of the time people give their commendations to tanks and healers).
  17. From the album FFXIV Pics

    Here's a pic of the White Fat Chocobo (or Original Fat Chocobo as it's called in game). I received this when I got my Maid set (I'll post pics later of my White Mage who's gear is glamoured to look like a maid, I have them taken just haven't gotten around to uploading them) during that Amazon promotion. He even has a little crown. His animations are exactly the same as the yellow one so that's why the greens are present again.
  18. Sometimes but I'm so used to it I don't even notice (and I have my main rotation set-up so I can minimize the movement of my wrists/hands). I'm also a mouse clicker so anything that's not on 1-5 I pretty much click to activate (most people don't even notice I use mouse clicks most of the time as I'm pretty good at it from playing WoW for 6 years) so I can minimize the stress on my wrists. Plus, like I mentioned, the rotation changes depending on the fight. I don't use the full 18 button rotation on trash mobs in instances, that rotation is roughly 10 or so buttons (counting my mudra rotations (mudras are how Ninja's activate their special abilities, they're the Japanese looking buttons on my third bar)). The 18 button rotation is mostly for boss mobs in instances or world bosses from fates where using everyone of my abilities is necessary.
  19. From the album FFXIV Pics

    Another pic of my chocobo. I took this screenshot in front of Alexander (the newest Primal threat we're facing, he's currently our 8-man raid dungeon and in the next patch (on Tuesday) we'll get the last raid tier for him).
  20. From the album FFXIV Pics

    This is my personal Chocobo I was given at level 20 (after doing a quest line and joining a Grand Company). His name is Aria (after Aria Pokoteng from the manga/anima Aria). We can use our personal chocobos as companions when we're questing out in the world so that's why I'm not riding him (it's a quest line that ends with the ability to summon him as a companion). He's wearing the Wild Rose Barding (a gift for being subscribed for some many days). I have multiple bardings for him but this is the one I currently have him equipped with. No, he wasn't born Snow White (his color). I had to feed him specific foods for his feathers to change color (cost me roughly 100,000 gil to get him this color, he used to be Lavender in color).
  21. From the album FFXIV Pics

    This is the Fat Chocobo I was given for buying the Digital Collector's Edition of FFXIV: ARR. Considering it's a fat chocobo the joke to get him to run is hanging Gyashi Greens in front of him hence the pole with the greens.
  22. From the album FFXIV Pics

    Here's the Fat Chocobo in flight. Since greens make him run it's only obvious that cake would make him fly. When you actually move he makes attempts to eat the cake (and the greens if he's running).
  23. From the album FFXIV Pics

    Here's the White Fat Chocobo in flight. Again same animations hence the cake.
  24. From the album FFXIV Pics

    Another pic of my chocobo.
  25. I honestly have no faith in Western live-action adaptations of anime and never have (the only real one we had was Dragonball and I that was atrocious by all accounts (what I've heard, I never watched it)). Honestly I don't have any real faith in Japanese live-action adaptations either (I mean they're not bad but they're not that good. The best one I saw was the Nana live-action movies and they were ok (the first one was the best, second one kinda flopped imo)). I'm not a fan of Deathnote (the premise never interested me so I never read the manga or watched the anime) so I hope Netflix does it justice (I mean they have had some great original series come out over the last few years and a few flops so who knows they might do good).