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  1. I think back is the better colour for what he is,

    Black is a colour associated with tactical squads / special divisions of law enforcement like SWAT.




    H now seems more cyborg then robot, which i think will be peoples biggest gripe 

    Alex died, and was re-animated as a cyborg, more machine then man, and learnt humanity again


    this take seems to be more cyborg, that is essentially an augmented human, human feelings with a programmable body, 



    Personally i don't think the film needed to be remade, but that doesn't mean it will suck,. it will be entertaining at least.

    I look forward to it, 

    Back when robocop was made in the 80's people could barly fathom the idea of touch screen, 3d imagining or even flat screens.


    I am curious to the take of the future this film will have.

    Personally I think he should be more mobile, stronger faster and smarter. Why does he need 3 inch layers of steel to be bullet proof when new compounds of metal can be 5mm thick and more resistant,

    Less walking tank more walking arsenal.  :)  

  2. This new anime is awesome




    One hundred years prior to the beginning of the story, giant humanoid creatures called Titans (巨人 Kyojin?) have forced humanity to devolve to a medieval level of technology and to retreat into a system of concentric Walls (ウォール Wōru?) known as Wall Maria (ウォール・マリア Wōru Maria?, outermost), Wall Rose (ウォール・ローゼ Wōru Rōze?, middle), and Wall Sina (ウォール・シーナ Wōru Shīna?, innermost). Inside these walls, humanity lived in peace for one hundred years. But in the beginning of the story, a sudden attack by a gigantic sixty-meter Titan and a smaller Titan covered in armor plates causes the outermost wall to be breached, forcing mankind to abandon the land between Walls Maria and Rose, leading to famine and turmoil.

    Little is known about the Titans, giant creatures that are usually between 3-15 meters tall with a few exceptions. The Titans attack and devour ordinary humans on sight instinctively, although apparently they do not need to feed to survive, as they do not prey on other animals, even with the absence of humans, surviving by absorbing sunlight. They have hard skin and regenerative abilities, and can only be killed by a deep incision on the base of the neck. This weakness led to the development of the 3-D Maneuver Gear (立体機動装置 Rittai Kidō Sōchi?), allowing humans to navigate quickly in a three-dimensional space to access the Titans' weak point. Though it allows great mobility to a skilled user, it carries a large risk of overtaxing the muscles, thus a special physical conditioning and sense of balance is necessary to master it



    What struck me is the easy the characters die, it is not glorius, it is not pretty, is is unkind and raw. the characters are scared, but some have the will to push on, others break, many die, it is such a good anime


    It has insane battles using high speed maneuvers using harpoon harnesses and swords


    here is the opening



  3. I always saw shield as more military then how this show seems to be moving towards


    the stars all look like models who wear skinny jeans and designer hair cuts


    apart from coulson who for some reason was retconned to be alive and nick fury will be suprisingly absent


    also will super heroes cameo, 

    Or will it be c list heroes at best like iron fist...

  4. This is just a bit unbelievable

    Seems like every crime is a Vesen, and every time he is surprised it is a vesen...

    Also not much seems to happen in Grimm overall, It is very much a monster of the week show at the moment, with a weak overall story


    Supernatural had a few bad seasons, but still going very well, Supernatural has the brothers always travelling, they go to the crazy,

    Grimm just seems too centralised, 

    also they need to explore Grimms more, 

    are there more then 1 family of grimms, could there be a few dozen, maybe have him leave portland for a few ep's to go vesen hunting for some reason...


    Sup's problem us 65% of every season is filler and the overall arc story is awesome, but too few ep;s focus on it. grimm is still young, so i hope they pick up the pace and scope

  5. It is rather brutal 

    but no more gory then Spartacus, or even Supernatural


    But its context being more realistic and current about psycho killers inc cannibles 


    the psycho killers are rather original in there crazyness and killing methods which to me makes each episode interesting 



    It has good ratings and the network likes it, 


    from tv news:

    The series was pulled by Salt Lake City, Utah's KSL-TV (Channel 5) as of April 29, 2013 after four episodes were aired, and will air in that market beginning with the May 4 episode during late night Saturdays after Saturday Night Live on KUCW, Salt Lake City's CW affiliate.[35] KSL-TV is owned by the commercial broadcasting arm of the LDS Church, and has refused several NBC series in the past due to violent or sexual content. Hannibal was pulled after Salt Lake Tribune television writer Scott D. Pierce criticized the station for refusing to carry NBC's sitcom The New Normal due to its sexual humor, while allowing the violence of Hannibal to air without any objections; the article led to viewer complaints to KSL over the series.

  6. Looks very good and high production for a tv series

    Judge Dredd meets iRobot

    Karl Urban + JJ Abrams = awesome

    cant wait

    The show will be predictable, solve murders each week, while the robot teaches the human what it means to be alive

    and how the human grows to trust the robot

    but this is one ill be following

    Also i am glad when film stars do TV shows as the quality is usually higher (24)

    but the worry is they don't like to be tied up for too long due to a film deal that pays way more for a lot less time

    Click here to view the article

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