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  1. I've been reading the manga and its been fun. The chapters come out once a month but didn't cover any of those movies or golden frieza, etc. I guess the manga came out first but the anime passed it by quick but is still being made based off what is going to be written in the manga unlike the original FMA that went into it's own story in the anime. I watched a couple episodes so far, completely out of order but only scenes I've already read in the manga. Some of the fight scenes are way way more drawn out in the anime just to make an episode last longer. There was one fight with Vegeta in the anime that made him look rather stupid and it drew out the fight for the entire episode, while in the manga the fight lasted like 10 pages or so and was way better. XD

  2. Lmao. I've watched so many movies and forgot to come back to these topics and post about it. ^_^; Warcraft was a fun movie. I've seen it a few times now. Not the best plot but the environments and cg all looked good. Fimmel really was just like Ragnar. Lol. I was expecting him to at least sound a bit different but it showed that he came right off the set of Vikings. XD the ending sucked as it lead up to a potential sequel that probably won't happen. I read a while back that a sequel could still happen because the movie apparently did really well in China.

  3. Even if there is matchmaking the biggest time constraint for me is the endless loot grind for top gear to play the raids. The difficulty wouldn't be as much of an issue if it didn't take me 40+ hours of grinding to get max gear only to have a dlc come out and force me to repeat the grid process to continue end game content. I don't have the time or patience for that. Even if anthem has a set level limit like gw2 with a horizontal progression I still wouldn't want raids as endgame content because I'm to casual. 2-3 hours to play a raid will never work out for me. I barely get thru a session of two long 40 minute games of bf1 operations anymore without having something else to do with my time.

    Every time I see a game with raids as end game content I see all that as non existent content for me. The devs love to put in raid exclusive rewards, skins, armor, weapons, etc. While at the same time not putting any new fancy rewards into regular new non raid content. For me that means no new content and no new rewards to play for and no in game goals. It's even worse when story content is locked behind raids because then I'll never see that story progression unless i watch a YouTube video of it. In the end every update in destiny 1 came with loot grind and raid rewards and that's why I didn't buy any of the dlc outside of my initial hype purchase of the collectors addition. The more I associate anthem with destiny I lose all hype for it. As it is I bet anthem will come out in 2019 and by 2020 we'll be watching a YouTube video about how the majority of anthem was scraped and all the real bulk of the game was designed in the last year of development. It's the new normal now.

    With this game getting pushed back to 2019 it'll mean we'll have another year of YouTubers making more videos building more hype and bigger expectations that won't be met. For a game to be successful now I think they need to keep it more secret until it's closer to launch so ppl won't have any reason to be disappointed. Instead its all hype train to encourage preorders and once the company knows it has the money regardless of the quality of the final product they just don't care about the final polish or end results.

  4. The trailer looked good and its nice to see the dev team interacting with the community but I'm keeping my expectations real low for this game. Lol. Everything sounds amazing but it can all easily turn to crap. The final game will probably have flight but it'll be restricted to specific areas only or ppl will complain about endless invisible walls. I'm sure they'll have pvp and the entire game will be balanced around it. And the moment they announce raids will be the end game is when I'll wait to buy the game until it drops to $10 or less. Lol.

  5. On 1/20/2018 at 0:13 AM, DeathscytheX said:

    I don't think I ever seduced Bastila until the 3rd or 4th play through and was blown away that I could do that, or when I made Zaalbar kill Mission, or when I got banned from Manaan for the rest of the playthrough. XD

    I seduced Bastila in my first play through. XD I didn't know Mission could get killed off tho. O_O I am still shocked by the amount or ways KOTOR could end. Like this ending with full dark side and turning Carth evil is great:

    I do want to play through the game again someday just to make Carth kill his own son. XD

    11 hours ago, Strider Hiryu said:

    (sorry I've grown extremely pessimistic with the industry as of late. Good games are few and far between in the AAA category and it saddens me considering what the old days were like. Yea, I'm old and nostalgic. This trend of catering to the ADHD generation of gamers urks me. I miss the days when games were made as passion projects, not just paychecks).

    I blame graphics. Back in the day like in this old KOTOR clip, the game engines, graphics and cut scenes were so much simpler (advanced at the time of course but still simplistic in regards that rendering a scene completely via the engine wouldn't result in horrible mouth movements matching up with dialogue because the graphics wouldn't represent realistic mouth movements anyway.) that the focus on the game could be put entirely in the plot line and alternate plots based on decisions. Now all AAA games means "best graphics ever", "visually impressive" and "play with friends (so they can see the skins you bought from loot boxes)" and it seems like plots, writing and dialogue all gets thrown to the side.

