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Doll House

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Another Fox show that seems to be interesting. It airs right after Sarah Connor if anyone's interested.

The general jist of the show is as followed. A secret organization takes in girls and guys that have troubled lives (killers, drug users,..etc) and basically forces them to sign a contract to work for the organization. The people have no idea what they're signing up for but their basicly blacked mailed into it. If they don't sign then the organization threatens to send them to the proper athorities..etc. The organization then wipes their minds clean and uses them as "dolls". Rich people can then pay a large sum of money to higher one of these programmable "dolls" to do whatever it is they need done. Be it a lover, a body guard, an assasin..etc. The organization then takes "imprints" or memories of people that have lived in the past that corispond with whatever the client wanted. For example if a client want's an a guy that knows how to wrastle the organization could take memories from dead wrestlers and implant them into the "Doll".

I honestly wasnt sure about this series since it was created by the same guy that made buffy the vampire slayer (a series I never got into). The plot line is unique but at the same time uses a lot of elements from"la femme nikita", a show I loved to watch when I was a kid. So far Doll House has been pretty enjoyable.



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i dont think prison break intended to be then 2 seasons either ;p

sarah connor chronicles is pretty shit tbh, the plot is so stupid it is untrue, and james elison is probably the most retarded char on earth, to blind to notice AI growing infront of him with a t888 body to learn get some new ideas on what to build!!

john is about as believeable as a fish winning an egg and spoon race in a tank of salt. i mean he knows his destiny, stop acting like a bitch, screw camron and grow some balls

annoying they moved it to fridays, i only watch the show because it is terminator, suprised it wasnt canned, probably cos of t4 it was kept


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