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  1. Let the guy control you!? Terrible!
  2. Hi I'm SOLAR. The best thing to ever come to the forums. I own , and I help run clans on starcraft. I play smash and hackeysack. GG
  3. SERIOUSLY! Having a crush on a cartoon? It all really comes down to WHO is well drawn. That's all that can turn people on.
  4. Dragonball Z. Yes, we all know the story, and many people won't admit it. The fact is, DBZ was one of the most impactful animes of all time, and the storyline and suspense captured us all. Whenever you bring it up however, you get laughed at. Not like I watch the show anymore or anything, but give respect where it's due. DBZ is underrated. Agree?
  5. I can't stand filler episodes. I'm sure the fillers don't waste as much of my time in mangas as in the TV show.