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The end is near....

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I'll toss my theories out there.
4 of the 5 final cylons were aboard the Galactica, they heard the music and gathered. To me this screams out loud the 5th of the final five was elsewhere when the music played. So who does that leave? Zarek aboard the Astral Queen and Starbuck who was MIA. Bummin for me, I hate pointing the finger at my girl, but Starbuck's gift of foresight, disapperance and reapperance, and all her special little chats with the nutbag cylon obsessed with her put one hell of a glaring spotlight on her.

I think Laura is in touch w/ the cylons (the dream in the opera house) because of the blood she got from Hera that sent her cancer into remission. Its back and thus 1. she is the dieing leader that will lead them to earth and 2. she's not a cylon.

I think the 7 recyclable cylons split w/ the 5 because of humans. The 7 wanted war and retrebution, the 5 wanted to co exist. The final 4 revealed are all 'good guys' with carers serving humanity except Anders who was an athlete in his life before the war began.

from the trailer
I hope the fucker Laura shoots is Baltar X'D but I doubt it. It will probably be the 6 on board (to get her back to a resurection ship and help from the inside) or its her assistant Tori because she did something bad for the fleet (which would indicate the 5 don't have humanities best interist at heart) or they want to see if she'll resurect. The 5 have not been boxed so...
If Starbuck is not a cylon then she is being led by some god(s)ly force.
Tigh who insists on living as Tigh may do something to jepordize the fleet thus prompting the old man to ask him whats wrong with him.
Its a cylon trap; one of the 5 betrayed the fleet or Starbuck did being mislead by her visions.

pure speculation but fun to try and figure things out. Season 4 looks like it will be kick ass.

and the one I think Xena erm I mean the 3 that apologized to one of the 5 was apologizing to Tigh for the cylons putting his eye out


                                               Look at the flowers

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The final four they revealed with the music have this in common:

Anders = sports/entertainment/celebrity

Tori = politics

Tyrol = religion

Tigh = military

My guess is that the final cylon would not fit into any of these categories.. which leads me to theorize that the final cylon is...

Baltar = Science

I don't think Baltar is the final one, but from what I can see, it really looks like it. oh, and Starbuck is Jesus. X'D she died in light, resurrected, knows the path of salvation, but in the end will be persecuted. I bet she will save them all in the end. But for all I know, her role could be switched with Baltar's and in the end he saves the humanity he doomed to begin with.

I can't wait for this season to start! :drool:


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