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  1. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in Infinite Warfare sales are down 50% from Blops 3. Blops 3 didn't outsell 1 or 2. Fi   
    You're partly right. They've let the game get stale with a complete lacking of new ideas. It's either the same old thing, or another game's idea. They've forgotten how to make outstanding maps and decent gun balance. Instead they've recycled, mixed, matched, and divided up their perk systems into a overly complex mess more jacked up than the US tax codes. Perks use to deliver balance while complementing your style of play. Now it's just a way to close the gap between noobs and decent to good players. 
    When you get killed because of some bullshit that required no skill, and there was very little you could do to counter it, that isn't fun. It all started with death streaks, and now it's just sewn into the perks. What they've done is gotten rid of the middle class of COD. players like me that were really good at the game, but not pro level good. Now COD is filled with shit players and God like players with no middle ground.  If you jump in you're either going to be on a team that rekts or you're going to be rekted.
    They abandoned their core audience to long and where trying to reach a base they had no business catering to. Now with Overwatch, Titanfall, Halo, R6S, BF, and Gears of War saturating the market, those players that made COD what it was have moved on to something else. There is a lot more competition than 10 years ago. 
  2. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in So I'm going to go find a hole and hide in it for the next 4 years, anyone want to   
    I'm just glad I can buy a gun and ammo without the hassle of out of stocks and sky rocketing prices due to fear-mongering demand.
  3. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Well I won't be getting BF1 now due to the car accident I was in today leaving work   
    Well I did get the car today (I'll post pictures later when I have time). After everything was said and done the payments come out to $214 a month which I'm more than happy about. It's a damn nice car and handles like a dream.
  4. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in In a move of douchebaggery that should surprise no one,  you must have the Infinite   
    Pfft, I told you but you all scoffed at me when I said it. Activision is nothing but a conglomerate of greedy ass motherfuckers that want you to buy a game you don't want to get one you do and require you to use the disc of that game to play the one you want. This pretty much guarantees no stand alone release of MWR.
    The disc requirement is only because it's not a DLC, it's a full game so that's why it's justified (in their opinion). Same can be said about the digital version as well. Honestly I expect this to happen more and more when publishers remake a game and bundle it with another because lets face it a lot of games coming out these days suck and the only way to sell them is with a gimmick like this.
    BF4 + all DLC (free and paid with Premium) comes to a total of 70.47 gigs (I'm looking at my storage right now so that's exact). It's not surprising both games will sit at 130 gigs. You're probably looking at close to 70-80 gigs for IW (or more, who knows) and 50-60 gigs for MWR (it's a remaster so the new textures and models will take up a lot of room), give or take a few gigs. So by the end of IW's lifetime you're probably looking at close to 200 like DX said since you can expect at least 4-5 map packs.
  5. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in Ordered an ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe. Samsung seems to be continually plagued with ass   
    I got my phone today and I'm loving it so far. I had to go to the AT&T store to get a compatible sim card, and one of the reps told me that my S6 outshines the Asus every day of the week. WTF My s6 doesn't even come close to the specs of this phone much less anything on the market now. On paper it's statistically superior to everything in raw power. I guess they only know what they sell. I'm surprised I did get hassled about having an unlocked phone.
  6. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Someone already 3 manned Destiny's new raid and I heard the story was really short.   
    True, locking weapons and content behind the DLC packs did splinter the games population pretty much forcing you to buy the DLC if you wanted to even be on the same level as the those who did. Honestly Bungie couldn't find that middle ground like so many other games have and the problem with the game is they tried to make it into an MMO but failed to do the proper research. Bungie is working for a company that has probably the biggest and most successful MMO's in it's library (World of Warcraft, no matter what anyone says the game is by far the most successful MMO to have ever been released and continue to proves itself as a contender for the title (yea a few expansions have been pretty shitty but it seems Legion fixed most of those problems)). Why Bungie couldn't have gone to Blizzard and actually learned what it takes to make a successful game continually confuses me, especially with what they were trying to do with this game (which is a major reason why I think so many people have left. The game we were originally promised sounded amazing but I feel even it would have suffered from the same thing the game suffers from now).
