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  1. I know bad drivers of both genders. My dude friends are the ones who taught me to drive. A little of their crazy rubbed off on me, but not any of the road rage stuff.
    Off topic psychobabble tip of the day:

    For a lot people the negative sexist humor (rape, get in the kitchen) isn't funny, it prompts a disgust response in the same way child abuse and animal cruelty prompts a disgust response (abuse of power/control over the smaller). Women can't drive, surfers are brain dead dude, all scientists wear glasses are stereotypical humor.  Get in the kitchen or stay barefoot and pregnant are orders. Those kinds of jokes are indicative of a sense of patriarchal entitlement and the brain you're communicating with processes that. That's why chicks don't like them. Their brain says :redcard: 
    I'm not working you bro I know you were kidding.  
    Most professional chefs, even the burger flippers at McD's are dudes which invalidates the misogynistic make me a sandwich mentality and de-feminizes cooking which is actually physics and chemistry in action. The chef shows I like on tv are mostly dudes. Gordon Ramsay FTW!!!!

    and this one

  2. Equality is not about putting one side down, its about providing all sides with the same rights and opportunities. Ending patriarchy doesn't mean drag men down, I think it means just the opposite. There are entire countries that regulate half of their population cannot go out in public unattended let alone contribute to the world. If these primitive dickbags educated every child equally they might not be living in mud houses in seismically active zones derp. A human brain is a fantastic resource and we as a species need to utilize our ingenuity and creativity and cognitive reasoning abilities to deal with the problems the climate destabilization is causing. It's not just a sea level rise problem, its water, food, temperature, and the challenges of creating a grid a tornado or blizzard can't fuck over. We need everybody's mind on the job not just dudes. A hundred percent of the population adding to and implementing global knowledge is a good thing for everyone; that's why it will happen. In the process patriarchy is lashing out violently in its death throws. What we need is for women and men both to denounce violence, inequality and an inherited sense of superiority.

  3. A lot of folks scream 2nd amendment when it comes to the gun issue and technically speaking a private citizen could have whatever the military had so ppl could unite and have a chance at overthrowing a tyrannical govt. At the time it was possible, now it is not. Period. All the daydreaming and posturing aside, if the US military turned on its people we would be totally screwed. Our military can kill millions of us without ever putting boots on the ground. This cold hard fact gives rise to fear which leads to nutty shit, think conspiracy theory, all of them. Throw in all the religious end times garbage on top of that. Presto, you have a frightened population and this is where the brain takes over.

    Fight or flight has been with us perpetually as we've evolved and is present in many species on this planet. A sane fight response to the reality that our military could fucking end us could be something like paying attention to our military budget, weaponry, what they're doing for our troops. A person who protests the militarization of our police force is reacting with a fight response. A fight response by someone more extreme could be anything from hoarding weapons and ammo to blowing up govt buildings. Flight response doesn't mean they pack their shit and move to Canada eh. It means they put the responsibility for their protection in somebody else's hands. They leave keeping them safe from all the scary in the big world up to the (usually awful) politicians they elect. Extremism in politics/relgion rising with advances in technology and equal social integration is not a coincidence, its psychology. Flight response to death manifests itself in religion. The person leaves their salvation, ie the protection of their eternal consciousness/soul up to their clergy, prophet or deity. For some the need to flee reality is so great that they believe they will not die they will be raptured up cuz the end is now. They are so terrified of death they convince themselves it ins't going to happen to them. That's nutbag shit, but they believe it. Oh, and they vote republican in large numbers.


    These things need to be taken into consideration when we are discussing the mental health of the country. We also need to stop dancing around the subject and call this bullshit out for what it is. We are riding a wave of very public male pattern violence in this country and I don't think we've crested yet. Some neighborhoods are akin to the wild wild west. Dudes start shooting each other at two in the afternoon in Syracuse. I believe we are living through a paradigm shift that will lead to equal human rights and civil protections to every person on the planet. Some cultures will handle this better then other. Patriarchy does not want equality they want control and when they see the loss of control their fight or flight response kicks in. We have primitive humans murdering women to satisfy some twisted delusion of honor they hold on to. We have men in power that actively work to legislate women's bodies, marriage, the definition of rape for crying out loud. The same sore losers that won't sign on to the violence against women act. When half of the population believes that not only are they superior to the other half but they deserve to lord over the other half, we have a fucking problem. I'm not optimistic enough to think this kind of bullshittery is going to disappear, but it is going to have to be reigned in and put in the back seat in a childproof car seat if we want to make it as a fucking species. We can start by not indoctrinating children.                

