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Steve & Barry's in trouble

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Steve & Barry's, the Port Washington-based clothing retailer that opened more than 200 dress-down stores in the past few years and is the home of splashy but low-price apparel and footwear by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Stephon Marbury, plans to close 100 outlets and is considering liquidation if it can't find emergency financing, according to a published report.

The Wall Street Journal, citing "people familiar with the company," said Steve & Barry's is seeking about $40 million in financing if it must file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Rachel Brenner, a Steve & Barry's spokeswoman, said yesterday the company would have no comment on the report in the Journal.

The article did not cite any reasons for financial problems at Steve & Barry's.

I used to buy pants and jeans there but the most recent time I was there and bought a pair of jean shorts and a shirt for work, I swear all there sizes are off. An XL shirt is the size of a XXL at any other store and I got a pair of 36 in jean shorts so they'd be baggy on me and I can't wear them without a belt because they're huge. O_O I still like the store and some of their items are good.

Does anyone else here shop at Steve & Barry's?


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There's supposed to be a S&B store opening here replacing the K-Mart that went out of business. But I'm guessing WalMart just put S&B already out of business according to this news.

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