    Plus the game has probably one of the worst and most punishing RNG systems in a game to date. I have better luck getting gear and weapons in FFXIV (where my luck for drops is atrocious, even more so when I have to roll on a drop I want (god damn dice roll rng)) then I do in this game (hell I had better luck in WoW). To this day I still can't understand why Bungie hasn't changed the system (they've made it a little more lax and drops are now based on your current light level) to make it more forgiving.
    Plus, I know saying this will make me a hypocrite based on my current play list of games, the game is too fucking grindy and that killed it for me (how people find grinding in this game enjoyable escapes me). I grind almost daily in FFXIV but I actually have fun doing it because I feel like I'm working toward something (since I'm grinding for currency or guaranteed drops to craft gear (that I have to roll on but still)) instead of continually smashing my head into a rock and hoping for that small chance that exotic weapon or armor piece will drop.
    Honestly Bungie is pretty much what IW is now, a shell of its former self. However their legions of fanboys and fangirls will continually keep them afloat much like IW. It's sad really but the only thing that can be done to force change is either convince these people the game they're playing is a piece of shit or hope they stop supporting these companies who have become so used to getting paid for crap content (which will sadly never happen as there will always be someone who continues to support bad developers).
  7. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in These GW2 events I skipped out on doing over the last couple months are actually p   
    All I can hear in my head is "try to git pass dis!"
  8. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Started playing Journey today. Have no idea whats really going on (I understand for   
    So I beat it tonight after my curiosity got the best of me. I really do have to say this game is amazing and I plan on playing it through multiple times now that I've finally reached the end. It really is a deeply personal experience (evoking all sorts of feelings and thoughts, I honestly found it to be a greatly moving game to the point I had a tear in my eye when I reached the end) and while there is a plot there you really do make meaning for yourself while you play through the game. You get to meet a variety of people playing through the game (I played through with 6 different people in my one play through playing with the last person for the last half of the game) and though you can't talk (every character has a unique tone that you can use to get their attention but that's about all it's useful for) you still get a sense of camaraderie while you journey with them. The soundtrack, as I said is amazing, really does set a tone for each stage/level you progress to getting serious when it needs to and uplifting when it needs to. There are points where the game gets rather tense (I won't say what they are so you can surprise yourself as it's part of the experience) and points where it's downright goofy (meeting the cloth whale was probably the strangest thing I found in the game).
    Overall this game deserves all the praise it's gotten and more. This game has more to it then most AAA titles on the market today and did so with a relatively small team and a simple idea. I can't stress enough how much everyone should give this game a try and while I admit it's not for everyone I'm sure even those who dislike it for what it is has something they found enjoyable about it. I really wish big name developers would look at these indie studios and take notes on what a game should be and not what they want it to be.
  9. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Started playing Journey today. Have no idea whats really going on (I understand for   
    Yea, it pretty much is. All it really gives you is cutscenes and a few pictographs while you're traveling with a basic premise (I've read a plot synopsis from the developers so I know what they're trying to say through the game but it is pretty much up to your own thoughts on it). It's roughly a 2-3 hour playthrough by what I've read (if you only plan on playing it once, I'll probably play this multiple times just because the soundtrack is awesome and as I said it's a very relaxing game). Even though I haven't beaten it I fully understand why this game was so well received when it first came out.
  10. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I just noticed this photo editing site that actually looks quite functional. I hav   
    But that makes no sense. It's faster loading for spammers if they don't have to cache download imagines.
  11. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I hope the next character Overwatch release is a defense or tank. I keep getting th   
    Time to get yourself a good pocket healer DX, I'd nominate myself but I don't have the game yet
    I just can't imagine why people on console can't get it through their heads that Ana is not a main healer (same with Zen but it seems Ana is the main problem here). If you just look at her abilities she screams support healer as in she's supposed to support Mercy/Lucio. I'm almost afraid to come into this because I'm going to rage if people do this to me because my first goal once I get the game is to get good with Ana (I'm already great as Mercy so I don't need practice on her and my Lucio game isn't bad but it could use work) because I prefer to play the support healer roll and not main healer (and I guarantee my ass will stick to the tank if no one plays an actual healer, fuck supporting a team that won't do whats necessary). This was always my main worry with this game since no one wants to play the roll of Tank or Healer (and the few that do get frustrated because they're stuck in that roll though some do embrace it) that I'd be stuck in that roll because I'm a team player (which is odd, I'd rather be dead before I mained a healer/tank in an MMO (yes I have White Mage at 60 in FFXIV but I don't main it (and I'm mediocre at best), I'm a dps all the way (hence why all dps classes are 60 with the exception of Black Mage and Summoner) which is why I main Ninja/Monk).