  6. I use free avast antivirus and free malwarebytes but I don't leave malwarebytes on active protection. Windows Defender is really good at cleaning up malware, but I still do a scan once a month with malwarebytes to be safe. Windows Defender is also an antivirus, but I've seen viruses still get past it and I've had to use avast to remove viruses from 2 different windows 10 laptops that had defender running. I love avast but it's getting a bit annoying to have random pop ups at the bottom right corner of my screen with their own subtle self advertisements to upgrade to their full product. If they ever turn those subtle self advertisements into full blown ads I will uninstall it and get something else.

    I was checking my laptop this morning and I found out that it is already up to date, so I checked the recent installed updates to see if the intel patch was applied and it was on January 11, 2018. It seems odd that my main pc required me to manually trigger the update after updating my antivirus by choosing a restart time. Considering my laptop did it in a casual end of the day 'update and shutdown' and I didn't even notice it was the intel patch until today. Even though this update is supposed to screw intel cpus with 5-30% decrease in some tasks I have yet to see any impact on anything I do or any games I play.

    BTW in Windows 10, in the windows update screen, clicking on recent installed updates does not show this update as being installed for some reason. I had to go into control panel, type update in the search, click "Programs and Features" and then click on "View installed updates" and there it was, KB4056892 installed in 2018. That number will be a bit different for people that haven't upgraded to the anniversary or creators updates. Looks like Windows 7 and 8 also got the patch too but also with a different patch number.


    So Intel has this massive security flaw in their cpus that is so big windows has to patch it. The emergency patch came out this week but it turns out alot of windows pcs won't get the update to auto download unless their antivirus is up to date according to this article:

    I got the update on my main pc 2 days ago but I haven't approved the update yet. I'll be doing it later today. I'm quite enraged by this security issue considering it can cause a 5-30% decrease in performance for some tasks. I also read that this update has been causing some random reboots. Wtf. I use my pc for work and I can't afford random reboots. I've always used Intel cpus in all my pcs but my next computer will be an AMD chip.


  8. I really like that the majority of the enemies in this trailer had lava blood or icey frost damage effects. All the gore in the last game I played was a serious put off for me. Being able to go boating around whenever you want sounds really interesting.

  9. I beat this tonight. It was enjoyable but felt a bit annoying at parts with David's constant assholeness whenever he was around. My favorite part was the helicopter. After I got past it I chose a dialogue option that made Javier look the the helicopter and say "Fuck that. Fuck this. Fuck you helicopter!" I haven't laughed so hard in a good while.XD I hate that QTE bullshit. I didn't die the entire game until literally the last 10 minutes when I'm on a vehicle and have to hit the square button repeatedly to kill some zombies. Hit the button 3 times, kill three walkers, do it again on this side... and I die horribly. WTF. When I replayed the scene again the camera moved a bit different the second time through and there was a fourth square button press QTE that was only half on my screen way high and was only visible for a half second before it was completely off screen. That was a setup to make me die on purpose. -_-;

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  10. The new season started 2 weeks ago. That first episode felt like they took every plot line from every season finale and premiere and jammed them all into one episode that felt like a mess. Having all those crazy plot lines somehow get wrapped into one package really makes me realize how bad all those alien plot lines were in the end. XD But I guess we'll get some closure on all that. The black goo, the aliens, the virus, end of the humanity as we know it, etc. The second episode felt like a straight up action film. lol. More enjoyable but still not really believable considering the age of the characters versus their opponents. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season and I really hope the writing improves. That first episode.. wtf.

  11. Apparently we're getting an anti aircraft rocket gun soon. And this guy complains that it's to OP. Wtf. Planes have been OP since the game launched and every match has at least 2 guys in planes going 50-2 in every match. I'd rather see planes removed from the game but at least this rocket gun will make things bearable.

  12. It was an enjoyable movie. A bit too predictable at times but the cast felt great and the soundtrack was spot on. My biggest pet peeve for this is the landscape. The crazy guy said that Kong was the last of his clan of giant apes and that he was still small and growing. Thats what gets me... There is no way in hell that island could support an entire population of giant apes. Kong looked completely out of place on that island. All the small normal sized trees, giant open landscapes. Kong just walking around anywhere there could easily see for miles and miles. Aside from him eating a tentacle water monster thing, and us getting to see a random giant water buffalo there is no real food chain there to be seen, yet alone one capable of supporting potentially hundreds of giant apes. That other King Kong movie with the dinosaurs, giant insects, giant trees, massive cliffsides, huge landscapes, etc. was more plausible to me.

