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    Short, loud, rebellious, and psychotic
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  1. it would be awesome if that episode actually existed:happy:
  2. Have you notice how close these two are? Do any of you think that there's a possibility that their relationship runs deeper than just friendship?
  3. hmm a movie huh? hey link, since you have the movie can you be nice and spoil it for me?
  4. Jakotsu Nuriko Tamahome Heero Yuy Trowa Barton Athrun Zala Sasuke Uchiha Gaara Haku Kaworu Nagisa
  5. I really that girl Haku, and I like Sasuke and Kakashi too. But I would have to say that I love Gaara
  6. Luffy is my favorite, the scar on his face makes him look hot!!!
  7. It's good but it's so damn long
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