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Help Defend the Organic Label!

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In less than two weeks, bureaucrats at the National

Organics Standards Board will be deciding whether fish

exposed to mercury and highly toxic polychlorinated

biphenyls (PCBs), or raised in farms that contaminate

the environment, can be labeled organic.

Personally, I expect the organic label to mean high

standards. I believe in spending a bit more on quality

food that is safe for my family and the environment.

But selling toxic fish under the organic label? That

defeats the whole purpose! Tell the National Organics

Standards Board that you expect higher standards:


The board is considering two situations that would

lower the organic standards. One is labeling fish

organic even if it is fed wild fish. But some wild-

caught fish come from polluted environments and are

high in mercury and PCBs, which would transfer and

compound those toxins in the fish sold under the

organic label.

The second problem is labeling fish raised in open

ocean net pens as organic. Ocean net pens, such as

those used to farm salmon, can be highly polluting,

with a great deal of waste and disease entering the

surrounding natural ecosystems. Organic production

should be environmentally sound -- not pollute our


We have less than two weeks to demand high standards

for organic fish. Please take a moment to sign the

petition today and defend "organic"!


Thanks for taking action!


Care2 Campaign Team


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