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  1. Again this is a waste of time and they should have left it all alone after the second movie. The third one sucked in my opinoin and the series is without a actual plot line and doesn't stick to the orginal concept so therefore sucks more. Dawson Creek sucked too/and a cross over due to the characters and writers has ruined the concept of terminator. It is very annoying really that Hollywood cannot come up with anything orginal and sticks to making crappy sequels and remakes of everything that was better left alone.
  2. Yes, the comic relief of Fai. It truly is remarkably funny, especially when Kurogane over reacts. The latest volume I know of to be released is 15. That particular volume is where things start to pick up as far as story wise, that is all I will say. Off Topic: And as of dec 29, something I can relate to, thankfully I didn't loose the only family I had that night . . . but the closeness of loosing him has shaken me none the less. Fai I truly sympathize with you, even if you are only a manga/anime character. One statement for FMA; I would sacrifice anything for my brother and I can say that my brother and me are just as close as the Elric brothers. Hell my friends that are fans of anime see me as the calm and collected one, even though I do have fits of rage and happen to be the shorter *but older* of my brother and me. I am five years older than him for crying out loud. I am not short either, I am vertically challenged not short! {
  3. Let's see as of December 29, 2007 my weekend sucked . . . That night my younger brother was hit by a car and suffered severe head trauma requiring brain surgery due to three blood clots in his brain. He had a ruptured spleen and had to have a metal plate put into his face to replace some shattered bones. The good part of this was that he was only in a coma for three days before he woke up. Currently he is working on walking again and learning how to do for himself again. His age and the fact that he is a skateboarder saved his life. It makes for a whole new outlook on life for both of us and our family members and friends. My brother and I are very close and I am grateful that he is recovering so quickly. So my weekend sucked and I don't really recall doing anything other than living at the hospital to care for my brother. I am really just venting because of the harshness of it all. Prayers and smiles are welcome but I'm not looking for a pity party and niether would my brother. Sorry if I made you depressed, but he is getting better everyday. Have a good weekend and appreciate life, it's not so bad that you would really want to die after all.
  4. That is so funny thanks Ladywriter. Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. That's even more probable, considering most on your predictions turn out to be right. Hopefully Jaraiya will have a decent funeral at least, he's such an awesome ninja. But Naruto's reaction is going to hell if Tsuanade does decipher everthing in the book and all and manages to tell him since nobody else apperantly has yet.
  6. Don't even start mentioning Harry Potter I am still pissed at J.K. for leaving so many holes in the story. Anyway the memories make more sense and would bring attention to Jaraiya's knowledge that Naruto is indeed the destined one.
  7. That's what it looked like to me too, those flashbacks he had actually explained a lot considering what the toad sage said about some book and all. But the fact that Jaraiya is Naruto's godfather, man that explains a lot too. Hopefully Naruto already knows or he might have another breakdown and start killing people, fox demon and all.
  8. money does drive this and every industry, but don't count out parents and that the know the cartoon, it is pretty old . . . which makes me feel like an old person, so they will undoubtably spend money to go see it and kids since it will probably fall into the "dumb kid's movie" category . . . $$$ the world revolves around it now and forever. I of course will watch it in any case, but most likely I won't ever buy it, I have the cartoon episodes and am quite content with that
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. It's hell now, he's dead (no offense to the professor but that is looking pretty grim for all those who don't get Tsunade)
  11. By the way I have to agree with unknownassailant on that subject as well. Back to topic . . . Hi nice to meet you, welcome to AC!
  12. :rotfl:I would have to agree with you there, and Sasuke's my fav, besides Gaara and Itachi who rule . . . diss Sasuke.
  13. yeah . . . thanks (hangs head in shame*) I actually found one . . . thanks though
  14. C'mon Sledgestone that is so cruel . . . I will be going now* Runs away!*
  15. Anyway . . . back to Tsubasa . . . if you want to read the manga on Youtube, it is there, they are pretty far into it, but I can't remember the name of that sight that had the chapters translated and it was per volume . . . any thoughts?
  16. To have it follow you forever result in making you barf up all the noobs you ate
  17. Welcome to AC!
  18. What is your opinion on this show, do you like it or do you find it disturbing and creepy? My opinoin . . . Pros: Good artwork, strong, yet confusing in places, story line and I don't mind yaoi so I like it for the most part. Cons: It is yaoi so it takes getting used to sometimes and the anime only has twelve episodes so most of the story is basically in the manga. Let me know what you think of it . . . do you like it or hate it . . . why?
  19. Okay I can see no one likes Loveless here . . . anyone? Try it out and see if you like it Episode one
  20. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a great turkey day!
  21. That sucks, I had to do that last year. Hope you have a great day too!
  22. Nice collection you have there . . . I am envious
  23. Yeah that would be a good movie
  24. Wow . . . I wonder if Masashi Kishimoto really does want to put that much depth into the series . . . he did say that Sasuke was a very important character in one of the side notes in the manga . . . that would definitely be something else if it all turns out to be that way