    On 1/2/2018 at 2:43 AM, DeathscytheX said:

    In the squad of Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan, King Kong is like Bruce Wayne without money. XD Big G might need to call up Jet Jaguar for this one.


  13. Disney is definitely taking the property into a new direction. I suppose they could pull a George Lucas and go back and retcon those movies and add a force ghost to them and re-release them as new blu-rays. I doubt that'll happen tho. On the other hand, Disney threw out all the novels as canon so its hard to make a comparison to those anymore, but in the novels Luke ended up learning/developing an ass load of new jedi techniques that was never covered in the original or prequel movies. Then again in those novels there were multiple more galactic wars, other alien life that could interact with the force in completely different ways than the jedi and sith could and Luke married a woman that was strong in the force and they had strong force babies. The only thing that is kind of similar to those old novels in these new movies is Han and Leia having a kid that basically turned into the new vader. In the movies it is Ben Solo/Kylo Ren but in the novels it was Jacen Solo.

    In the novels Luke became so powerful he was able to crush entire ships with the force. Made force choking look like nothing when he can reach out and crush the engines of a star destroyer or implode a bridge with a bit of concentration and a hand wave. All those novels made Darth Vader look like a weak chump in comparison. There was one interesting take on the force in regards to Palpatine tho that doesn't need a retcon. In one novel it was said that Palpatine was incredibly strong in the force but he focused the majority of his power into the inner workings of the empire's military. He was able to instill clarity in the minds of his subordinates and enhance their military strategies throughout the galaxy. Force control some generals to move their fleets into different positions or act as backup to another fleet that would have been wiped out. Something like that. After he died, the lack of his influence throughout his empire sent it into a downward spiral. Generals and Admirals would loose their focus, mess up their tactics and they'd lose many battles to the rebels. In the novels he also came back as a force ghost and occupied a clone of himself.. lol. I didn't read that one yet.

  14. I got around to watching this over the weekend. I really enjoyed it. I was half expecting it to be a bit of a rehash of empire strikes back like how the force awakens was basically a soft reboot of a new hope.


    Yoda's force ghost was great.. and it threw out all the canon the novels made about force ghosts. Which isn't bad, but it now makes the force a completely new thing again. Now there seems to be no limitations to the force, including death. All these years later, Yoda can manifest himself and interact with the real world. I'm definitely expecting Luke to show back up in episode 9 as a force ghost.

    I watched a bunch of youtube star wars theory videos over the last couple days. Theres some great ones out there concerning Snoke's death. One theory suggests that Snoke was projecting himself into that throne room much like Luke was doing at the end of the movie as a final test for Kylo Ren to see if he would betray him. As powerful as Snoke was I find it hard to believe they'd kill him off so easily and with no reveal into his past. He was supposedly old enough to see numerous empires rise and fall yet he was never involved with anything? hmm. Another theory suggests that he did die and he knew it was going to happen. That he purposefully wanted Kylo to kill him as a means of transferring himself into a force ghost. Another theory points out that Snoke never had the yellow eyes that almost every sith has always had, and thus he wasn't a sith to begin with and neither is Kylo Ren. That they are both force users on the dark side, but that there could be another sith and his/her apprentice out there somewhere.

    That Luke Skywalker scene at the end was amazing to me. :D I loved seeing him stare down an entire army and then brushing off the attack like it was nothing. At first I thought he was pulling a Goku and was moving so fast that nothing could touch him. The no footprint thing caught my attention tho and then it all made sense. Leia flying back into the ship was pretty epic in that it finally proves that she had force powers outside of 'feelings'.

    A couple parts of this movie seemed a bit odd and I'm guessing is all build up for the third movie. Finn and Rose's plot line seemed a little out of place. That ship chase was going on so long they could just warp over to another planet get some help and then rush back. In that time period I don't understand why Hux didn't order some ships to hyperdrive ahead of the rebel ships to cut them off. Maybe there is something in the wookipedia about hyperdrives that micro jumps aren't feasible or something. I can only assume that the smallest jump that could be performed would have cause those ships to be so far ahead of the rebel ships that at sublight speeds it'd still take them more than six hours to back track to them. But aside from that the Finn / Rose arc felt more like a character development subplot than anything else as their overall goal ends up being pointless and actually screws everyone over as much as Poe's own reckless behavior. I'm guessing that Finn/Rose and Poe's failures were the reason this turned into a 2 1/2 hour movie instead of 1 1/2 - 2 hours. These scenes were most likely character buildup to something in the third movie for these people.

