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Bubblegum Crisis live action

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A consortium of companies from six different countries plans to produce a $30 million live action feature film based on anime series Bubblegum Crisis, according to Screen Daily and Hollywood Reporter. The English language film is planned for release in 2012.

The six companies involved are from Singapore (Axxis Interntional), Japan (Anime International Company), Australia (Arclight Films)l, Canada (Wizzfilms), China (Infotainment China Media Co.), and the UK (Latec International). Numerous international co-production treaties will come into play.

The series on which the film will be based was eight OAVs, ranging from 26 to 50 minutes, from the late 80s. It was released in the U.S. by Animeigo.

Dark Horse released a four-shot comic miniseries and trade paperback collection by Adam Warren based on the property; they’re out of print.

Yet another anime based movie in the works... :look:


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