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  1. The only people that will buy this is YouTubers and eBay flippers. There is no way these will be mass produced and the $300 price tag is specifically to target those 2 groups of people. They should have made it a simple atari classic like the NES and Super NES classic and sold it for $80. The only modern games it'll play will most likely only be games that are currently playable on linux via steam. They mentioned no developers for the system and made no announcement about new launch titles. I bet they'll only be on eBay for about $400 soon and we'll never hear of it again like ouya.

  2. Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie) will both be leaving TWD next season.

    Daryl will become the new main protagonist.. I wonder how much of the comic the show will be able to follow with major characters leaving like this.

  3. I'm glad the behemoths and elite classes are gone. Especially the elite classes. I'm ok with a squad based killstreak, its not that much different than BF4's system of having a commander on the team order a missile strike if we owned C base in conquest. Predictive recoil is much better than random bullet spread. They said we can loot ammo from dead people, I hope that means we can get ammo for out current kit and they removed the option of picking up the enemy's kit. I can't think of anyone that actively loved picking up a random kit and having to adjust their playstyle because they ran out of ammo. And good riddance premium pass! :D 

  4. I'm looking forward to any info that gets revealed. I wont have the time to watch the video live. I hope premium is done for.

  5. The season finale just ended this past monday. I started this series and gave it a couple eps. I almost dropped it, but by the third ep shit started going down and I got sucked into the plot. This was a surprisingly great series with excellent acting. Its so refreshing to see a 1 off series like this. I don't think there is going to be a season 2 and if there is it would probably ruin the experience. This played out like an anime in a sense. It started and finished the entire plot. There was no filler episodes and everything tied in together. I hope this inspires AMC to make more stand alone short series. Hell, I wish more of america tv would follow this direction instead of endless reality shows or drawing out a series so long that it gets canceled without a finale. This show proves its possible for US tv to actually give us a story in a complete season. Well done AMC. :D I can only compare this to Stephen King mini series, except better. Now I wish all those old Stephen King mini series were actually given the full season treatment like this.

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  6. Premium needs to go. After the 1st dlc the only players left are premium players, most of which have no life and decent team balance usually goes out the window. I'd rather see a free map introduced once every month instead of a four map dlc pack with exclusive guns that you need to stay competitive.

    What i really want is a battlefield game that has the same mechanics as bf4. And screw planes. If the next battlefield game expects ppl to use permanently placed AA guns to take out planes I might not even buy it. I'm that sick of plane bomb spam. Westie says he hates random unavoidable deaths but didn't mention the planes when they are the primary issue imo. Endless explosion bomb spam. -_-;

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  7. This was a much darker marvel movie compared to everything else they've done. At the end of the movie, everyone was quiet and when the credits started some kid in the back seeing the disney logo said all loud: "This was a Disney move!?" XD


    I was not expecting so many characters to die off especially since I read weeks ago before that many movies are already slated to get sequels. How can there be a guardians of the galaxy 3 with just Rocket? Nah.. this is all going to be reversed some how. When Dr. Strange looked into a millions of possible outcomes from the future he saw one where they won. I'm guessing when he handed over the time stone to Thanos at that time, he was playing his role in that scenario. I watched some youtube videos and theories last night and what happened in the comics could easily happen in the movies because a certain character didn't get "dusted". I thought this movie might have been a 2 parter but since the title didn't say part 1 I figured everything would be concluded in this one movie.. but nope. It was a good movie overall. Thor and Spider-Man were the real focal point for me. That new Spider-Man tech suit was awesome and Thor went full god mode. lol. Surviving the power of a star incinerating him, only to moments later fighting Thanos's army and Thanos himself. Holy crap. That new axe/hammer is beastly especially since it can let him summon the bifrost at will now. The next movie will probably have some kind of redemption arc for Hulk. He got his ass kicked and refused to show up again.. wtf. Like a hermit crab hiding in his shell.


  8. The engine and mechanics of the first 2 games are rock solid. As long as the plot is good and there's a good supporting cast this game will be amazing. But... they can't do that exclusive time release bull shit again. That 1 year deal with Xbox was complete ass. Any game company that does that again will lose my business for life. I have a back log of games and will probably always have a back log, so if I kick one game company to the curb then fine, I have plenty of other games. I still haven't bought the latest final fantasy because of the tomb raider 1 year deal. Square Enix basically burned a bridge with me. 

  9. Lol. I do want to buy God of War but I just bought a new air conditioner and for $15 I can keep myself entertained until GoW drops in price. $60 atm is a bit high for me. :P

  10. I haven't posted a topic for a humble bundle in quite a while. This topic will be for all future humble bundles like how we keep the ps+ games topic updated. This current bundle looks pretty good:

    Capcom X Sega bundle for ps4/ps3/vita

    I'm going to spend the full $15 to get the dead rising games and the valkyria chronicles rpg.

  11. This looks much better. Although I'm wondering if most of the movie will be Tom hardy getting all the screen time with a bunch of cg black goo flying around as opposed to being venom. "We are venom" sounds cool and its a good way of associating the character as a whole instead of just being the host walking around with venom ready to attack at any moment. But in iron man 3 they emphasized Tony stark as being iron man even without the suit and while he got way more screen time than his armor did, it was boring at times as a result. 