    The hyperdrive suicide attack was epic. But it makes me wonder why hyperdrives were never weaponized more like that. I'm guessing it might be a mass issue. That massive cruiser did massive damage, but I wonder how effective an xwing would have been. It might not have had enough mass and would simply vaporize off the shields of a destroyer. I wonder if the ordnance on that cruiser even contributed to the destruction. It all happened at such a massive speed that all the force of the impact would blast forward at such velocity probably nothing except the shear mass of the ship had any real impact. Now that Thrawn was kept as canon and interdictor cruisers were mentioned in the star wars rebel cartoon (which is considered canon), I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually show up in the movies, especially since if Hux or Snoke had one of those cruisers in that fleet the hyper drive suicide attack would have been completely impossible due to the cruiser's gravity well projectors.

    That kid at the end made me come to this conclusion.. With Luke Skywalker's death, the force is out of balance. So much power resided in him that when he died the force has 'awakened' in others as a means of balance.

    I saw some videos about people complaining that The Last Jedi was garbage and ruined their childhood. wtf. XD I didn't watch many of those as they seemed like people complaining just to get attention and youtube views. The only reason I could think of as to why some people would be butt hurt over this movie would be because of their own idiolized expectations. People assumed Luke would be infallable and become like the jedi from phantom menace. All perfect emotionless, logical vulcans. lol. Instead we see luke casually toss the lightsaber behind him and that probably set some people off. "he'd never do that!" pfft. Hes human, everyone makes mistakes and I love that about how they portrayed him. The other reason I bet ppl got butt hurt subconsciously is because Finn and Poe both screwed up completely and women save them both at their own cost. Whatsherface suicides with the hypderdrive saving Poe and everyone else because it was they only thing she could do to save them thanks to Poe's and Finn's failures and in the end Rose crashes into Finn's ship to save him from his own suicide attempt. The role reversal of men always saving a woman probably pissed off a bunch of self righteous men into thinking star wars is sjw now. lol.

    Oh, and I'm glad Rey's parents are nobodies and I hope it stays that way. Out of 50 million inhabited systems in the star wars galaxy, with billions and billions of people living in the galaxy, to have only specific bloodlines be the main source of force users seems completely unrealistic. Its now established that the force can awaken in any living person and that is amazing to me. It seems so un-disney-like too. Disney always has princes and princesses as their main characters and they were always born into that position or married someone into that position, but for star wars there will be no 'royal bloodline' and thats completely refreshing.

    Overall I loved the movie. The only real downside that caught my attention was the lack of alien life in the rebel ships. Ackbar was there and died when the bridge was destroyed and Leia was flung out into space, but aside from him there was no real alien representation which seemed a bit odd. And I felt a bit bad for Ackbar. He was a major character and he barely got any recognition when he was killed. Theres supposed to be a new novel out in march that is canon that might give more details about this movie and I'll pick it up asap.


  15. This movie was great. There were a few variations from the book but it followed the child portion pretty spot on. Since it took place in 1989 the sequel will be based in 2016 which will be a nice change from the 50s/80s the book took place in. Two of the variations I thought were odd which I won't put in spoilers because these are things that happen in the first 10 mins of the movie / book and was probably in the trailer. Georgie was killed in the book and his body was found by the sewer grate with his arm missing/ripped off. They had a funeral for him. Why he was 'missing' in this movie and presumed dead seemed weird and would have been way creepier if they'd have buried his body and then saw him running around later on. And the float thing.. "we all float down here" I won't say how they handled that in this movie, but it was a bit too literal. It was a simple metaphor in the book. I was always under the impression that It was referring to the corpses floating in the sewer water.

  16. I watched this tonight and it was decent. Not the best soundtrack but it was enjoyable for what it was. I do find it hard to believe that the world evolved into basically normal day society with all those other humanoid species tho. I would expect massive inclusive elf villages, orc societies, etc. but instead they all live in an integrated modern society that looks pretty damn scummy like the entire world is one big ghetto. lol. It would have been cool to see a brief overview of the actual world before focusing entirely on this city. Robocop could have shown up and he'd have fit right in. XD I would like to see a sequel.