    I get the feeling that if the next character is Sombra its going to be a pure damage hero as what little we know about her points to her being similar to Reaper in a lot of ways (a flanking type, which might work as a defensive character but I doubt it). I honestly don't think they'll bring in another tank for quite awhile (probably when they decide to bring Doomfist into the game, he sounds like he'd be more of a tank based character (that is if they ever decide the bring the new one into the game, apparently he was just an afterthought for plot sake)).
  12. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I hope the next character Overwatch release is a defense or tank. I keep getting th   
    Reaper isn't a full offensive though. He's a flanker. McCree, Soldier, and Phara are your full offensive heroes. Reaper gets murdered trying to charge in. I think that's he biggest confusion with casual players. They just look at their category and think they can do it all. Tracer and Reaper are meant to distract, not be front line attackers. Junkrat and Mei are really the only heavy hitters that can go front line defense, They can be played like attackers, but the rest are mainly backline, and Zen and Ana are not suppose to be main healers, they are complementary. But in QP, once someone picks Ana, forget anyone else being a healer. That's why i always pick Zen after someone picks a healer. Reaper only got overly picked because he looks cool. Hes not picked anywhere near as much anymore over the more powerhouse offensive heroes. When 76's buff comes through, it will probably be even less. It just baffle me that Ana's newness hasn't worn out yet. Even if some jackass plays a flanker like a frontliner, its better than having zero help in the healing dept. I don't have time to stay in Ana's line of sight. We had a boss Lucio on our team the second half of the night and we were unstoppable. Healers are everything, you can mix and match the pieces for everyone else.
  13. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Day 2 of being back to work and I'm dead/exhausted. Good god these 10 hour days are   
    Oh god I hated when farmers came in like that when I still worked at Walmart. Thankfully I grew up around farms/ranches so I'm somewhat immune to the smell (still doesn't help when you smell it for the first time in years, damn near knocks ya out).
  14. Strider Hiryu liked a reply to a status update by Sledgstone in After 4 months of going through hell to find a job I finally landed one today (star   
    Congrats! Are you working in retail or did you get a job with no customer interaction?
  15. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I just found out Overwatch competitive rewards are based on your season high and no   
    Nah, it wouldn't change anything. COD has multiple game modes and they've never had any issues. Overwatch has a COD sized player base right now as well. I remember one of the CODs had 2 different TDMs and it didn't effect either one. GW2 suffers because of its casual nature. Overwatch is built around PVP.
  16. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I saw this article on my local news this morning stating that Trump is losing NY b   
    Apparently Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has his eyes set on being President as well (I believe the same time frame). While not my first choice I think he'd be the best choice if he was currently running (all signs point to him being a great guy but I don't know what he knows, if anything, about politics). If Kanye runs I'm out, he'll drive this country farther into the ground then it already is (though I doubt it'll ever get that far, nobody in their right mind would allow that idiot to run (even his fans hate him)).
    Honestly I don't think the email thing will hurt Hillary anymore then it has (unless more incriminating evidence comes forth) as it's pretty much run it's course (she fucked up, we all know it, shes paid for it since it came to light, and honestly if it didn't happen to her it would of happened to someone else. Remember our politicians are complete idiots). Trump continually runs himself into the ground by opening his mouth and while a lot of people are backing him even more are starting to see that he won't be able to run this country effectively. Hillary isn't any better of a choice but we can only hope that she'll just be a puppet and Bill will run the country from the shadows (no matter what anyone says he's been the best president we've had in years), he's great at getting us out of shit.
  17. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I just beat StarCraft II Legacy of the Void. It was a great campaign and it ended w   
    According to the plot summary on the SC wiki the ship is pretty much forgotten after that point (according to the ships profile it was left adrift). We can assume that they are either still adrift (Zerg don't have the means to use Protoss tech) or they fell under the control of Amon and were one of the millions of Zerg you slaughter through the LotV campaign. It's stated that the crew of the ship was unable to send any word to Shakuras (where they were heading) before the larvae spawned and killed the crew so it's extremely unlikely that Artanis even knows what happened and considering the dire circumstance you find yourself in throughout the game it's pretty unlikely that he would of even had the time to deal with it (I mean the poor guy is leading the remnants of his people in a war against a god-like being who can turn his own people against him).