  12. Great review! :D

    I don't want a spoiler about the final boss fight... but.. does the final boss fight completely change the fighting style for one last fight like all the other God of war games? That crap always pissed me the hell off. Like how the GoW 3 last boss fight turned into a 2d fighter like street fighter. Things like that don't come off as innovative to me, instead I find it rage enducing. 😑

  13. The special effects were the most impressive I've seen for a new scifi series in a while besides Star Trek Discovery. All the acting was top notch. I hated the Dr. Smith character. Not in a good way tho. I didn't hate the character because the character filled it's role in making me hate her, I hated her because it felt like bad writing to have one person say what they're going to do or say what is going to happen and somehow everything works out exactly like they said it would. It became so predictable. Same with Mrs. Robinson.. somehow she had the worst luck and would almost die all the time. Just hanging out around her pretty much guarantees a life an death situation at all times. wtf. lol. I hope they make another season. I would have preferred to see Robert Carlyle play Dr. Smith as the original scientist character. He could have basically reprised the same role from his old Stargate Universe days.

  14. That sounds like a great setup. Any idea if the axe is the only primary weapon for the entire game? Like how in the older games we got Hercules gauntlet/ chain things or that one lance? Lol. I cannot remember those weapons names. XD

  15. The game sounds amazing. Is there a good variation of magic abilities like in the old God of war games? Does magic have any benefits over physical damage? Or maybe it makes certain enemy types easier to kill? Or do you think it's better to focus on upgrading all physical damage as a priority?

  16. The internet services in your area sound like the biggest cash grab of all. There's no reason for internet data caps like that with modern networks imo. Especially considering all websites are the ones actually paying for data transfer limits to the data centers/ hosting services they're signed up with. Data caps sounds like double dipping for extra profits just because they can because there's either no competition or their network literally sucks so much ass that they have severe limitations that should have been resolved years ago. Time Warner / spectrum is a shit company in this area but at least they put some profits over the years into updating their network. Their basic plans now are $50-60 a month with 100 mbps minimum and no data cap.

    I don't know what may or may not happen with no net neutrality anymore but for me I'd rather keep my plan the way it is now which is unlimited everything. If they rolled out changes to make a game plan, streaming, plan, etc. I'd be pissed. I'd rather see everywhere in the US have unlimited plans.

    I am a bit concerned about privacy with net neutrality going away. I have a feeling that all our private information will become an entire economy like health insurance. Facebook and Google have been profiting off our data for years with targeted ads based off our info, now I worry that the ISPs and network backbone providers will start harvesting all our internet usage data and sell it off to any random company with enough money. They could also target high usage websites like Netflix and Amazon prime and throttle their connections unless they pay more money. And then they could double dip that by making us pay for streaming packages with our internet to. It all seems shady as hell to me. Once all this potentially becomes an economy of its own our government will never roll new laws into place to protect our privacy because it'll affect jobs or the entire country's economy as a whole or some bull crap like that.

    I bought a VPN service a couple weeks ago. At least I can do things privately now if I want. Its also fun to turn my VPN on, switch over to a Canada or Britain IP and then Google search news. Its cool to actually see news from Google thinking I'm living in a different country. The ads from websites completely change to since they're not targeted at me anymore either. EU has completely different laws than the US for privacy. Browsing from any EU/ Britain/ Canada ip from my VPN procs most websites into popping up disclaimers and acceptance info for cookies and privacy policies. Browse anything from the US and you get none of that. It really makes me feel like there is no privacy online at all anymore. 

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  17. We got Mighty Number 9 for free with ps+ so I gave it a try this weekend. There is no difficulty option but you can set the max lives up from 3 to 9 and there is a kind of adaptive difficulty because when you die, there is a friendly robot at the checkpoint that will give you temporary power ups based on how many times you've died which is nice. I beat one stage, Brandish... and I found it nauseating because it was on a free way, scrolling to the right with the background is zipping by going to the left and multiple cars going left and then right to create a platform experience all while billboard enemies kept flying from the right to left to knock you over. Until I got used to them they kept blending right in with the background.. but because of these enemies you have to stare at the background. I was basically getting motion sickness. After that stage I tried Pyro.. that stage was fine until the end where there was a bunch of instant death mechanics to suck away all my reserve lives. Then when I got to the boss, after he has half his hp taken away he then turns bluish and now has a 1 touch instant kill feature. Every time I'd die I'd get a power up from the checkpoint robot which was pointless in adjusting the difficulty when the boss can 1 touch kill you.. oh, and when he gets that ability there is an annoying bit of dialogue at the bottom of the screen that talks over the robot's called out attacks which made the entire fight extremely aggravating. To top it all off, the game genuinely looks ugly. Everything has a whitish outline and character design looks like bad action figure toys with Popeye arms.

  18. I was expecting a war and a bunch of characters to get killed off... and instead we got some exploding bullets and an ass ton of commercials to extend out the episode. -_-; I wanted to see Negan die even if he did live in the comics. I hate that Carl was referenced so often and that his words were what made Rick keep him alive. I hope next season they never mention Carl again.

  19. Lol. My comment summarized the entire movie in 2 sentences. XD Overall it was good movie, but no real rewatch value to me. In the end I don't see how anyone could consider this the survival of the human race when the end result is something so completely alien that the society this species would create would be absolutely nothing similar to humanity as it is now. They also never covered reproduction.. it wasn't just some pills and shots, they had numerous surgeries. I'm guessing the end result would be the titan species being able to reproduce, but I don't recall them ever stating that. I also find it odd that they have the resources to send people to titan but not the resources to go harvest asteroids or other planets for materials and resources to try and keep earth sustainable.

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