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Power your car with garbage!

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gaseous fuel

Should I guess that gas is methane released during the decomposition process?

I'm for alternative fuels.

I'm for finding uses for methane to keep it from piling up in the atmosphere. Its 20x the greenhouse gas co2 is and highly flammable.

Methane refinement in a stationary plant, turn our dumps into power plants = sugee!

Doin somethin like that when yer drivin down the road with the device exposed to some asshole following you in a big vehicle falling asleep behind the wheel..... *twitch*

Finding a way to get and keep methane out of the atmosphere is an even better idea then carbon capture cuz its the methane that will dick over and much faster then co2. We should try to capture all of the methane we create daily. Earth turds in the permafrost ~methane hydrates~ and the oceans store methane and as they warm they release that shit. Its already begun and we need ways to catch that methane. We need to do something quickly to bring the temps down again so that shit is cold enough again to hang onto its methane.

This video, recorded in November of 2007, on a lake near Fairbanks, shows Katey Walter from University of Alaska at Fairbanks and a research team drilling a hole through lake ice, then lighting the escaping methane. This video was shot by Carla Browning of University Relations at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. More at: http://www.alaska.edu/uaf/cem/ine/wal...


http://suprememastertv.com/ - Video highlights the critical point of the environment in regards to global warming. Shows information on the methane gas hydrates being released from the Arctic lakes and permafrost and also shows NASA Report on global warming with quote from Jay Zwally.



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