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  1. Yar! I take offense to that ya turd! FFX is old but Ive played it like 14 times or some rediclious thing. Why? cuz I like it. The battle music has become like white noise around here. It even puts the kids to sleep X'D
  2. If I ever play Grandia x again it will be with the sound off
  3. ayup go back to Gagazet b4 you fight Yu Yevon and talk to Machen(old guy) 3 times. he tells 3 "stories" about the hymn, about the war, about Yevon
  4. didja know Yunalesca was Yu Yevons daughter
  5. http://www.ancientclan.org/archives/Wonderland2002/ http://www.ancientclan.org/archives/Wonderland2003/
  6. http://www.ancientclan.org/archives/Fandom2002/ http://www.ancientclan.org/archives/Fandom2003/
  7. everybodys got a game or 2 thats better than crack to yer brain ; I played alota Chrono Trigger. Chrono is da man hundreds of hours Spira... I hate Yunalesca
  8. the first shout out goes to my girl Lina and we must not forget Kiva. She did take home the trophy X'D where would we be without Kenshin? certainly not clinging to hope CN will ever finish the series right? Tasuki is my fav red head. I just cant help myself
  9. GT Goku dun count. he wasnt born vertically challenged so screw him. It's a tuff call between Vegeta and Hiei. It would be an interisting fight
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