  4. The Dukes of Hazzard were illegal booze smugglers

    Shaggy was most definitely constantly high and some kind of super dog whisperer

    Prince Adam had masculinity issues corrected by a 'magic sword' By the power of viagra! I have a hard on!

    Toxic waste mutated flushable animals into intelligent bad ass sentient beings

    Boy George ftw!

  5. So like yeah... I've listened to many opinions looked at a lot of stats and yada yada

    No, the hunters I know do not use M16's to hunt deer, but I know a lot of collectors who have things they never take out of their original packaging. Some ppl collect action figures, some ppl collect guns. Some guns are never even loaded let alone fired.


    Yes, taking something out of circulation reduces the number of guns lawfully owned and obtained out of there, but the black market won't stop selling whatever is banned.


    I think Chris Rock was onto something with his bullets should cost  $5000 apiece. It's not just guns killing people, its a fuck load of bullets. A gun with no ammo is a club.


    People always ignore the second word in gun violence. That's too bad because what we really have is a violence problem.

  6. not that I'd know how to grow pot without googeling it... :rotfl:


    smoking/eating weed is best grown indoors hydroponically, controlled conditions produce better yields. At a point in the plants life cycle it needs different hrs of light a day, fertilizer is a must and the plants need it to be warm. Seed to produce doesn't take long, but cloning a mother pant expedites the process. Indoor crops are usually harvested in rotation several times a year.  Hemp for biofuel or textile use can be grown in fields just like corn. It could replace timber for paper, it could replace corn for bio fuel. There is $ to be made in this business and the industries that be can't hide that anymore. We see the bullshit behind its prohibition in the first place, and we're still paying for a fucking failed war on drugs putting people in prison for weed. We can haz the internet and we haz use it

  7. I dislike the idea that growers also have to be the sellers. Corn farmers don't make Fritos yo. They should be separate so that there is a little competition amongst the new businesses.

    I'd like to see the laws be family farm friendly. There are a lot of farms around here, mostly dairy. Most farmers grow their own corn and hay but when we have shitty summers like the last one it puts them in the position of buy feed or sell animals. They screamed about it all summer on the news covering the drought. I think farmer Brown should be able to have a Morton building full of supplemental income. I think the ones growing/raising our food and supplying our milk should be the ones to grow the pot.   

  8. Vigorous regulation of a thriving medical-marijuana industry in Colorado offers the best glimpse of what is coming to Washington when it launches its voter-approved social-use market. With continuous surveillance, bar-coded plants and strict financial background checks, Colorado's rules allowed capitalism to be unleased, creating an instant $200 million industry.



    Five-figure licensing and application fees — plus security and requirements that dispensaries grow most of their own product — added up to $500,000 or more. That was intentional, Romer said.

    "If you raise the bar high enough, they won't risk their $500,000 or million-dollar investment to sell to youngsters," said Romer.

    With a new law in place, a retired liquor regulator and one-time drug cop, Matt Cook, was brought in to broker a five-month negotiation that "had drug dealers on one side, law enforcement on the other, and my staff in the middle," he said.

    Cook had one primary goal: no "diversion" of marijuana spilling from regulated grows onto street corners.

    The result was a blizzard of rules: 24-7 video surveillance in grow farms and dispensaries accessible to enforcement officers via the Internet; bar codes on each plant; criminal background checks; and hard-copy manifests faxed to Cook's staff each time a pound of pot was moved.

    "The process works," said Cook, who retired and is now a consultant to the medical-marijuana industry. "It sort of set the example for the rest of the nation. This commodity won't go away. And it can be regulated."



    I hope my state is paying attention to this

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