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what i see...

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a little thing i wrote for english...

When you asked about my dreams for this world I see:

Shades of gray, green earth, blue birds, hands shaking, and foxes racing through the summer forest. No guns, no anger, people playing, trains on their tracks clean as a whistle, and culture with amazement. People throwing their heads back, in the middle of a crowd, laughing wrinkling their starch stiff suits.

When you asked me about my dreams for my neighbors and brothers I see:

People of uniform but still able to tell everyone apart, smiles bold, laughter and play. A ball rolls into a man’s foot. He picks it up, and hands it to the girl in a pink and yellow flower dress with a kind smile.

When you asked me for my dreams I see:

I see myself standing tall, consoling, shattering and putting the pieces back together, and simplicity. Tap dancing the stage away and finding no one in the audience, a cheesy smile, a pat on the head. A welcome greeting, being the best, running the farthest climbing the hardest, winning the race. Experiencing everything, staring at the stars, Swimming upstream, painting my world in words, writing my book that becomes famous. Having people saying “I love you” “thank you”, walking the streets I once knew, having a whole of carton of ice cream at three am. Finding what I have searched for my whole life, being able to fail and laugh about it, sing in front of an audience and get applause, having the nerve to kiss my love without thinking.

But when you get down to it dreaming and seeing aren’t always enough to make it happen. So for my last dream I want to put, able to grasp the complexity of my dreams and still able to accomplish them.


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sry for double posting but i came up with another one

The boy's violin

no one said a sound

and no one gathered round'

to the boy with the violin

playing for his chance at din

People walked on by

And no one stoped to try

to just say hello

or say i have to go


no one said a sound

to the melodies around

to the boy with the melodies

who always played off key

no one said a sound

to the sweet little kin

"Thats some melody but

"Your playing off key"

and no one said a sound

and no foot left the ground

the boy just looked at me

his emotion hard to see

and he said to me

"no one said a sound

and yet no one gathered round

and i just wanted to see

if they wanted me or sound i keep"

and then he played a sound

and people gathered round

a sweet melody

never off a key

and it seemed to me

that the best sound

ever heard in that town

was not the sweet melody

but the result you see

the clapping going round

till you couldnt hear a sound

acting in harmony

with the boys sweet melody

and the beautiful harmony

was enough to go round

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