    While a fourth race would be interesting (considering all three races are currently at peace) I don't know if they'd go that far with this (I mean I'd of loved to see the Xel'naga be playable but we both know that isn't possible). Who knows what they'll do but I'd still like to see a game based on the Aeon of Strife, it'd not only be a game focused completely on my favorite race but it'd give us a chance to see how Protoss society collapsed upon itself.
  18. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in While I have yet to watch BvS all the way through (I skipped around just to see if   
    From what little I gathered in my skipping about the movie actually does look good but I'll post my fully detailed thoughts on it once I actually watch it all the way through (though I will state I don't like Eisenberg as Luthor, that was a complete miscast in my opinion). I actually prefer serious and movies, even more so with heroes. I've never been a really big fan of superheroes because I never grew up reading comics and I rarely watched the cartoons (my superheroes as a child were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers (yea, I was a huge PR fan), and the Transformers) but what little I've gathered there wasn't a lot of humor in the comics and I'm happy this is the first real film to approach that aspect. The humor in Deadpool worked because it's Deadpool, an anti-hero that doesn't even take himself seriously. The humor also works in the Avengers because, while everything going on is generally serious, the timing of the jokes is just so well done to help break the tension.
    I loved the ending to The Thing, that's one of my all time favorite movies. I wish more movies took chances like it did (I haven't seen Inception so I can't really comment on it but I do know how it ends and I think, given the whole premise of the movie, that was a perfect way to end it). Critics these days want to be entertained and not given a whole hell of a lot to think about, they want Michael Bay and JJ films (lots of explosions, lens flare, etc). Very rarely does a completely original film or a film that takes massive chances well received. I mean look at Chappie, it got shit reviews but I absolutely loved the movie. While it's not a completely original idea and sure the film has quite a few shortcomings but it's honestly one of the best movies I saw last year (and I didn't see it till I bought it and on BD none-the-less) because I actually liked the idea they were presenting and I loved watching Chappie grow throughout the film, going from being an infant to an adult persay (and it's a good look into how self-aware AI will most likely evolve when we reach that state). On the reverse of that look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The film took very little in the way of chances and recycled most of the plot from A New Hope yet it still receives critical appraise. Don't get me wrong it was a good movie but it took the safe route and mostly did well on it's name alone. This is why Hollywood is dying and they're too stupid to see it (it's also the reason why the Game Industry has been severely lacking in quality games over the years (and why it's slowly imploding in on itself) but that's for another discussion), completely original ideas and risk taking is frowned upon and no one dares take the chance to step out of the safe zone.
  19. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in My wealth is swelling. I should have near 1600g before LWS3 comes out. Thats unchar   
    Powerful Blood got back to 70s tonight so I sold my stack off. I didn't know FGS was going to be this profitable. I well underestimated where I'd be at as I just crossed 2050g. The charged lodestones and cores are def the bulk of the wealth tho. It has accounted for 60% of my earnings every day. That's definitely gotta be your favorite week if you're trying to make Sunrise, Bolt, or Mjolnir. It also helps that I have 8 characters. DR is brutal and effects the map reward track progress too. Its funny how anet doesn't acknowledge DR even though it clearly exists. Thats probably the major reason there isnt a track bar on the core maps like there is on HoT meta progress maps. The tech is there to implement, but people would be able to get those hard numbers on DR that anet is so secretive about.
  20. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I hate FedEx. Their tracking is crap and they've delivered my packages to my neighb   
    This is why I prefer USPS, I've never had any trouble with them and always look for the option to ship with them when I can (plus priority shipping, while expensive, always arrives on time or earlier). I don't mind UPS but considering I don't get most of my packages until 7 or 8 pm when I use them it's rather annoying and can be a major inconvenience when it's something you really need. FedEx is a last ditch effort and I only use them when I know my friend is delivering it (he's a driver and he lets me know when he drops a package off if I'm not home).
  21. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in With Gliding and the speed of DD, I cleared Lornar's Pass in under 40 min. Wow... s   
    I use my druid exclusively for open world farming now because of that. My maelstrom runs are so much more efficient.